Almighty – Ch. 18

Three-Colour Flower

Yang Tian’s qihai expanded in size by a third of its previous size. The cleansing from the medicinal properties additionally strengthened it by over two folds its previous level. The remaining portion of the medicinal effects gathered at the suspension bridge over the crimson sea and strengthened the exterior of the river.

“I think I can break through to the next realm now.” Detecting the change in his body, Yang Tian started to utilise Heavens Conqueror Manual right away, gathering essence in the form of a whirlpool overhead. “Break!”

The blood-red river devoured all of the essence fed to it. Seemingly infinite refined essence entered the river, expanding it. Meanwhile, the medicinal properties proportionately decreased. Ancestral Dragon Ring‘s accumulated heaven and earth vital essence also continued to decrease accordingly until the river expanded a third of its size before gradually halting the absorption. Yang Tian repetitively shook up the river until there wasn’t any medicine left, resulting in the river tossing intensely one last time.

“Haha, I broke through,” cheered Yang Tian, leaping to his feet.

No blemishes from Yang Tian’s wounds remained. Like a waterfall, the barrage of punches shattered the boulder and chipped off rocks in the cavern. The red qi and blood made his surroundings appear as if he was distorting space with the ripples.

“The fire dragon divine fruit definitely didn’t disappoint.”

Yang Tian had what it took to fight Wang Feng face to face with his newfound strength. He, in fact, could kill Wang Feng face to face using Scorching Sun. After going through the punching techniques once, he sat down. He entered his soul and examined the “conquer” words that Ancestral Dragon Ring suppressed again. “Who left behind there ‘conquer’ words?”

After examining the text for a while, he thought that, if he could fully grasp the “conquer” words, then his combat ability would go through the roof. The monstrous Fighting Spirit was enough to subdue his opponents if he could decipher it.

“How long was I out for this time? It’s time we settle the score between us, Star Martial Arts Academy.”

Yang Tian stored the small fire dragon divine fruit tree inside Ancestral Dragon Ring and convinced himself to not try another one. According to ancient texts, one was only able to consume one fire dragon divine fruit in their lifetime. If he got nothing out of exceeding the warning, then he would’ve consumed it for nothing.

Yang Tian sensed qi and blood significantly more potent exuding from three people when he exited. He held his breath and took off toward the noisy location while not making a single sound himself. It took roughly seven and a half minutes for him to reach his destination, where he hid behind an ancient tree.

“Eh? There’s a formation here.”

Cultivators refined natural materials to cast formations, some of which could kill people without leaving any traces of their deed.

“Could this be the deeper section of Beast Mountain? They’re in the Ninth Realm of Blood Refinement.”

The leader of the trio attacking the formation, Wang Yong, was a young man clothed in silk-woven clothing. A big man gulped as he reluctantly shifted his gaze from the risqué maiden accompanying them to the formation. Voice hushed, he asked, “Brother Wang, this Five Element Maze is almost down, right?”

“I’d say so. A-Li, don’t you need to do a number one? All of the treasures inside are ours, you know?” provoked the maiden, with an entrancing smile. The girl wasn’t that amazing, but purportedly used some sort of secret technique to magnetise the big man’s eyes to her.

Brother Wang snickered to himself over the folly of the big man he invited to check out the cavern some impressive cultivators supposedly abandoned.

Yang Tian squinted and muttered to himself, “What’s inside?”

After an abrupt loud sound, the energy enclosing the formation cracked. Wang Yong hit the formation with a flying kick, shattering it.

“We did it!” the big man excitedly shouted, looking at the cavern before his eyes.

Yang Tian peered into the dark cavern and, sensing a faint energy trickling out from the cavern, flashed his pearly whites. To err on the safe side, he remained hidden.

“Let’s go,” urged Wang Yong, dusting his hands.

The big man quickly caught up to the other two. Yang Tian silently waited for them to disappear for a while before sneaking in afterward.

The heaven and earth vital essence within the hundred square metre cavern was markedly more potent than what was available at the outer perimeter.

“What a score,” the big man effused, eyes darting back and forth between the herbs that could be added to elixirs on the ground.

The herbs had to have been there for, at least, a hundred years. In the centre of the herb garden was as a small three-colour flower. Besides being incredibly rare, it also contained literally infinite essence.

“Three-colour flower!” exclaimed the girl.

Three-colour flower, also known as bone marrow flower, was a coveted flower with potent and miraculous medicinal properties that fortified its consumer’s body, although it had gone extinct.

Wang Yong  sent the girl an eye signal.

“A-Li, don’t you need to do a number one?” The maiden approached A-Li from behind with a giggle.

“No, no,” replied the big man, pursing his dry lips. He reluctantly shifted his gaze away. It wasn’t his yet.


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