Almighty – Ch. 22

Vital Essence Spring

Lin Yuan hugged the bloody Yang Tian just as he did eight years ago. Yang Tian’s ice-cold gaze and demeanour from eight years ago appeared again. Lin Yuan struggled to speak; however, his consoled smile came to his lips. He had spent years living with Yang Tian, and he wasn’t wrong about the boy.

“I’m sorry for being late. Are you all right?” Yang Tian inquired.   Yang Tian gently set Lin Yuan down on the ground and checked out his Father’s horrifying wounds. Even his bones were faintly visible.

“They’re just minor scratches. I won’t die.” Lin Yuan scrubbed Yang Tian’s head. Puzzled, Lin Yuan rubbed Yang Tian’s small hand. “Young Tian, where have you been recently? How did you cultivate so fast? Those chains were made from Mystic Iron. Not even someone in Refinement’s Ninth Realm would have an easy time crushing them with their hands, would they?”

“Hehe, I just broke through a tad faster. Father, have this. It can heal your wounds.” Yang Tian shoved a fire dragon divine fruit straight into Lin Yuan’s mouth before the latter could open his mouth on his own.

“What is this fruit?” Lin Yuan assumed a cross-legged sitting position. The potent medicinal properties swiftly healed his flesh wounds.

“Father, your cultivation has not improved in years, but you should be able to break through.” Seeing as Lin Yuan entered cultivation mode, Yang Tian got to his feet and peered in the direction of a formation up ahead.

“Star Martial Arts Academy needs the treasure inside, right?” Before Yang Tian was green energy acting as a barrier. He produced a vacuum in his hand and struck the iron chains holding down the formation. The moment the iron chains made impact with the green barrier, several blades of light abruptly pierced the iron chains then vanished immediately after.

“A killing formation. Who set the formation?” In spite of the big gap between Yang Tian and the formation, he still got cut.

It took training to set formations and required a large volume of blood stones. Some special killing formations also needed precious materials. The majority of the biggest sects had killing formations erected to guard their mountains.

Lin Yuan’s rate of vital essence absorption suddenly took off rapidly. The secret room’s heaven and earth vital essence suddenly went berserk and came together. Thanks to the fire dragon divine fruit’s tempering, his life force was invigorated, gradually reverting his grey hair back to black.

“Haha, you are breaking through, Father. I was unaware that a fire dragon divine fruit could also invigorate one’s life force. You will definitely be able to enter Warrior Realm in the future and extend your lifespan significantly.”

After his body jolted, Lin Yuan broke through to the next realm as the magic of fire dragon divine fruit entered his body. The rate of absorption, however, picked up even further, creating ripples in the space around.

“I’m going to break through two layers.” Due to worrying about Yang Tian’s illness and holding on to resentment over a prolonged period of time, Lin Yuan couldn’t break through to the next realm. He finally managed to release his dormant qi and blood. Subsequently, his powerful life force continued to endlessly bloom.

“Tomorrow is the Martial Arts Academies Tournament.” Yang Tian took out a jade slip and invested himself in cultivating Wind Splitter Palms.

In no capacity were martial techniques inferior to cultivation methods. In a battle where the combatants were on the same level, it was always the one who possessed superior combat skills who would win in the crucial moment.

There had yet to be any sighting of Mystic Level martial techniques in any part of Green Stone Town. If auctioneers were to offer Mystic Level martial techniques, they’d instigate a fight for them; they would fetch as much as ten thousand bloodstones. Luckily for Yang Tian, he picked up a skill above Mystic Level Mid-rank martial technique.

Legends had it that Heaven Stage Level cultivation methods empowered one with the ability to destroy the world. Similarly, the Fists Yang Tian imitated from the titan equipped him with the ability to easily destroy stars. Thus, both martial techniques and cultivation methods were the same in that regard. Of course, that required a profound cultivation to support it. Some of the Heaven Level martial techniques controlled the top of the food chain. Some ancient profound martial techniques could apparently do as much as instigate a hail of blood.

Yang Tian steadied his breathing and emptied his mind, revising the martial technique. He vigorously opened his eyes and raised his palms up from his thigh. The heaven and earth vital essence in the vicinity began to stir and ripple to his hand. A whirlpool of qi and blood formed on his palm as the heaven and earth vital essence around continued to pour in. His energy within him felt clunky. Hence, he lifted his hand and hit the wall in front.

Yang Tian made a quiet and barely-visible slit on the wall with a crimson qi blade. He curled his lips, discontent with the damage inflicted. The wall could be shattered through sheer brute voice, which demonstrated that martial techniques were a challenge to master. Not yet disheartened, Yang Tian returned to practicing Wind Cutting Palms…

After three hours of practice, Yang Tian created continuous explosive sounds. After images continued ripple in the air, creating an illusion of scattered flower petals falling.  “Hargh,” roared Yang Tian, voice hushed. He slashed with Blade Qi consecutively, thereby creating sparks against the wall and cuts on it.

“It’s finally coming along somewhat.”

“Break!” Lin Yuan had his nose and mouth open to absorb the heaven and earth vital essence around for a tempering process.

“Still coming up short. I see that it’s not easy to break through to the Ninth Realm.” Yang Tian slapped himself in the forehead. He went through the three Blood Pills he found during the day and flicked one into Lin Yuan’s mouth.

The furnace’s flame burnt hotter and brighter. Lin Yuan could feel the potent power of the pill.  “Break!” Lin Yuan coordinated his qi and blood for another attempt, except with the pill helping this time. His qi continued to grow potent. His qi and blood outside his body manifested into a physical product.

“Thanks to fire dragon divine fruit altering his qihai, Father is now stronger than Wang Feng. He has a big chance of making it into Warrior Realm in the future now.” Yang Tian scratched his head with a consoled smile.

After a while, Lin Yuan opened his eyes. He tried to feel his qi and blood flowing through his body. Itwas over five times more potent than what it was before.  “Tian, what was that fruit? It’s amazing that it can split someone’s qihai. I’ve never heard of any treasure on the continent that could alter one’s qihai.”

“Hehe, it is a special fruit. I happen to find it by chance. One can only consume one per lifetime. The second and so forth will not be very effective.”

“Young Tian, you mustn’t let outsiders know of its existence. A few years ago, the people on Green Sun Continent searched for a fruit associated with qihai. If they find out about it, you will catch the attention of dangerous people.”

“Hehe, rest assured, Father. I understand that one’s treasures may get them in trouble.”

“Its effects are stunning. Not only can it split one’s qihai but also strengthen their life force. It truly is unbelievable. What happened over the last few days?”

Yang Tian recounted everything that happened… Once Lin Yuan heard the whole story, he furiously slammed the wall and exclaimed, “Star Martial Arts Academy!”

“Father, what is inside? It must be alluring for them to be so aggressive,” queried Yang Tian, pointing to the killing formation.

Lin Yuan sighed. “Dragon Star Martial Arts Academy used to be a famous and big martial arts academy at Green Sun Empire. When my grandpa was patriarch, an enemy attacked. Although he killed his attacker, the academy suffered heavily as a consequence. The school went through the majority of its resources, and some people took advantage of the situation to rob the academy, taking all of the cultivation methods. After the ordeal, the academy migrated to Green Stone Town. The killing formation is what my father left behind when he passed away. Inside is a vital essence spring.”

Every famous clan had a vital essence springs as cultivating in their vicinity would increase the rate of development of normal cultivation methods by ten folds. If the cultivator didn’t cultivate every day, they could still enhance their cultivation.


Lin Yuan cut Yang Tian off with a wave of his hand. He forced a smile. “Formidable it may be, my cultivation is lacking. Father was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to protect the spring, consequently letting my ancestors’ foundation be desecrated. Accordingly, he sealed the spring. Sadly, I cannot activate it because of my cultivation.”

“What realm does one need to be at to activate it?”

“I don’t know if I can activate it now. I’ll try.”

Lin Yuan then walked to the killing formation and drew an arc with his finger in the air, summoning a couple of talismans. As he proceeded to wave his finger around, talisman after talisman flew toward the formation at the cost of his qi and blood until he produced, at least, a thousand talismans.

This formation is ridiculous. Do we have to resort to such a complicated method to activate it?

Suddenly, the green glowing barrier began to move. A small door gradually switched on, heaven and earth vital essence gushing out as though the dam containing them broke.

Yang Tian’s body’s pores desperately absorbed the rich heaven and earth vital essence as a soothing sensation washed over him. “It’s a vital essence spring, all right. It’s unfortunate that it’s not of much help to me.”

While the heaven and earth vital essence from the spring was richer by several folds, one needed to train their will and make it through fights with their life on the line to have a chance of reaching the pinnacle. The diligently sitting and cultivating method produced fast results. That said, their fighting spirit would rust.

“Young Tian, this is what Dragon Star Martial Arts Academy relied on. Sadly, I lack potential, so it is an excruciating struggle for me to reach higher realms and fulfil my ancestors’ unfulfilled wish.”

“Father, once I have succeeded as a cultivator, I will restore Dragon Star Academy to its former glory.”

“Haha, I’ll be waiting for the day. Put this all aside for now. Star Martial Arts Academy must pay the price.”

Yang Tian and Lin Yuan found the head coach dead via bashing his head on the wall.

“Haha, the damn cockroach killed himself. He killed himself.”


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