Almighty – Ch. 17

Fire Dragon Divine Fruit

Resplendent Star Martial Arts Academy, an academy almost seventy thousand square metres large, was situated to the west of Wild Cloud City. Oftentimes, one would hear the sound of metal on metal. As the largest martial arts academy in all of Wild Cloud City, their candles were lit at night.

Wang Xing’s face was white as a sheet, and he had blood coursing down the side of his mouth. He had a red handprint that on his face that couldn’t be missed. The hint of fear in his eyes continued to loom, nonetheless.

“Explain to me what happened!” exclaimed Wang Long, huffing and puffing.

Afraid, Wang Xing dropped to his knees. He didn’t dare to hide anything, honestly reporting everything that transpired.

After a fifteen minute silence, Wang Long, patriarch of Star Martial Arts Academy, sat upright and looked calm as still water. Wang Long’s silence, nonetheless, only served to scare Wang Xing more. He was cognizant of the fact that Wang Long’s calmness was positively correlated to his anger. Hence, he bowed his head to the ground.

“Second Brother is dead. Haha, killed by a sick weakling,” remarked Wang Long. He suddenly started chuckling with an aggressive undertone that was barely an undertone.

“Father, I swear I will kill him. I swear it,” quickly swore Wang Xing, head still down.

“You useless sack of crap. Go and bring me Yang Tian. Call everyone! Find him!”

Wang Xing frantically crawled out after hearing Wang Long’s thunderous shout.

Wang Feng demise meant Wang Long’s academy would swiftly lose power and influence. He regretted acting on his desire to find an unknown treasure as he, instead, ended up hurting the academy and triggered an enemy with unfathomable potential.


A group of guards aggressively combing the forest disrupted the symphony of stars and the argent sphere peaceful serenade.

“It’s been five damn days. Surely he’s drowned to death by now,” cursed a man with a dark face, as he went through the bush and yawned.

“Heisan, didn’t you see Junior Young Master at the rear? Hurry up and start searching!”

“Yeah, yeah,” replied the complainer, pulling his head out of the bush. Frustrated, he thoughtlessly skimmed the bushes with his eyes then continued on his way.

They had their own hastiness to blame for missing a pitch-black cave inside the bushes at the very end of the small river.

Owing to a severe headache, Yang Tian was deep asleep in a cave that relied on its stalactite to light up the several hundred metres of space. Ancestral dragon Ring kept his heart meridian in check to maintain his final ounce of weak life force. Eventually, though it was difficult, he opened his eyes. He checked his surroundings and coughed after holding the suffocating feeling in.

Cough! Cough! Yang Tian attempted to get up, but his wound immediately told him to stop. The pain shot straight up to his brain, resulting in a heavy cough and blood coursing down his mouth.

Now this is going to be troublesome.

Yang Tian vitals all suffered fatal wounds. As if that wasn’t enough, he had no qi and blood left in his qihai. Lying on an angle on the ground, Yang Tian spent some time resting to regain some strength, which allowed him to finally sit cross-legged, albeit with quite the struggle.

Without premium pills, it would’ve taken a year or two of resting and treatment to recover from wounds that severe. Fortunately, thanks to Ancestral Dragon Ring’s heaven and earth vital essence pouring into Yang Tian’s body via his nose, the pain gradually dissipated, and his exterior wounds slowly sewed themselves up.

Yang Tian stopped after two hours of cultivation. He clearly remembered the last moment where he passed out in the river.

The first thing he needed to do was verify his current predicament.  The sleek rocks above the pitch-black passageway that was sixty or so metres by his estimate were unmistakably nature’s child.  When he crossed a passageway hundreds of metres long, a strange scent suddenly tickled his nose.

“There’s a rare treasure here!” Yang Tian’s qihai began to stir, impelling him to inhale deeply. “Every cloud has a silver lining, they say, hahaha.”

Yang Tian wasted no time and forged forward with a run. It was about half an hour later that he arrived at a hot spring. A small red tree a little over a metre tall up ahead caught his attention. The first-sized red fruits exuded a refreshing aroma.

Without a qihai, one would never be able to tread the path of a martial artist. One’s qihai was determined at birth. Fire Dragon Divine Fruit, a fruit classified as a Fifth Rank spirit fruit, could expand one’s qihai and, thankfully, were ripe overnight.

The moment he Yang Tian ate one, his ears rumbled. A burning hot sensation came from within his body and collected at his qihai. He promptly propped himself on the ground and began to utilise Heavens Conqueror Manual. The Fire Dragon Divine Fruit’s properties transformed into parts that filled his empty qihai, taking mere seconds to provide him with a complete recovery. Next, his qihai began to rumble, stirring the hot medicinal properties of the fruit. Essence swiftly gathered by his qihai that not only improved in strength but also expanded.

Yang Tian hissed. His determination was somewhat unsettled due to the pain of altering his qihai. There was a high probability of his qihai ripping apart, meaning death. Thanks to the medicine’s tempering, his qihai rapidly strengthened.


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