Almighty – Ch. 21


The setting sun resembled a ball of fire. Its final rays brightened the entire city of Wild Cloud before entering its slumber. Tendrils of smoke curled into the air.

Yang Tian, stopping outside Wild Cloud, wrapped himself in a black robe, made haste for Green Stone Town.

There were very few people walking around on the streets of Green Stone Town compared to before. Tomorrow was the Martial Arts Academies Grand Tournament, a spectacle that the wealthy loved to use as another form of entertainment.

Yang Tian arrived at Dragon Star Martial Arts Academy to see four large characters in gold overhead.  “Strange, why is Father not here? The interior is still bright, so where could he be?”

Yang Tian landed on a wall without anybody detecting him. He caught sight of two men in the courtyard.

“Please be all right.”

Once he deftly landed on the ground, Yang Tian continued on his way. When the two men he spotted before came into sight, he charged at the two with two crimson wind trails. He slammed the two crimson auras into their foreheads before words could escape their mouths. He dragged the two, who were about to keel over, off to a corner using an invisible aura.

Yang Tian’s gaze turned ice cold when he leaned out from the corner to see two men guarding a room. Wearing his killing intent as a coat, he sent a piercing gaze over. The frightened man slowly turned his head.

“Who’s that?!” shrilled a girl, when she saw the dark figure at the door. Her seductive gaze became a frightened gaze.

Yang Tian the door open then ambled forward. The moonlight lengthened is shadow. A dark and scary presence took over the atmosphere in the area.

“Wh-who are you?” stuttered the head coach. The head coach regained his composure and clenched his fists. However, the hint of fear in his gaze didn’t go undetected.

Snickering, Yang Tian took his time removing his black robe.

“Y-Yang Tian. How are you alive?”

“What, you hoped I was dead?”

The head coach rushed to the window without any hesitation. Yang Tian went out of his way to reveal himself. Therefore, the head coach had a strong suspicion that Yang Tian had something up his sleeve and for good reason. Yang Tian made a name for himself among the members of Star Martial Arts Academy recently.

With a whip of his leg Yang Tian kicked multiple shockwaves through the air, driving the head coach onto the wall. Like a fountain, blood sprayed from the head coach’s head. The head coach convulsed on the ground and coughed mouthfuls of blood. He struggled to his feet. Unfortunately for him, the moment he got up was the moment Yang Tian leapt over and followed up with his next attack, throwing the head coach flat onto the ground.

“Where is my father?” Yang Tian’s intent to kill the head coach gradually subsided.

“I can tell you, but you must swear to spare me.”

Yang Tian stomped the head coach twice. The head coach cried out miserably, but Yang Tian indifferently continued, “If you speak, I shall make it a quick one. Otherwise, I’ll ensure you never dare to lay hands on a woman again. You want to test me?”

“Kill me if you dare. You’ll never find out where your father is if you kill me. Kill me, and your father will die, too!”

“That’s a nice backbone.”

Yang Tian looked at the head coach out the corner of his eye then glanced over to the beautiful girl on the bed.

“What do you want? Stay back! Stay back…” the girl frantically shouted, covering her cleavage with her hand.

“Don’t be scared. I’m not here for you,” Yang Tian assured, putting one foot in front of another over and over again. “Haha, where is my father?”

“Watch your mouth. If you dare to tell him, I’ll slaughter your entire family,” yelled the head coach, earning himself a boot from Yang Tian.

The beautiful girl was so scared by the sight of blood spraying that she flustered to cover her eyes.

“Don’t be scared. I’ll kill him once I find out. If you don’t tell me, I don’t mind leaving a few scars on your face,” Yang Tian threatened with a smile..

“Really?” She wrestled with her options before pointing underneath the bed. “There is a secret room underneath the bed I saw him enter.”

“You wench!” growled the head coach. Yang Tian hammered him again.

“Good.” Yang Tian was relieved to hear that his father was down there. Had Star Martial Arts Academy kidnapped him, something would inevitably happen in the city of Wild Could.

“Young Master, can I go now?”

“Yes.” Yang Tian watched the girl take off, wrapped in a blanket. He shut his eyes and smiled helplessly. “I’m still too soft hearted.”

Yang Tian then went and broke the head coach’s femur with two more kicks. As a result, the head coach fainted for a brief moment.

“I won’t kill you. You can enjoy life as an impotent cripple first.” Yang Tian stomped on the head coach’s crotch, forcing his potent qi and blood in his body. The coach’s qihai burst as a result.

“Kill me!” The head coach straightened up and yelled.

“Haha, life isn’t that easy. Go run into a wall. If you’re not dead by the time I come back out, I’ll throw you onto the streets, where you can be a beggar.”

Yang Tian moved the bed and descended the dark stone steps, trembling with each step. The area down below was over a hundred metres wide. There was beast oil lit up on both sides. Lin Yuan was in iron chains at the front area of the cave, barely hanging on with sheer will.

“Father…” Yang Tian choked out.

Yang Tian’s tears coursed down his face. He walked over to Lin Yuan, seething. Lin Yuan barely made out a quiet utterance. He slowly opened his eyes to look ahead. Though it was dark, he would never mistake the familiar figure.

Lin Yuan coughed a few times. “Young Tian, Father knew you would come.”

Snap! Yang Tian crushed the iron chains with his bare hands. His blood rushed to his head; the sight of Lin Yuan’s ghastly countenance infuriated him. “Wang Long, I’ll make sure you’re dead!”


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