Almighty – Ch. 12


“Keeping you around would only bring disaster to the world,” Yang Tian stated. Yang Tian’s red eyes shocked Wang Xing, who immediately shot his bodyguards a glare.

“Whether or not I am is of less importance than the fact that today will be your funeral.”

Wang Xing’s five bodyguards aimed for Yang Tian, ferocious qi and blood gushing to the surface of their bodies.

“Let’s see if you have what it takes.” Yang Tian dove into the shrubs, snickering as he went.

“He’s fast,” commented the leader of the bodyguards, missing his attack.

“Strange kid. Give him a few years’ time, and he might make it into the Warrior Realm,” Wang Xing remarked, as he watched Yang Tian run. The fact that Yang Tian dared to make his way into Beast Mountain after only one year of cultivation was a proof that he wasn’t inferior to them.

Wang Xing’s father nailed into him that one must go all the way to avoid leaving any potential risks down the road from a tender age. Yang Tian’s potential happened to make him feel apprehensive.

“What are you all standing around for? After him. Catch that little bastard no matter what,” raged Wang Xing, as he ran in the direction Yang Tian vanished.

Yang Tian had been training within a radius of several kilometres from where he was at in the last month. Therefore, he was familiar with the area. As he ran, the winds fanned the flames of rage within him. “If something happens to Father, you Star Martial Arts members won’t even have the right to repent with your lives!” swore Yang Tian. Noticing the dangerous aura behind him disappear, he hid in a cave and recollected himself. “What exactly does Dragon Star Martial Arts Academy hold for them to be attacking us? Why haven’t I heard Father mention anything?”

Yang Tian didn’t have long to think in silence for hasty footsteps soon encroached upon his position. Switching into a serious gear, he pressed his hand on the ground and drilled into the ground, silently arrived at the entrance. Once he found a crack, he peeked out of it to view what was going on outside.

“Damn bastard, he runs faster than a rabbit,” cursed one of the men pursuing him, panting heavily.

Wang Xing surveyed every corner of the forest. “A-Li, go and notify my father. Have him send people to guard the exits. Yang Tian must be captured, or Lin Yuan won’t say a word even if we beat him to death.”

“Yes, Young Master.” A-Li took off toward an exit.

“You four split up into two teams and search to search the East and West.. Remember to capture him alive!” directed Wang Xing, before heading straight forward.

Yang Tian stepped out from his hiding spot and gazed in the direction Wang Xing vanished. His cold killing intent burst from within, literally freezing the earth below. “Let’s see who dies first.”

Yang Tian made his way east, kicking up a gust of clear wind and wave of green leaves. It wasn’t surprising for there to be the trace of blood in the air, too. The population of beasts dwindled notably over the last month – courtesy of Yang Tian’s Dragon Jade.

The peace and quiet in the forest gradually ended as hasty footsteps drummed up a rowdy rhythm to salute the falling sun.

A mangled man pulled and pushed himself away from the tree branches in his way, treading disorderly. His fear gradually subsided and was eventually replaced with a smile, albeit having travelled several kilometres for that. Since there were no more audible footsteps, the man sat down on the ground and gasped another botch of blood.

“Damn, he can run. Once I get back and call for backup, I’ll crush his bones one by one.”

“Why’d you stop?” Yang Tian questioned.

The man with the red face’s smile froze on his face. Soul shocked out of his body, he tried to run again. Alas, he suddenly slowed to a crawl. He watched on in terror as his feet left the ground while feeling the brunt of a fist smashing into his thigh.


“Haha, if you don’t want to die, you best tell me what you’re after Dragon Star Martial Arts Academy for.”

“Haha, you think I’m a coward? I’d rather die than speak.”

“Fine by me. Glad you have hard bones, my friend.” Yang Tian sprinted forward, dragging his victim along.

“What are you doing?”

“You’ll find out in a second. I guess I just want to see how tough your bones are.”

Outside of the cave they arrived at were a few tiger cubs sleeping. In front of the tigers was a pile of beast and human remains.

“Y-you… Don’t do this. We’re both human. Don’t do this.”

“You have a three countdown. If I don’t hear what I’m after, I’ll feed you to them. Three.”

The man’s heart began to race as he looked at the tiger cubs soon asleep.


He heard the death god knock.


“Okay, you win. I’ll tell you, but you must spare me.”


“Wang Xing wants to capture you to pry information out of your foster father to pry information. There’s a formation in Dragon Star Martial Arts Academy’s backyard; however, you require a password to access it. The issue is that your father has refused to tell him what it is.”

“What’s inside the formation?”

“I don’t know… I honestly don’t know.”

“I’ll believe you for the meantime. How is my father?”

“He’s fine. He’ll be fine as long as they don’t get the password.”

Hearing that gave Yang Tian a degree of relief.

“Brother, can I go now?”

“Sure.” Yang Tian took off toward the rear.

Naturally, the man calmed down. Before he could celebrate, though, a high-pitched cry was heard. The roused tiger cubs trained their gaze on their new victim.

“You lied to me!” furiously cussed the man. Though he tried to run, his limbs refused to hold him up. He had leg excessively from his thigh by that point. With two hops, two tigers landed next to the man.

Yang Tian coldly watched the red face from atop a tree. When his breathing stopped, Yang Tian continued into the distance.


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