Almighty – Ch. 30

Crown Prince

In addition to the “Green Sun” text woven onto the breast pocket area of his robe was a green dragon design. On top of being an admired Peak Battle King cultivator, he was the leader of the inspectors.

“Haha, insolence? I suggest you stay out of this. Primordial Li Clan isn’t a clan the likes of you can afford to offend,” disparaged Li Xuan.

“I can’t afford to offend? I don’t care who you are, but don’t go thinking I won’t hurt you after you stirred trouble at the Martial Arts Academy Grand Tournament and attempted to kill one of our empire’s citizens.”

“Hurt me? Hahaha.” Li Xuan contorted his fine face. “I’d like to see you try.” As he spoke, Li Xuan simultaneously intensified his aura. He turned a myriad of qi blades into swords and then fired the hail of swords toward Yang Tian.

A mammoth of a hand comparable to one of the pillars appeared in front of Yang Tian to volley the attack, absorbing the swords Li Xuan fired without budging.

“You asked for it!” Li Xuan summoned a bronze mirror to his hand to fire energy beams from it.

“Brilliant Sunset Mirror. Quite the loaded brat, I see,” murmured the leader. Still, it wasn’t enough to warrant a reaction.

Li Xuan threw the Dao bronze mirror into the air. The mirror began to rotate on its own accord. Its sunset colour expanded, thereby changing the power around. He continued infusing the mirror with his majestic qi and blood

It was actually quite rare for primordial aristocratic families to possess Dao Weapons. The divine pattern on it required someone strong to nurture it daily in order to evolve into a Dao Weapon.

“Go!” shouted Li Xuan, with a wave of his hand.

The leader generated purple electricity around his fist. “Sonorous!” The leader punched the mirror flying.

Aureate Flame Divine Beast suddenly dashed over the moment the leader launched the mirror flying with his fist. The beast blasted multiple fireballs at the leader from its nose and mouth.

“That’s some decent cultivation. Unfortunately, you’re just a captive beast. What a waste of such a great Unique Beast.” The leader threw consecutive punches, each punch linking illusory purple divine chains onto the beast, consequently binding the beast in mid-air.

Li Qingxue dashed over, a white lotus floating overhead. On her lotus was a ray of divine light that continued to rapidly expand, giving her the appearance of an immortal descending to the mortal realm.

“Haha, so even you can’t sit back anymore, huh? It seems you’re eager to spill blood.” Yang Tian mocked Li Qingxue as he watched her overhead.

“Another Dao Weapon? Now I can’t bring myself to kill them,” remarked the captain. He had almost gone beyond Battle King Realm. All he required was a low-tier Dao Weapon. His two opponents coincidentally happened to have Dao Weapons that fit the bill.

The white lotus enveloped the sky as Li Qingxue brought down what resembled a small mountain on top of the captain.

“Get lost!” The captain struck out with his purple fist again, crushing everything in his way and sending the lotus flower toppling away.

“Don’t push your luck. You haven’t even reached Battle King Realm, yet you want to commit murder in my presence?” warned the captain, upon seeing Li Xuan pull out yet another valuable item.

“I’m warning you, do you know who you’re protecting? Should you protect him, don’t blame me for calling my clansmen over to take his life! You have no right to interfere in our clans’ issues.”

The captain reacted anxiously and doubtfully to the threat. Green Sun Empire never clashed with Li Clan. He, therefore, didn’t understand how the two suddenly clashed.

“That’s quite the threat. He doesn’t have the right? Do I have the right?”

“It’s His Highness.” The captain sped over to welcome his prince.

The Nine-Headed Golden Wyrm over three hundred metres long pulled an imperial carriage, wagging its two tails to announce its arrival.

“So many major figures in the empire have shown up today. Even the eldest prince is here now. What’s Yang Tian’s background?”

“Your Highness, what brings you here?’ respectfully asked the captain.

“Leave it for later; we have something that requires our immediate attention. We haven’t reminded Li Clan of where they stand in too long that they’ve gotten out of hand,” responded the prince, voice echoing throughout despite speaking from within his carriage.


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