The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 10.5 Ch. 01

Nameless… Caster

Note: the timeline is going to jump a bit over the place in coming volumes, so check the comments if you need guidance.

“You realise how important this is, right?”

“I do,” replied the young girl, accompanying a light nod.

Standing in front of a man with his face shrouded in darkness, the young girl placed her left hand on her right hand. However, his voice contained excitement he couldn’t contain. They weren’t trying to be mysterious; they were just leaving lights off whenever feasible to save on their electricity bill.

She looked back at the man who sauntered across the worn-out, creaking timber floorboards with her heterochromia eyes and nodded. The man with the neck and chin of a young man grabbed the girl’s slender shoulder with one hand and effused, “Look at all of this around us. Look at this shabby place. Is this what you want? Three generations of dead people lived here. This is all we’re left with when we’re descendants of an imperial family! This isn’t fair! It isn’t fair! Sister, for your sake and mine, win the Holy Grail, and we shall re rebuild our imperial power. I will be King, and you will be Queen. That is the life we should be living as Queen Sisi’s descendants.”

The young man’s couldn’t resist sliding his hands south to lecherously grope his younger sister’s developing breasts, yet she indifferently replied, “Okay.”

As Queen Sisi’s descendants, as the descendant of an imperial family, she never thought about anything. She was born as a mere tool and was always just a tool to her father as well as her brother. Her purpose in life was to revive her so-called imperial family solely because she had the mystical heterochromia eyes her ancestor had.

She didn’t have any complaints. What joy was there in being human? She witnessed her father sell her mother due to poverty. She witnessed her elder brother cop beatings as a consequence of stealing from people. She watched person after person lead twisted lives. What was the point of being human? It was better to be a tool without feelings or worrying about life, wasn’t it? Nothing would differ, in any case.

“This is the gold coin Her Majesty held tightly in her hand when she passed away. This coin must be Queen Sisi’s most treasured possession. Use it to summon our ancestor. We are in Sisi’s land and nation. Countless people worship Sisi. She is strongest here. As long as you can summon her, we will win this time.”

Ah, magic. Although magic used to be exclusive to elves, humans were able to utilise magic after humans and elves crossbred for centuries. Humanity’s creativity and elves’ magic created the so-called grail that could realise any desire. And now, it was time to fight for it.

Sisi’s family never took part in the Holy Grail war before; however, her family had elven blood in them. Hence, they had an innate ability to use magic.

The man placed a rusty gold coin that you could find anywhere in the young girl’s hand. It was the most common gold coin you could find. It looked as though it had just been dug up from underneath mud. It might not have necessarily been made from pure gold despite being labelled a gold coin. Though time rusted, the side view of Queen Sisi’s was still clearly visible.

The young girl: Is she my ancestor?

Queen Sisi was revered as a legendary Queen even generations later since her empire flourished under her reign. She transformed from a haughty monarch to a wise monarch with the assistance of the prime minister who was equally celebrated. The people loved her; her imperial power still remained despite the empire being no more. In theory, if the girl could summon Queen Sisi, then they would win for certain.

“It’s twelve now; begin the summoning. The summoning circle has been drawn. Commence the summoning ceremony! Let me see how beautiful Queen Sisi really is!” The man excitedly rubbed his hands whilst staring at the beautiful mercury painting on the ground. That was all the family had left in their possession that was worth mentioning.

The young girl gently slit her wrist to mix her blood with the mercury and then began to chant, “Let it be declared now. Your flesh shall serve under me, and my fate shall be with your sword. Submit to the beckoning of the Holy Grail. Answer, if you would submit to this will and this truth. I shall attain all virtues of all of Heaven. I shall have dominion over all evils of all of Hell. From the Seventh Heaven, attended to by three great words of power, come forth from the ring of restraint, protector of the holy balance!”

The mercury exploded, spraying mercury everywhere. The man excitedly cried out, while the young girl threw the rusty coin into the centre of the summoning circle. The coin was supposedly Queen Sisi’s most cherished possession, so she could definitely summon the legendary Queen. The question was what class she would be. Rider? The girl wasn’t sure, not that she cared. She figured all would be well if she could just summon Sisi. She presumed that would be enough to win the war. Either way, it was none of her business.

The coin exploded in the air, enveloping the light in a light similar to a flash of lightning, forcing the two to shut their eyes. Next, a cloud explosion went off, embellishing the ancient castle with bizarre light and echoes. Once the mercury vapour dispersed, the coin vanished. The young girl slowly opened her eyes to see everything had returned to normal. There was no sound or smell. There was just… a man.

The man dusted out his sky-blue cape and knocked on the decaying floorboards with his walking stick. He looked puzzled as he scanned his surroundings. He resembled an innocent man dragged into a mess.

The young girl didn’t know how her ancestor looked, but she was sure Queen Sisi wasn’t a male.

Who have I summoned? Did I make a mistake?

“Oh, sorry, it appears you didn’t want to summon me,” casually voiced the man, before her elder brother could shout. The man smiled politely and stepped out of the summoning formation. “Haha, nothing I can do about it, sadly. Since you summoned me, I can only do my best to avoid disappointing you. That said, I admit that I’m very weak. Just treat this war as a holiday because I have no chance of winning.”

“H-how are you?!!” shrieked her frightened brother, voice changing due to fear.

The man took a moment before smiling helplessly and touching his head: “Sorry, I don’t know who I am. I wasn’t recorded in history, after all. I’m just a wanderer who goes with the wind and was randomly chosen. In the past, I was an ordinary businessman. Now I’m Caster. I don’t have elven blood. I’m pure human, so my magic is still weak in spite of my class.”

“Wait, why?! Why?! Why did Queen Sisi’s gold coin summon this thing?! You made a mistake, didn’t you?! You made a mistake, didn’t you?!” roared the man, grabbing his sister’s collar.

The girl didn’t know what to say. Theoretically, she wasn’t wrong. As to why the man was summoned was beyond her.

“Okay, please don’t disrespect females, Mister,” asserted the man, aiming his cane up against her brother’s chest.

Her brother wanted to respond, but the man exuded an oppressive power that compelled him vexingly let go and moved aside.

“So, you must be my master. Unfortunately, you have a weak servant in me. Let’s do our best,” said the man, patting the girl on her shoulder and smiling, “For now, though, we need to get our intelligence together. At the very least, I need to know who I’m serving.”


“Sabre, Veirya, at your service.”

“Lancer, uh, you summoned the young version of me, but my skills with a spear are as good as my skills with a sword. Look forward to my performance.”

“Archer, Elven Queen Lucilia. Tell me: are the elves still well?’

“Rider, Ling Yue. I never expected to be considered a hero. Am I the North’s hero? That’d be cool.”

“Assassin, Lucia Galadriel. You are not Troy. I don’t want to talk to you.”

“Oh my, this is my class…? Never mind, though. I can kill anybody for my son’s sake, regardless… Vyvyan Galadriel. You should salute your Queen. At the very least, don’t stand there. Otherwise, I haven’t decided what method I’ll employ yet, but I’ll break your legs, you know? Hehe… By the way, take me to Troy Kingdom.”

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