The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 11 Ch. 05

So-called Family

“Chu.” Veirya gently knocked on the door then went into her son’s room.

Nobody dared to offend Lin Chucheng any further since he was angry. Veirya could see his loneliness from his back view. He wasn’t an adult yet, but he was lonely when he shouldn’t have been. It broke Veirya’s heart to see her son so lonely when he wasn’t even yet an adult.

Although Veirya rarely showed emotions, she genuinely loved her only son. She was always there for him every step of the way since he was born until he evolved into the handsome young man. She gave him everything to allow him to grow up in a happy and blissful environment. She had never been a mother, but she gave it her best.

“Mom…” Lin Chucheng turned around from his bed, tears smothering his face despite his aggression before his father.

Lin Chucheng buried his head in her warm valleys that originally belonged to Lin Dongqing when she hugged him. Eighteen years ago, Veirya knocked the man who tried to do that to her.

“Why does he treat me this way? Why? I’m his son. Why does he treat me this way…? I can do whatever I like. Why must I tread his path, exploiting and hurting others? Why can’t I be like you, Mom? Why does he hate me so much…?”

“He. Doesn’t hate you.” Veirya gently stroked Lin Chucheng’s head. “He really loves you. We both love you very much. The reason he doesn’t want you to join the military. Is because it’s too dangerous. There will be a war. And. You’re his son. He…”

Veirya didn’t know how to continue for she didn’t know what sort of existence he was. Political warfare eluded her. She only knew that her husband was remarkable, held an extremely high rank; and even Queen Sisi needed him. She didn’t actually know the significance of that or what it entailed, so she didn’t know how to explain his significance to her son.

Lin Chucheng blinked. Back then, he always looked pitiful and confounded. They were the most blissful, yet painful, moments for her as a mother. She reactively hugged her son tighter. He tightly grabbed her shoulders because he couldn’t even sob on her chest.

Veirya kissed Lin Chucheng’s forehead: “Don’t hate your dad. Your dad loves you very much. He just has his own considerations. You’re not him. So you can’t understand him. I can’t, either. But. Your father. Has worked hard all these years for this nation…”

“Does he need to sacrifice us… for this nation…? I never saw Dad from when I was a kid… People said I didn’t have a dad…”

“Did Mom and Leah not beat the snot out of them?”

That was an irrefutable fact. Even if it was just children who bullied Lin Chucheng, Leah and Veirya would carry out their emergency procedure, also known as give the naughty kids in school a thrashing. Leah, was enthusiastic about it, would elevated the kids into the air with her tentacles; kids probably lived their entire life with post-traumatic disorder.

Needless to say, the children couldn’t have done anything even if they reported Leah and Veirya since Lin Dongqing stood above everybody. He could even mobilise the military many times without seeking approval from Sisi. Clearly, then, nobody dared to accost his family. In a way, Lin Dongqing protected Lin Chucheng without the latter knowing.

“But that doesn’t change their minds!” whinged Lin Chucheng, tightening his hold on his mother.

Veirya patted her son’s back: “Whatever the case, you’re Lin Dongqing’s son. His blood flows in you. Your father has his reasons for not letting you join the military. Chu, be understanding. Your father loves you. You just don’t notice it. Listen to your father. What do you want to do: do you want to go back to school or work as an assistant for the tax minister?”

Lin Chengchu knew it was pointless to be wayward. At the same time Veirya was his mother, she was also Lin Dongqing’s wife. “Me? Work as an assistant for the tax minister. I don’t want to go to school. In the future… next year… I’ll definitely join the military! And I definitely won’t let him tamper with m plans!”

Veirya nodded. Lin Chucheng’s dove back into his mom’s embrace and lied on his side. Veirya froze. She lied down with her son and gently patted him on the back while humming a song he learnt from Angelina. However, the lyrics and melody were probably altered. He was only one year away from being an adult, so… people might think that was the reason Lin Dongqing didn’t like this son – if you can see what’s implied…


Current time in the imperial palace.

“Lord Lin, Lord Lin, if a war breaks out, can I go with you to the frontlines together?” requested Irena, voice coquettish. She had her arm around Lin Dongqing’s left arm and smile on her lips. “I want to go together with you. I want to see how you resolve this! I want to learn more from you! Lord Lin, if possible, I would like to live together with you!”

“Erm…” Lin Dongqing instinctively glanced over to Sisi, but her friendly smile rendered him silent. Eventually, he replied, “We cannot live together… You are no longer a child. Also, I do not plan to go to the frontlines. Your Highness, you are almost an adult Princess. You will need to learn how to rule from Her Majesty. The nation’s fate will rest in your hands in the future.”

“I do not care about any of that. Lord Lin will be by my side anyway. I just need to entrust everything to you! I dislike ruling the nation. But I will get to be together with Lord Lin every day with a justified reason, like Mom, then, right..? If only Lord Lin was my father… I really want Lord Lin to be my father…”

Lin Dongqing was her biological father…

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