Almighty – Ch. 26

Challenging the Half-Step Warrior

“Fortunately, he’s fine. He’s quite the sly one; I like that,” heartily praised the inspector in black.

“Indeed, he’s a decisive killer, has perfect control over his qi and blood and is talented. He might even surpass us in the future. He’s worth nurturing,” expressed his comrade.

“Yang Tian, you’re dead,” Wang Long uttered from behind a wall of pearly whites.

“Wang Long, back down. Don’t forget where you stand,” blustered Kuang Lang.

“Back down? He killed my son, and you want me to back down?”

Kuang Lang released all of his Warrior Realm aura, startling Wang Long – not that it stopped the latter from glaring scornfully at Yang Tian. Although Wang Long forcibly appeased his own anger, his aura outside of his body continued to intensify; he didn’t want to be resigned to Kuang Lang’s order.

“My Lord, this one has a request to ask of you,” voiced Yang Tian, speaking with a palm-fist salute, as well as a smirk.

“Oh?” Kuang Lang gave Yang Tian a genuine smile. “Speak your mind. With this old one here, Wang Long will not dare to do anything to you.”

“Old sack of crap, were my tributes all of these years spent on a dog?” raged Wang Long. He didn’t actually dare to explicate those words.

“Don’t tell me Young Tian wants to challenge Wang Long,” prayed Lin Yuan.

Yang Tian calmly declared, “I wish to challenge Wang Long. Please provide your approval, My Lord!”

Wang Long was a Half-step Warrior, not to mention his abundance of experience. He and Wang Xing didn’t belong in the same book, let alone on the same page. To top it off, Yang Tian resorted to deceit against Wang Xing; Wang Long couldn’t complain if Yang Tian killed Wang Xing in the ring.

“Haha, you want to challenge me? Ever heard of ‘newborn calves are not afraid of tigers’?!” Wang Long coldly stared down Yang Tian and laughed disdainfully.

“Young Tian, hurry and come down. Don’t be silly,” urged Lin Yuan, quickly going up to Yang Tian.

“Father, I am all right; trust me. Please allow me go proceed, My Lord.”

Though anxious and doubtful, Kuang Lang waved to approve in the end. “All right. That said, remember to control yourself and stop before causing harm.”

Yang Tian and Wang Long stood face to face back in the ring, wearing their killing intent as their coat. A Half-step Warrior was a far cry from a Blood Refinement Ninth Layer. Plus, Wang Long was a veteran among the strong. Nevertheless, there was hope for a miracle from Yang Tian judging from the way he smiled so calmly.

“I admire your courage, but courage won’t make for the gap between us,” asserted Wang Long.

“Your son is waiting for you down there; you should go visit him.”

Wang Long took off so fast that he appeared as an afterimage. Before Yang Tian knew it, he was already in front of him.

“Old Geezer, I’ve seen Wang Feng employ the same manoeuvre already. Unfortunately for you, I killed him when he tried to kill me!”

“Say what?!” exclaimed Hua Qi, blasting a mouthful of tea from his mouth.

“The kid can’t be serious,” said Kuang Lang, eyes lit up. “No wonder why Wang Long has a vendetta against him.”

“All right, so you’re tough.” Killing Yang Tian was the only way to slightly polish Wang Long’s tarnished reputation. “Go die!” thundered Wang Long. He dashed over again, increasing his output by a lot compared to the last clash. This time, he opted for palm strikes.

Employing three consecutive lethal punches, Yang Tian intercepted all of Wang Long’s palm strikes. Wang Long responded with an abrupt turn of the body, positioning himself behind Yang Tian. Then, he struck with a vacuum palm.

“Wind Splitter Palms!” Yang Tian explosively retreated whilst simultaneously using the energy on his palm to intercept the gusts of wind Wang Long generated.

Lin Yuan never thought Yang Tian’s improved so drastically. When he recalled the fruit Yang Tian brought back, though, he had some idea of what might’ve happened.

Back in the ring, sparks flew and a green and crimson qi clashed. The duo moved so swiftly that some low-ranking cultivators couldn’t see their movements clearly. The ground cracked yet again. Their clashes could compare to waves crashing onto the shore.

“Third, who do you reckon will win?” suddenly asked the man in white, eyes on the battle.

“I reckon the old man will. Although Yang Tian’s life force is immense, the old man has been putting the pressure on him and pushing the pace the entire fight,” answered so-called Third, after thinking about it.

“How about we have a bet? I’m betting Yang Tian will win. What do you reckon?”

“A bet? Second, I don’t have anything valuable on me.”

“I’ll bet my Jade Dragon Pendant, and you can bet your Single Scale Jade Beast. Deal?” asked the man in white, eyes narrowed.

“Jade Dragon Pendant? That’s a Peak Mystic Weapon. Deal. Don’t go back on your word when you lose. Big Brother, you’re our witness.

Back in the ring, gusts of wind went back and forth. They took to the air for another trade. This time, Yang Tian was sent backwards.


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