Almighty – Ch. 49

Oppressed Blood

The leader of a trio asked, “Jiang Yuan, they should have a map of the abode, right?”

“Young Master, that…” Jiang Yuan looked at their current location and hesitated. He wasn’t sure. Jiang Clan was a big clan.

“How would the two of them have the map for the cave? Did Second Uncle give it to them?” A girl scanned the location with a frown before setting her gaze on the corpse. “Well-deserved. The two of them definitely sneaked out of the cave when we were busy summoning ancient qi and ended up getting killed!”

“The map has been taken. Regardless of what the case may be, our Jiang Clan can’t let an outsider get his hands on an adept’s treasure trove when we located it,” declared Jiang Ling.

“I agree. If we execute Three Energy Sword Formation together, not even a divine descendant will have his way. Plus, all of the divine descendants are cultivating in seclusion, so they wouldn’t be wondering around.” Jiang Yuan shook out his sleeve. A green insect the size of a thumb, exuding a blood-thirsty aura, came out. He then let out black mist from a vial. As soon insect had a whiff of the scent, it then headed out.

“I thought he was heading to the cave. Hurry after him,” commanded Jiang Ling.


Yang Tian found a number of precious herbs on his way to his destination. The problem was that they were very young ones. Most of them had been plucked. The remaining plants in their earlier stages had grown until he plucked them.

Yang Tian stopped upon coming across a green beast nine metres tall. It was blatantly obvious that it was a twice as strong as its equivalent in the outside world. Before Yang Tian could move, sleepyhead Xiaobai opened his eyes and dove out of the former’s shirt to charge at the beast with a dragon tail and eyes the size of sesames. The egotistical beast with a horse head pulled itself and showed a clean pair of heels.

Levels were the race of demonic beasts’ priority. Under normal circumstances, beasts fled when they encountered beasts that were higher level than themself. The other way of achieving the same outcome was superior bloodlines. Blood, by nature, was inherited from ancestors. The more powerful their ancestors were, the more potent their blood would be. When two beasts on the same level fought, the winner would be the one with the more potent blood.

With an explosive take off, Xiaobai zoomed through the air, parting the air as he pursued the beast. In just one breath’s time, he had passed the fleeing fierce beast and slashed open its skull in a single slash.

Yang Tian rolled his eyes when Xiaobai revealed a hungry look after eating the beast core. “I guess there’s a lot for you to gain here. Try to kill more Fierce Beasts.”

Yang Tian stopped at the spot for a while before heading to the marked location on the map. Xiaobai slaughtered all of the fierce beasts they encountered on the way. Every time Xiaobai consumed a beast core, his body would grow stronger.

After passing through a desolate region, Yang Tian arrived at a forest, where people took advantage of the ancient qi in the atmosphere to cultivate.

“The cave under Li Clan is located several kilometres east from here.” Yang Tian peered east with the gaze of a murderer. “Now is not the time to fight. Li Clan definitely isn’t a small group.”

Once he cleared his mind, Yang Tian continued on his way for approximately six more hours and stopped at a dense forest.

This is the place marked on the map. Could we be in an illusionary trap? Formations aren’t my forte.

Out came Xiaobai, and up onto Yang Tian’s shoulder he went.

“Eh?” Yang Tian cracked a grin. “This guy wouldn’t happen to be knowledgeable in formations, would he?”

Xiaobai headed toward the tree and occasionally urged Yang Tian to follow him. When the duo arrived at an intersection, Xiaobai suddenly cried out. A pure light shone from his body as he floated up into the air, where he then spat out a bright white ball. The instant the white ball touched the ancient tree, the tree twisted into a contorted shape and spat out several bright white balls. The tree twisted faster and faster until an entrance big enough for the two of them to fit in appeared. The entrance vanished from the formation when they went through.

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