Almighty – Ch. 47

Ancient Qi

“Oi, what are you looking at? Look again, and I’ll dig your eyes out.”

The foppish fellow ogling Yun’er tore his eyes away after Xing Hao threatened him.

Yang Tian: She’s quite the beauty.

“Where did that monster come from?” exclaimed he foppish young man, after he escaped his daze. The stronger the pressure above, the more he hurt from his martial will being oppressed.

“Big Brother Yang,” called Yun’er, without any hesitation.

Yun’er’s voice gave Yang Tian a fright, but he didn’t cease climbing.

“Huh? He does bear a striking resemblance, indeed,” muttered Xing Hao.

“Could I be wrong? He does look very similar,” mumbled Yun’er. She kept her eyes on the man in black and clasped her hands.

Yun’er turned her head slightly to see Xing Hao looking as though he was trying to resist laughing – which was pretty obvious with his red face – causing her to react with embarrassment.

“Beautiful…” muttered the foppish fellow, when he saw the pink tinge on Yun’ers cheeks.

“Hey, you really want to test me?” Xing Hao cracked his hands.

“It’s a misunderstanding, a misunderstanding, Brother,” exclaimed the foppish fellow, as he quickly backed off a few steps.

“Let’s hurry, Sister.” Xing Hao shot the foppish man one last glare.

Xing Hao and Yun’er picked up their pace by several folds, leaving the foppish man breathless behind them.

Xing Hao, eyes on Yang Tian, muttered under his breath, “You must be Yang Tian. I know you can’t reveal your identity…”

After trudging for some time, Yang Tian slowed down as his martial will shook in the face of the ancient qi and blood that grew more and more potent. “Nearly there now,” Yang Tian told himself.

“You sure can sleep. You’re still sleeping.” Yang Tian caressed Xiaobai’s belly.

Those on the peak spared Yang Tian a glance, one glance, prior to returning to their meditation.

Li Hongtao: Now you’re dead.

“Hehe, Miss Yun’er is here, too, I see,” Wang Long commented.

Yun’er shot Wang Long a look of disgust and then scoured the crowd for Yang Tian.

“Wang Long, what does my sister being here or not have to do with you? Go look stupid somewhere else,” ribbed Xing Hao.

“Ahaha, greetings, Brother Xing Hao, it is an honour to meet you.” Wang Long was ticked off, obviously.

“The population of the entire continent exceeds ten trillion people, yet we’ve only got tens of thousands who made it here.” Yang Tian looked down to the half-way point of the mountain.

Suddenly, the mountain emitted the colour of daybreak, and the light door at the peak began to vigorously tremble. Heaven and earth vital essence rushed to the door. Everyone around leapt to their feet and focused their excited gazes on the door.

Yang Tian: It’s opening.

Thanks to the map Meng Yunxi provided, Yang Tian learnt that there was a broken dimension on the other side of the door that shook more and more.

The void at the foot of the mountain suddenly quaked. Cracks formed on the ground. An adept who could tear open a void would have had to surpass Battle King Realm. Many major figures in the city woke up due to the noise and came to the void in a matter of breaths. All of a sudden, a hand tore open the void, thereby releasing dozens of purple dragons.

“People from Green Sun Mountain have also come. Weaponry Sect is opening, too. A number of attractions have been drawn here,” mumbled an elder.

“Ah…”A human figure was suddenly hurled out from inside, landing with a thud that formed a gully.

An individual zoomed up to the top of the peak as he spoke.

Finally, the ancient door fully opened. On the other side of the door was a white passageway with jet-black runes on every side that induced nausea and illusions if one eyed them.

The door only existed for ten hours. Once it shut, it wouldn’t appear or open again for another three decades.

“Is he not here?” Yun’er had one last look at the mountain peak. Then, she stepped inside due to Xing Hao’s pestering.

The dimension inside Martial Arts Mountain, where Bai Clan invaded to ignite a war, was more expansive than even Green Sun Empire. The fallen adepts’ physical bodies died, but their souls lived on. Thus, they left behind countless legacies for those fated to eventually use to protect humanity’s lands from invaders. There was plenty of evidence to illustrate how brutal the war was on the landscape.

A strange rippling stem suddenly rose, creating a gradually increasing disturbance. A figure fell from the dimension.

When Yang Tian noticed the gullies of varying sizes, he gasped for he could discern how frightening the destructive might possessed by the combatants were. The moment he spaced out, a rich heaven and earth essence found its way into his body via his pores.

What is this energy? Yang Tian shut his eyes and focused his mind on his body. Within the white essence, there was a light red energy that developed his body. Could this be ancient qi?!

When the world was first formed, humans absorbed energy to invent cultivation methods; ancient qi is the key to unlocking humankind’s unlimited potential. Back in that era, adepts were a dime a dozen, as it was extremely easy to succeed as a cultivator. Although the world of cultivation grew and prospered more and more with time, when humans reached the pinnacle, the energy in the world suddenly reduced and treasures seemingly went extinct. Mankind’s cultivation speed also plummeted drastically. By the same token, it became excruciatingly difficult to cultivate to a level high enough to be considered an adept. These days, cultivators referred to the energy as “ancient qi”. Yang Tian never imagined Martial Arts Mountain would possess it and in abundance for that matter as nobody had mentioned harnessing ancient qi in ages. Primordial clans swarmed to the mountain to leverage so that they could break through their plateaus.

Ancient qi not only strengthened one’s physical body but also purified their qi and blood. The more potent one could make their qi and blood, the easier it was to enter Warrior Realm sensation meridians. It went without saying that one’s meridian counts depended on how strong their cultivation method was.

Xiaobai suddenly woke up and leapt up to Yang Tian’s shoulder. From there, he inhaled enough ancient qi to rival Yang Tian when executing Heavens Conqueror Manual.

“Geez, that’s bloody fast.” Yang Tian’s gaze darted back and forth. Unlike Xiaobai, Yang Tian wasn’t capable of absorbing the ancient qi without refining it. “Stop for now. Let’s find a place to ascend.”

Yang Tian was currently battling a plateau in his cultivation journey. As he sliced his way to a cavern, Broken Sword absorbed a considerable amount of Ancient Qi. Finding a spot to sit on the ground, Yang Tian dived into Ancestral Dragon Ring.

“Man, Ancestral Dragon Ring can collect even ancient qi.”

Yang Tian cultivation speed would overtake others thanks to Ancestral Dragon Ring’s more potent original qi. For the record, it wasn’t Ancestral Dragon Ring altering the ratio.

“Hmm?” When he was about to begin cultivating, Yang Tian peered intently at an herb in front of him. Thanks to the ancient qi’s assistance, the herbs grew multiple times faster than before. “Sadly, the herbs here are all garbage. I forgot to buy some seeds back at Martial Arts City. Whatever.”

Yang Tian began to execute Heavens Conqueror Manual and dive into his qihai. Ancient qi flushed into his body, purifying his skin and muscles. For every bit of light-red energy that vanished, Yang Tian felt his body strengthen proportionately and his qi and blood river quake.

What Yang Tian lacked at the moment was time. Training his body with Broken Sword was unquestionably effective, but the rate of improvement was significantly inferior compared to relying on ancient qi.

Yang Tian’s bones excreted impurities at short intervals, resulting in clearer and cleaner bones. His body rumbled loudly and raised the temperature around him. Stones and rocks shattered and chips that hit his body were crushed solely by the energy he discharged from his body. The red energy rushed in while qi and blood kept condensing. As opposed to squeezing out qi and blood bit by bit as in the past, the ancient qi allowed him to condense qi and blood dozens of times faster.

Xiaobai, who was next to Yang Tian, rapidly absorbed ancient qi while hovering in the air. Because of the ludicrous rate the two of them absorbed ancient qi, they generated a big whirlpool by the entrance.


Original qi – qi or jing that’s actively circulating. Both are derived from essence. Don’t think too hard about it because the author is just throwing terms in there; there’s no medical depth or anything you need to be concerned about.

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