The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 11 Ch. 01

Father and Son Rift

If you visited humanity’s imperial capital, saw humanity’s most prosperous city everyone was visiting, you would see that next to the crown’s shiny pearls was a dark pearl hiding itself. In twenty short years, Queen Sisi’s human empire expanded rapidly under the guidance of a particular minister. The entire world learned of the empire. Humanity, technically Queen Sisi, occupied the majority of the land. Queen Sisi switched out her throne for a new one, which had the world map carved onto it. She was no longer the Queen of an empire but arguably the Queen of the entire world. With that said, if you visited the imperial capital, you’d discover that lots of carriages travelling to the imperial capital would stop someplace other than the imperial palace first.

Lin Dongqing, who now had many wrinkles and blemishes on his face, quietly sliced the meat on his dish. Naturally, he no longer had smooth skin. He was also calmer than his younger self. Opposite him was Veirya, who silently enjoyed her glass of red wine.

Although there were lots of people at Lin Dongqing’s place during the day, there was only him and his wife at night. Lots of gossip stories portrayed him as a man with many women around him, but he and Veirya were unquestionably in love. The two of them were happy and blissful despite not saying a word to each other.

Suddenly, someone slammed the door, disrupting the tranquillity. Brisk footsteps, maids trying to dissuade him in hushed voices couldn’t stop the enraged boy from storming into the dining hall without any qualms.

Veirya looked up. “Chu, Would you like to eat something? Mama misses you.”

Lin Dongqing continued to calmly cut his meat without looking up at his son. If the two stood next to each other, they would be a photocopy of each other – minus the hair colour. However, Lin Chucheng wasn’t as calm or prudent as his father. He was akin to an inferno.

“Why have I still not received a reply from the military for my enlistment request?! Why am I the only one who hasn’t received a reply?! Did you do something?!” Lin Chucheng ignored his mother and thundered at his father, instead.

Lin Dongqing finally looked up at his enraged biological son, unfazed. He wiped his mouth with a napkin and tossed two sheets of paper from a chair to his son. He reproached, “Why did you apply for the military without our permission? We told you that I don’t approve of your desire to join the military! No war will break out. You won’t get anything from serving in the military. Stay in school and attend classes. Your grades are god awful to begin with, and you still want to cause trouble?! I had someone remove your physical examination and application. Now get back to school”

“You cornhole!” fumed Lin Chucheng, fists ghastly white. “What right do you have to tell me what I can and can’t do?!! What do you mean there won’t be a war?! It’s total anarchy in the South! I don’t want be useless trash, like you, who sits around doing nothing but eating and drinking all day! I want to become the empire’s hero, like Mom did! What right do you have to take my application?! That’s illegal, you cornhole!”

Veirya quickly got to her feet; however, Lin Dongqing extended an arm to have his wife stay put.

“Oh? Illegal? What does you falsifying your age count as, then? You’re not an adult until next year, yet you applied for the military this year. Falsifying your age to join the military is also illegal. You still want to reference the law with me?”

Lin Chucheng huffed and blowed, but he had no counterargument. He wouldn’t be able to join the military if people found out that he falsified his age.

“If you genuinely don’t want to continue school, go and work at the tax bureau. I’ve made arrangements already, so you just need to go and help out at the tax bureau. Take your pick. I told you that I’m democratic. I’ve given you the right to choose. As for a military career, sorry but not happening.” Lin Dongqing snickered as he picked up the two forms and tore them in half.

Lin Dongqing’s provocation lit furnace of rage in Lin Chucheng. Lin Chucheng couldn’t stand his father’s smirk and, therefore, went to punch him in the face. Alas, Veirya read his mind before he could swing, subsequently leaping over the table to her husband’s side to protect him. Lin Chucheng was no match for his coach. Hence, he had to vent another way.

“You stuck up jerk! You always want to control everything when, in reality, you’re just a useless cripple!”

“You’re not allowed to speak to your father with that language!” Veirya harboured a strong dislike for what Lin Chucheng said. She held him at point blank with a fork by throat the instant he finished.

Lin Chucheng no longer dared to utter a word for he could tell his mother was furious. Veirya knew the reason Lin Dongqing’s leg was crippled, which was why she never wanted anyone to insult his condition.

Lin Dongqing calmly told Veirya, “Never mind him, Veirya. Let him say what he wants. At the very least, I need to be superior to a haughty, yet incompetent, child.”


*Lin Chucheng – Pronounced “Lin Choo-cherng*

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