Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 09 Ch. 82


Thirty-odd men trying to grab something on Second as if his body parts are talismans against me… I’m speechless.

While Second was belting, he was worn out mentally. Every word out of his mouth stoked Shen Yiren’s fire because he saved her. “Why aren’t you helping him? If you don’t go, I’ll go.”

Once Shen Yiren saw me mop the floor with the guards upon entry, she also let loose, and she was even more dangerous than before with her new sword. Can’t say I felt sorry for the guards, though.

“Boss, you heard of three fists and five palms?”

“They were classified as the best eight styles back then and still are regardless of what new styles emerge. Why are you suddenly bringing them up?”

“Because it’s important. Do you know one of the styles, Empty Palms?”

“Obviously. It’s your sect’s secret style and the best defensive palm style since it was conceived.”

“Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms?”

“Beggars Sect’s signature ace style.”

“Why does your answer sound so dismissive?”

“Do I need to elaborate when everyone knows it?”

True that.

“What do you think if someone is well-versed in Empty Palms and Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms, then?”

Shen Yiren glanced over to Hong Jiu: “I know what you’re implying. I’ve seen him use both proficiently. I’d be dead if otherwise. Isn’t he injured badly right now, though?”

“Injured badly? Haha, if masters of Empty Palms were so fragile, my shifu would be in eighteen different dogs’ excrement piles by now.” Utilising my hands as speakerphones, I hollered, “Oi, stop pretending. Get your butt off the ground.”

Those holding onto Hong Jiu felt a numbing sensation hit half of their body as energy coursed through his body. “Y-y-y-you.” Yeah, they had no idea what was going on.

Hong Jiu inhaled and then performed a wheel arm. “Hargh!” Hong Jiu lifted them off their feet and hurled them aside.

It’s not easy to hurt a master of Empty Palms for the accompanying mental cultivation can transfer external forces straight out the other side of their body.

Upon removing the obstacles, Hong Jiu opened his arms to me tearfully. “Leader, I need to give you a hug!” He stopped himself when he came close enough to notice Shen Yiren and then picked up a plump rat on the ground. “Leader?! Why are you here? You sure are tough to find. What a coincidence, running into you two here.”

How coincidental must it be for us to chance upon where you’re held captive?

“Were you two also apprehended?”

“… We’re here to rescue you.”

Enlightened, Hong Jiu responded, “Thank you for coming to my aid. Mount Daluo is indebted to Liu Shan Men. Um, Senior Brother Ming, I will tell Shifu to stop making you cook, handle the fire, promote you and let you handle the ledger.”

Shen Yiren pressed a hand to her forehead: “You can stop acting. I know everything now. He’s your senior, correct?”

Hong Jiu slapped his thigh and jumped to his feet. Whilst finger jabbing my face, he reproached, “Ming Feizhen, what rubbish did you spout this time?! Do you have an addiction for posing as our patriarch’s senior disciple?! You want to clean the toilet more? The brothel at Yanjing City needs a door guard. Pack your stuff and piss off to there. I don’t want to see you again.”

I did tell Second to deny everything to the end if someone around me every discovered my secrets, so it was touching to see him try so hard. Moreover, his acting skills were superb.

“It’s okay. You don’t need to act. She really does know.”

“…” Second folded his arms. “I see how it is. No wonder… Is that what you thought I’d say? You think that’ll get you out of loo-cleaning duty? Second floor of Yanjing City’s Jade Brothel!”

Ah, crap, I forgot I told him not to give in even if I admit to it as a second layer of insurance! I pulled Hong Jiu aside to explain what happened.

“Man, you scared me.” Second thumped his chest. “I thought it was bizarre for Miss Shen to be so tolerant.”

“Of course she’s tolerant. A big chest is for a big heart. Can anyone else compare?”

“No, absolutely not.”

Shen Yiren: “Why do I feel like you two deserve to be clobbered?”

I told them to head down first while I cleaned up.

“Ar-are you still not leaving?!” cried one of the guards.

I hiked up a corner of my lips: “I did mention none of you could stop him if he wanted to escape; however, I never said those who hit my brother will get off scot-free.”

The subsequent scene is not safe for children.

Anyhow, as I began my descent, I heard, “I apologise, but I am the type to blurt things without thinking. In any event, you finally know who my first brother is. You have no idea how hard it has been to hold it in. I feel like I could barely talk in Nanjing because of the restriction. Thank you for making him open up, Miss Shen. First Brother seldom speaks about himself to anyone. You are the only person good enough to draw him out of his shell. That being said, you really are tolerant. You do not mind he is a fuma?”

What… did he just say?


Arm Wheel – This is how it looks in training/taolu . Some people refer to it as wheel arm. Arm circle is nonsense. Hong Jiu obviously doesn’t perform it textbook style – neither does anyone else in fighting for that matter – but that’s the idea. There’s no point in me demonstrating it because the exact way you perform it should vary depending on the scenario. It’s the same logic as throwing your hook somewhat differently depending on the situation (e.g. more high to low, more extended at the elbow, less extended at the elbow, snappy, whipping, sweeping and so forth).


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