Almighty – Ch. 36

Small Beast

Yang Tian wrapped his broken sword in a black fabric and carried it on his back across his arduous five thousand kilometres journey from Wild Cloud City to Martial Arts Mountain, which would take him over a month to reach it with his speed. In ten days, he had travelled fifty kilometres along the wide mountain range route. There were three more months until it was open, so he had an abundance of time.

Yang Tian left ten centimetre deep foot prints in the ground behind him in spite of him controlling his body proficiently. After taking note for several days, Yang Tian realised the sword on his back appeared to get heavier! He never confirmed his suspicions, but he felt himself growing physically stronger.

Yang Tian left a deep ditch in the ground when he threw his broken sword on the ground so that he could flop onto the ground. After resting for fifteen minutes, he got up to find himself hungry. He walked for an entire day and was starving. Hence, he immediately began searching the dark forest.

When Yang Tian was about to dig into the two aromatic rabbits over his bonfire, he heard a faint footstep. To his right hand side was a white wild beast no taller than thirty centimetres.

What sort of beast is that?

Yang Tian checked out the beast’s pointy ears, furry legs, thumb-sized nose and obsidians for eyes.

The beast raised its two front limbs slightly off the ground, drooling while watching Yang Tian feast on a rabbit thigh. Yang Tian chuckled and chewed louder. It didn’t take long for him to finish it when he ate so energetically. When he was about to go to the next step, the little beast stomped its rear feet to vault. Yang Tian blankly watched the beast snatch up the other thigh and disappear before his eyes. He quickly scanned his surroundings to discover that the beast had vanished.

“Just what in the world was that? That was ridiculously fast; I didn’t even catch its movements.”

Although Yang Tian kept eating, his eyes darted back and forth. About five minutes later, small beast appeared in his sights again. “Let’s see you escape from me this time.” Yang Tian kept eating to feign ignorance. Timing himself, Yang Tian swiftly spun around to catch the beast in his hands, only to see it slip past him and dash into the trees. With no time to spare, Yang Tian gave chase, bolting straight forward for kilometres, but the white beast was nowhere in sight.

“The little guy must be as fast as someone in the Warrior Realm. Slippery little bugger fooled me. What the small beast lacks in cultivation, it makes up for in the wits department.”

Yang Tian advanced forward at a slow pace, doing his best to avoid making any sounds. Once he was about thirty metres away from the small beast, he went prone on the ground and observed the small beast. From the ground, Yang Tian then exploded toward his target.

Despite panicking, slow was what the beast was farthest from. Yang Tian had a sound plan but ended up coming back with his head hanging down in the end. He gazed at the bones littered on the ground.


The interior space of Ancestral Dragon Ring had expanded to roughly one hundred and twenty metres, housed about two hundred types of herbs planted and the fruits on vermillion fruit tree were finally a hundred years old.

Yang Tian grabbed a handful of Mid-grade Blood Pills. The number of patterns on a pill indicated its grade, with more patterns indicating higher grade. It was said that some Sixth-grade Pills needed divine inscriptions.

The small white beast appeared nearby as soon as Yang Tian began cultivating. It curled up its tail and wagged it, indicating its tension. It didn’t dare to make a move when it saw the bones.


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