The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 10 Ch. 64

Returning Home

“Sir Shishang, we are allies now, I guess. So, I think you can help me with a favour.” Before leaving, I stood opposite Shishang on the shore and handed him a letter written on the best paper I could find and envelope I could find. “You and the large empire to your west must be in contact. If it is possible, I hope you can pass this letter on to their monarch and invite their envoy to our imperial capital. We will welcome them with a grand ceremony.”

“You wish to form a relationship with them? Pardon me for being blunt, but their empire is very prosperous and powerful. They rule territory that does not pale in comparison to your empire. They have never bowed to anyone, and I believe you will not be an exception.”

“As I said, my goal is not conquest; my goal is peace.”

Curious, I went out of my way to take a look and discovered the domineering battleships were only empty shells. I was beyond grateful to have Sisi’s astuteness on my side. Had it not been for her ploy, I might’ve still been stuck in the deadlock. The boy, on the other hand, was upset about it. He couldn’t believe that the catalyst for his Queen and nation’s enormous change was the empty timber boat models. As for the soldiers, they actually entered during the day and went back at night. In essence, they went back and forth to fabricate the illusion of countless reinforcements joining their ranks when, in reality, there were hardly any soldiers.

The boy was so ashamed that he couldn’t breathe. It was interesting when I thought about it. We left the imperial capital together, as well. We were still at war at the time, and he was my prisoner of war, I suppose. However, he was cocky for whatever reason. After we were in an official alliance and acquired peace, he was our envoy who we needed to be polite to, yet he felt so wretched because of his despair that he didn’t want to utter a word. I wanted to light up a mouth cannon, and walk away laughing whenever I saw the vexation written all over his face.

“Cheer up. That’s called strategy. You were just up against two individuals who were excessively smart. Most importantly, the two of us trusted each other,” I proudly asserted. “You’re here as our envoy this time. The letter has been delivered to Her Majesty. I’m sure she’s prepared a grand welcoming ceremony for you. You’ll get a proper welcome. The way you welcomed me was not a welcome.”

When we reached the imperial capital, I saw a number of factories in their foundational stages. The outer skirts of the imperial capital no longer consisted solely of fields. Some of them had become factories. I felt the need to get involved with it, albeit food couldn’t be produced yet. The empire’s population in the future would be incredibly important. We couldn’t allow businessmen to just build up factories and take over all of the crop fields. Nevertheless, that wasn’t my goal for the visit.

A clamouring crowd had come out for the entertainment organised for us. Knights in white uniforms came out out to welcome us and escorting a carriage of fresh flowers representing Queen Sisi. I didn’t expect Sisi to personally welcome us. I had the boy and Leah stop in place. I then went to Sisi’s carriage. Both her and Veirya’s faces appeared by the window, scaring the living daylights out of me. I didn’t have an affair with their Queen. Nothing happened between us!

I was worried that Veirya found out about Sisi’s pregnancy. If they found out their children’s father was the same man, Veirya would probably rip my head off my shoulders… I quivered as I looked at them. Luckily, the two of them didn’t seem to realise anything.

Sisi smiled brightly and touched me. “Thank you, my Lin Dongqing. I must say that I’ve kept on making you run around ever since you started serving me. While you are Veirya’s husband, it seems that I have more of your time. I owe Veirya an apology.”

“I’m just fulfilling my duty.” I gently caressed Veirya’s face, and she rubbed my head.

Sisi laughed then reclined: “I’m glad. You brought me good news again it seems. My health has not been at its best. Bring our envoy back with us. We are prepared to welcome our envoy. We have finally achieved the peace we wanted.”

I tossed our peace talk agreements into the carriage. Sisi picked them up to have a read. She frowned, though: “Dongqing, way didn’t you take the opportunity to seize the South? They are weak now; it was the perfect opportunity to turn them into our vassal state or even conquer them. This piece of paper and an agreement is the equivalent of nothing, isn’t it?”

“Wrong, it’s the exact opposite. With that, we have everything. Your Majesty, please allow me to visit you tonight. I shall explain it all to you then.”

“All right.”

Veirya questioned, “Aren’t you coming back at night?”

“I will be back.”

I knew what Veirya had own her mind. There was no question I’d go home. I gave Veirya a brief explanation, and then she bumped her head gently on mine before sitting back.

I waved to the two kids.

Leah cheerfully grabbed Veirya’s hand: “Mama, Leah and Papa are back! Also, also, Leah protected Papa! Lots of things happened, but Leah always did Leah’s best to protect Papa!”

I guess my daughter wanted praise. I grabbed her from Veirya’s embrace. It wasn’t the right time for a family reunion when Sisi was meeting with an envoy.

The young man bowed after he dismounted. “Your Majesty, I send you our sincerest greetings. We are very grateful that you are extending a hand out to help us. We also believe that our alliance will be everlasting.”

“Good, I’m glad to hear you speak our language so fluently. I shall do my utmost to assist you. Now, though, how about coming to enjoy a perfect banquet at my imperial palace? Unfortunately, I am not feeling very well, so I won’t partake for now. I hope you can understand my reasons. With that said, Dongqing will take good care of you. Now, let’s head back.”

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