Almighty – Ch. 43

Myriad Auction Company

The elder beside Li Hongtao had a degree of vision impairment, yet his eyes had a light that put an invisible pressure on those around. “Young Master, we did not bring many bloodstones with us. We also need to save for the big final treasure. We cannot increase our bid any further.”

“Why not add?” asked Li Hongtao, glaring back aggressively. “Yuan Clan has always been at odds with our clan. I must defeat him this time. I’m offering one hundred thousand bloodstones!”

It was clear that Yuan Ling was leading Li Hongtao by the nose. Anyway, a beautiful smile spread on Hongji’s face when she heard Li Hongtao’s offer. She shifted her mesmerising large eyes over to Yuan Ling’s room.

Yuan Ling laughed casually, but within that casualness was his blatant ridicule.

Ashamed of himself, Li Hongtao threatened, “Yuan Ling, watch yourself on Martial Arts Mountain. Don’t let me run into you.”

“Haha, I’m down anytime and anywhere. I just hope you don’t run.”

“We’ll see about that!”

“Three heavenly sovereign sacred heart pills goes to our guest in room number eight. We shall now proceed to auctioning materials,” announced Hongji.

A man in a simple, form fitting and unadorned robe then delivered a jade container to the platform. Inside was a red stone about the size of a fist covered in strange patterns.

Xiaobai made his way out of Yang Tian’s shirt and trained his gaze on the stone in Hongji’s stone. Yang Tian quickly pressed a hand on Xiaobai, who was revving to go. “Hoot, hoot,” anxiously shouted Xiaobai, keeping his gaze on the stone as he rubbed his furry belly on Yang Tian.

“You want to eat refinement items, too…?” It was the first time he saw Xiaobai scanning a stone so intently.

“Blood red rock is a very robust material. It is classified as a treasure for refining Peak Mystic Items. The starting price is twenty thousand bloodstones,” announced Hongji, sweeping her gaze down low.

“Twenty one thousand.”

“Twenty two thousand.”

Those who were proficient in item refinement took turns offering their bids. Blood red rock was enough to refine a Peak Mystic Item – barring that one would have to succeed first and foremost. If they could successfully create one, they would make a huge sum from it. A Peak Mystic Item’s worth would leave a High-Grade Mystic Item in the dust.

“Don’t move,” instructed Yang Tian, patting Xiaobai on the head with a frown.

Judging from Xiaobai’s reaction, there was more to the stone than what meant the eye. Sadly, Yang Tian didn’t have sufficient bloodstones. The offer for the stone quickly reached forty thousand. At which point, hardly anyone made an offer. Materials were valuable, indeed; however, the refinement success rate was low. Few took the risk of bidding on it besides those who were confident in their refinement proficiency.

“I offer forty-five thousand bloodstones,” a famous refiner in Martial Arts City casually offered.

“Our guest here has offered forty-five thousand. Are there any higher bids?” inquired Hongji.

“Fifty thousand,” languidly announced someone, just as Hongji was about to declare it sold.

“Hmm?” The refiner immediately glanced over to where the voice came from. He plopped back down on his seat, not daring to breathe.

Xing Yun’er jumped to her feet. “Brother! That was Brother Yang’s voice.”

“Eh?” responded Xing Hao, smiling. “Hehe, Sis, what’s the rush? So what if it’s Brother Yang?”

“You…” sulked Yun’er, stamping her feet and blushing. She sat back down and looked away.

“Number nine in Heaven room has won the bid for blood red rock. We shall now proceed to the next item.”

Xiaobai licked Yang Tian’s arm to show his appreciation.

“You sure are a glutton…” Yang Tian shoved Xiaobai back inside his short. Somebody knocked on his box’s door not long afterwards. “Come in.”

A girl in red came in to deliver placed the purchase on a tray. “Young Master, this is your blood red rock.”

Yang Tian gently coughed a few times then revealed an awkward look. He glanced at the girl and faintly requested, “I forgot to bring my money with me. Can I exchange an item with it, instead?”

“That… Young Master, the auction…”

Yang Tian wagged his hand to cut the girl off. Smiling, he asked, “What, you can’t make an exception for even me?”

“That is not what it is about, Young Master.” The girl assumed a closed-off posture. “Young Master, may I go and report this?”

“Go on.” Once the girl reached the door, Yang Tian hollered, “Wait.”

“What is it, Young Master?”

“Well, this is what I want to exchange it with.” Yang Tian chucked her a jade vial and chortled at her nervous manners.

“Young Master, I shall take my leave now.”


 “Heaven box owes us?”  With her eyebrows pulled together, Hongji went through the list of guests.  “He’s from Green Sun Empire and has a five-clawed dragon invitation. Give it to him based on the market price.”

“Understood, Miss,” replied the girl in red, nodding.

“It’s getting more and more chaotic. Even Green Sun Empire wants a piece of it now?” Hongji got out of her quaint ochre chair and headed to her room, collar already generously down.


After sending off the girl, Yang Tian looked through the interspatial ring Qing Rufeng. If he paid for the stone, he’d still have sixty thousand bloodstones.

Xiaobai ran straight over to the Blood Red Stone on the table and grabbed it. He began biting the stone, though he couldn’t even dent it, so he looked up at Yang Tian with a pitiful look while drooling.

“Haha.” Yang Tian scrutinised the stone but didn’t find anything. “Is there something inside?”

Xiaobai wagged his tail and bounced up and down to express, “Yes.”

Yang Tian tried shaving the stone using Broken Sword, and it cut through as smooth as butter. After shaving off a layer, the blood colour gradually turned black. “There really is something inside.”

As soon as Yang Tian shaved off a black layer, a demonic aura burst forth. Xiaobai shrieked as he dashed for Yang Tian’s robe. Realising they were in peril, Yang Tian opened his palm, only for the black ball of energy to instantly disappear into his palm without leaving any of its indomitable aura behind.

The entire venue fell dead silent as all eyes directed themselves to room number nine. The unmistakable and powerful demon aura only appeared for a split moment. It was enough to shake them up, nevertheless.

“Could that demonic aura belonged to a powerful demon?” an unsure elder questioned.

If a powerful demon did sneak into humanity’s cities, it’d undoubtedly cause a major uproar. In fact, war might be inevitable.

“Don’t move,” cautioned Yang Tian, voice hushed and caressing Xiaobai’s body.  He felt as though time had frozen, and he’d presumably shatter to bits if he moved.

“Brother, that’s Brother Yang’s room. Could something have happened?” Xing Yun’er stuck her head out of her door and looked in the direction of Yang Tian’s room.

“I don’t know. Third Grandpa, what happened in there?’ Xing Hao asked of his elder.

“I am fairly positive that it is a beast core,” replied the elder, as he paused his Divine Sense usage.

Yang Tian successfully contained the powerful demonic aura. The elder was stunned to realise that he didn’t discover any unique treasures on Yang Tian despite his Divine Sense.

“Beast core? Strange, that demonic aura was overbearingly powerful. I didn’t think it was a beast core.”

“Third Grandpa, Big Brother Yang is safe, right?” queried Yun’er.

“Haha, he’s in a Heaven room. Who would dare to target him? Don’t worry, Lass,” answered the elder, patting Yun’er on her head and chuckling.

“Oh.” Yun’er didn’t detect the ridiculing undertone the elder spoke with. She walked to the door and looked toward Yang Tian’s box again.

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