The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 10 Ch. 66

Noble Lady Veirya

That night, I learnt a lesson. Drugs are useless on Veirya. Instead of demonstrating my masculinity, she nearly killed me. When she saw that I still had some vigour in me, she didn’t hesitate to pounce me again. Sisi was nigh excessively careful when she was pregnant. Veirya, to the contrary, threw care out the window. I wanted to refuse, but Veirya didn’t give me the chance to. Maybe it was because we were separated for so long.

Veirya missed me not long after I left. It was my first time hugging her since it was always her hugging me…

The active night deprived me of my sleep. Hence, I didn’t wake up the next day until the sunniest hours of the day. The first thing I saw when I opened my eyes were a pair of serious looking eyes scanning me. Veirya then bit my nose. I’m not even going to guess what that meant. Nonetheless, I felt so lucky.

“You were. In danger there. Weren’t you? I was very worried. If I could. Go with you. You would’ve been fine. And wouldn’t have been. In danger. I don’t really. Understand what. You did. After Leah explained it.”

“All I did was leverage their fear against them. When they had another enemy, they needed a friend. Though we were temporary enemies, we could form an alliance. So accordingly, they started peace talks with me. They wanted to bargain with me, but they understand that they don’t have a chance now.”


Veirya still didn’t understand it all despite my explanation. I didn’t want to talk about it with her, either, for she wouldn’t comprehend what I did even if I did tell her. I touched her belly with a smile. “Veirya, how are you feeling? Did anything major happen while I was gone?”

“No. I’m also. Fine.”

Veirya touched my chest then sat up. She grabbed her clothes and rung the bell. I covered myself with the blanket and I rolled onto my side to look at Veirya, who wore on her underwear and went to sit at the makeup table. She definitely carried the grace and demeanour of a noble lady. Her beauty was on full display underneath the generous sunlight. Sadly, I still guilty for ruining her back.

“Veirya, you’re becoming lazier and lazier, huh? You don’t even get dressed yourself anymore. You used to wear your armour on yourself, yet now you need maids to help you get dressed?” I remarked, teasingly.

The maids bowed to me before attending to Veirya. Veirya spun around in her purple dress to elucidate, “Angelina said. I can’t. Do too much. So. I need the maids’. Help.”

“Count Lin, this is our job, as well. Also, if you do not plan to sleep anymore, please wake up and have breakfast. You have just returned, and there need to rest and eat our food.”

“I know. Did anyone come looking for me today? Any letters?”

“No, Count Lin,” respectfully replied the maid.

I got changed after Veirya left and languidly headed outside. Our house was quiet. The only sounds I heard were the maids’ footsteps. I heard eating utensils being moved in the dining hall. I went over and sat between Vierya and Angelina.

Smiling, Angelina jabbed, “You two just can’t keep it in your pants, huh? I even reminded Veirya not to do it. Seems you and Veirya were on cloud nine last night, though!”

“True. Veirya, are you all right?” I nervously asked Veirya.

Veirya shook her head: “I’ll see a doctor. Today. So. Don’t worry.”

I nodded then picked up my fork and knife.

The boy was probably in discussions with Queen Sisi. She said she’d send reinforcements but never said “how” or “when”. The boy needed to convince her to send reinforcements as soon as possible. War had probably already broken out at the colony. The radicals would likely have begun their attack on his Queen and Shishiang. Fundamentally, it was a war of traditional thoughts versus new era thoughts.

Sisi was most likely more enthusiastic about money than their politics and thoughts. Although I did convince her to accept the results of the peace treaty, she had her own plans – presumably. She didn’t ask me to get involved, so I didn’t go and fry my brain for no reason.

I suppose I was permitted to not think about anything major and enjoy a respite. Sisi would summon me if she needed me; I had faith in her, anyway. Since we had chosen to help the Queen, we had to do what we could to help her consolidate her rule; otherwise, all of our efforts would’ve been for naught. Sisi could bargain, but she couldn’t go too far.

“Are you still going out again? I think Sisi is unreasonable if she forces you to go again after that. Veirya is pregnant, yet you have yet to keep her company at home. That’s a fault recorded next to your name. I know you can’t sit still, but isn’t Veirya more important than the outside world at the moment?” grumbled Angelina.

“I won’t. I swear I won’t leave this time.”

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