Almighty – Ch. 48

Ancient Cultivator’s Immortal Cave

Yang Tian sequestered in the cave for two and a half months, not stopping for a single moment. The energy present in the whirlpool at the cave entrance increased two folds and was still increasing. Inside Ancestral Dragon Ring, he had absorbed half a year worth. His life force was twice as strong compared to his prior training.

“I can’t control it any longer. I think I’m going to break through.” The qi and blood river in Yang Tian’s qihai rumbled as loud as a rising tide. The river’s size didn’t grow. To the contrary, it shrunk. That said, the energy within was three folds more potent than before. “Break!”

Once Yang Tian’s voice died down, the river began to rumble. The qi and blood covered the sky and formed tornadoes. The river then expanded and absorbed ancient qi in similar fashion to a rampaging tornado sweeping everything up. Drops of red light energy dripped into the river, expanding the qi and blood river further and further.

“Stop.” Yang Tian rushed to bring the rioting qi and blood river under control so that he could absorb the qi into his body.

Yang Tian could’ve given it a push to break through two layers consecutively to reach Half-Step Warrior Realm. Howbeit, if he was patient enough to wait a while longer, he’d break through to Half-Step Warrior Realm. That would empower him with what he needed to combat a divine descendant.

“That’s a tremendous fluctuation of energy. Could a treasure have been created?” Someone gazed in the direction of Yang Tian’s hiding spot.

A beautiful girl examined the whirlpool by the entrance of the cave. “Brother Jiang, could a divine descendant be cultivating here?”

“Haha, divine descendant? Every divine descendant has an immortal’s cave on this ancient battlefield. At least, that should be the case with the big clans. Those caves were caves their ancestors fought tooth and nail forth. So accordingly, whoever is inside must be new.”

“New? Brother Jiang, judging from this energy fluctuation, the cultivation method must be advanced. Are we going to…”

“Hehe, it seems our visitors aren’t friendly. I suppose we won’t be able to utilise the cultivation method in crowded places from now,” muttered Yang Tian, caressing Xiaobai’s head while keeping his sharp gaze on the cave entrance.

The intruding beauty cautiously sneaked into the cave. Realising the collected ancient qi by the entrance dispersed, she pointed out, “The people inside have noticed our presence.”

“So what if they have? This place is fully of bizarre things. We’re a team of two. If we combine our might, we could take on a Warrior Realm opponent. There can’t be two people inside,” argued Brother Jiang.

“So what if they have, you say?” Yang Tian commented.

“I don’t like speaking to the dead. I’m killing you here and now even if you’re a divine descendant.” Brother Jiang concluded that Yang Tian would only have strutted out brazenly if he had something up his sleeve.

“Now that’s quite the proclamation. You want to kill a divine descendant with just the two of you? Stay woke.” Yang Tian shook his head in a despising manner. The two of them were Half-Step Warriors, but they weren’t that strong.

“Kill him!” Brother Jiang pulled out an eight centimetre iron blade appeared on the male’s hand and imbued it in green qi.

“Typical of powerful clans, casually pulling out a Mystic Level weapon. Guess I’m a lucky man today.” Yang Tian shifted his eyes to the beautiful girl after checking out the iron blade.

The maiden expanded her handkerchief overhead fifteen metres and attempted to squash Yang Tian. The second before it landed on his head, he stepped one foot forward.

“Haha, Brother Jiang, he must be an imbecile.”

With one punch, Yang Tian launched the iron blade flying as his muscles contracted with a resounding sound. Next, he uncorked a second punch without a moment of hesitation. The aura of his punch sent the handkerchief flying in one go. He took in a deep breath and looked up to his two fleeing assailants. “Who can you blame when you choose to run around killing people instead of absorbing Ancient Qi when you’re on an ancient battlefield?”

Yang Tian attacked the two with a vacuum palm. Brother Jiang died a bloody death on the spot, leaving behind only the frightened maiden. She immediately went down on her knees and pleaded, “Please spare me. It was all his idea. I can give you the map to an ancient cultivator’s cave. I only ask that you spare my life.”

“Eh, I’ll search for it on my own. Thank you for the offer, but I won’t trouble you.” Yang Tian delivered a downward palm strike, splitting the beautiful girl’s face in five. He clapped his hands and then removed their interspatial rings.

“Not bad. Disciples from big clans sure have a deep wall-, rings, I should say.” Yang Tian found three Mystic Weapons among their belongings alone. There were tens of thousands of mid-grade bloodstones, dozens of jade vials of healing potions.

“Eh? Is this a fierce beast core?” Yang Tian picked up two balls on the ground. They were different to cores outside and energy similar to ancient qi flowed within.

Xiaobai leapt out and gobbled up the core right away.

“You greedy. You didn’t even help me fight. All you do is eat.” Yang Tian petted Xiaobai’s head and watched the little beast, who seemed to still have something to say.

Yang Tian then glanced over the map with red circles drawn in many places. Some of the locations of the most powerful individuals and teams were marked clearly on the map. Gaze trained on a specific red circle, he mumbled, “All of the powerhouses have an immortal’s cave, I see. I guess an ancient adept’s cave for immortals would have some nice goods.”

Hours after Yang Tian left for the red mark, several extremely quick individuals, qi and blood multiple folds more potent than the two assailants back in the cave, stepped out from their hiding spot.

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