Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 09 Ch. 91

Refining Divine Convention

“Who did you learn that from?” Luo Ming questioned, taken aback.

Su Xiao bit down on his lips to use pain as a means of staying conscious as well as to signify that he wouldn’t tell.

Luo Ming turned to Emperor Yuansheng and Green Prince condescendingly: “You two don’t seem to know what happened.”

Emperor Yuansheng grouched, “You used me to heal yourself?”

“Nice to not have to beat around the bush.” Luo Ming poked the air, sealing Emperor Yuansheng’s accupoint again. “I was going to kindly end you, but I don’t feel like it anymore. We’ve known each other for decades. I shall abide by our promise as you wish, though I assure you will regret not taking up my last shred of kindness for you. As promised, if you can’t win Refining Divine Convention, you’ll have to bring me a head…” Luo Ming cast his gaze to Green Prince for the fast time. “Once my sword is done, don’t forget to honour your word, Brother.”


Everyone who was initially invited to Refining Divine Convention was invited to Taihu Island for the finals. Nonetheless, nobody expected all restrictions on Whale God Island to be lifted or all traps and contraptions to be revealed.

Hundreds of small iron plates and cauldrons were lined up on either side of the cauldron that reminded people of Zhurong in the crater. Unlike the ancient stoves from, at least, a generation ago that the blacksmiths silently worked at, the stairs leading down to the sweltering workshop were evidently newer. Because the cauldron and, by extension, the workshop were exposed to the elements, Luo Sword Manor had to set up various formations to control the weather all year round.

The audience around the massive rectangle ring were in uproar over the late start. “Refining Divine Convention! Refining Divine Convention! Refining Divine Convention!”

“Please allow this one to express his appreciation for coming to Whale God Island.” Luo Ming, sporting grey garments, vaulted onto the ring. “This one cannot keep you waiting any longer after hearing your cries. Please allow this one to announce: Refining Divine Convention hereby officially commences!”


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