Almighty – Ch. 13


Yang Tian tucked himself in field of shrubs, qi and blood turned into a body of still water. With the vision of a hawk, he observed two Star Martial Arts’ disciples by the tree thirty metres in front of him.

“Old Wang, that Yang Tian kid sure is an ace at hiding. It’s been ten days, hasn’t it? We’re working our behinds off thanks to him. I don’t even know what Master wants from him,” complained one of the young men, as he fastened his belt.

“Yeah, it’s been ten days,” nodded Old Wang’s bodyguard, patting the young man’s shoulder. Quietly, he instructed, “The two of us need to stick together. I heard he’s a crafty one. Seven or eight of our academy’ guards have died to him already.”

“Who told you that? You sure you have your information correct? I heard beasts devoured them. Yang Tian has only just started cultivating. I doubt he could kill them.”

“Don’t worry about who said it; what’s important is whether it’s fact or not. We need to take care of ourselves. If we stick together, not even an Eighth Layer beast would be able to harm us. We must stick together.”

The young man nodded on instinct due to Old Wang’s seriousness. He had seen resolute killers before.

While the young man was in his own world, Yang Tian sprang forward from his forward lean posture. With a stomp, his immense power burst from his point of contact. The loud explosion gave the two a fright. By the time the young man returned to reality, a dark silhouette was already in front of him. He saw a young face with a ridiculing smile.

“Damn it!” cursed Old Wang.

Yang Tian’s hibernating qi and blood surged forth to form the crimson glow, turning him into a blazing furnace. The moment Yang Tian’s energy clipped Old Wang, the latter’s qi and blood slowly condensed. Sparing no time for hesitation, he immediately fled to the rear. A punch as fast as lightning strike pierced through the air. The crimson glow resembled a waterfall rampaging through the air to its target.

Face to face with a fist literally in his face, the young man was understandably shocked. Nonetheless, the moment fear kicked in, he countered with his own azure palm strike. Snap! The young man’s bones suddenly snapped the moment their qi and blood clashed. He crashed into a tree and bounced off it onto the ground. He spat up a mouthful of blood once he landed. The impact from the blow made it temporarily impossible for his qi and blood to condense.

Yang Tian hammered the young man in the chest with a kick, earning a groan from the young man. Yang Tian then snapped the young man’s ring finger for his interspatial ring before going off to hunt down his fleeing prey.

Old Wang ran as fast as his legs could take him. A cape petrel suddenly reared its head from within the bushes in front of him. “Get lost, you damn beast,” cursed Old Wang, as he looked stern. Old Wang leapt into the air and pummelled the cape petrel’s abdomen with his fist.

“Killing a Fifth Layer fierce beast with one blow, not bad,” complimented Yang Tian, as he slowly approached from the rear, smiling cheek to cheek.

“Yang Tian, you and I have no enmity between us. Spare me today, and I promise to repay you handsomely in the future.” Old Wang offered a palm and fist salute.

“Spare you?”

“Yeah, Yang Tian. We don’t have a grudge. I’ll repay you handsomely down the road,” stated Old Wang, head down. “Die!” Old Wang suddenly pulled out a metal spear that was enhanced with qi. As he swung the spear, over a dozen purple spear-shaped auras pierced through the air.

With his entire body enveloped in a crimson glow, Yang Tian unleashed a barrage of lethal punches that shattered the qi enveloping the spear.

This kid is a crafty one as I heard.

Old Wang squinted when he witnessed how easily Yang Tian dismantled his attack. After all, his Blood Weapon had almost been maxed out. It cost him half of his fortune to obtain the spear that was powerful enough to give cultivators in the Eighth Layer a run for their money.

“Old Wang imbued his spear with all of his qi and blood, rotated his arm and swiftly stabbed forward with his three-foot long enhanced spear.

Scorching Sun made its appearance on Yang Tian’s fist again. The blinding crimson light expanded as he unleashed all of his energy in one blow. This time, Yang Tian punched Scorching Sun itself, launching it through the air as a fireball.

The spear began to crumble bit by bit. Yang Tian spurred his internal qi and blood again, creating an explosion that blew the spear apart. As the metal broke into fragments, Yang Tian clenched his fist then opened it, launching an energy blast from his hand, thrusting all the raining fragments into Old Wang.

Old Wang’s resentful gaze swam around on Yang Tian. He regretted fleeing back there. Had he abandoned the young man, he wouldn’t have been utterly defeated.

Yang Tian snatched Old Wang’s interspatial ring before sprinting off again.


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