Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 09 Ch. 79


Su Xiao stayed at Wutong Jin Yuxuan’s place upon returning to Repository Island because he needed to wait for the third day to dig Ming Feizhen and Shen Yiren out with Huofeng. This left Huofeng a nervous wreck as she hadn’t heard from Ming Feizhen ever since his disappearance.

“I didn’t dig a very deep hole; your vice-captain should be able to dig herself out. Though the medicine works like magic, there are scenarios where the consumer wakes up a day or two later than scheduled.” Huofeng had to give herself some leeway, lest Su Xiao throw a tantrum and dig up the holes prior to Ming Feizhen’s return.

Why the heck is he still not back yet? What could possibly hold him up? Why did Shen Yiren also go missing? Are they sleeping and eating together? Why is this annoying me? Shen Yiren is so pretty and his cup of tea… I swear to god his shifu better have not led him astray, or else… W-wait, why should I be jealous about who he’s with? Amitabha. Amitabha. How random. How random.

Huofeng was oblivious to how perturbing she appeared in the eyes of others as she had emotional spasms between worrying and bristling with anger.

“Senior Sister? Senior Sister?” Unsuccessful, Lian Qingluan yelled, “Senior Sister!”

Returning to see a room of people looking at her, Huofeng cleared her throat: “What is it?”

“What do we do about these weapons?”

The eight victorious teams took an average of eight weapons from Dragonroot Island that Luo Clan forced them to take regardless of objections in exchange for providing medical aid. Luo Clan labelled those weapons useless as their nerves had been ruined.

Huofeng felt sorry for the weapons when she saw the marks, blood stains and conditions of the weapons because what she saw weren’t just weapons but symbols of a sect’s history, their stories and their styles’ tales.

Nobody felt easy about taking the weapons since it was predictable for their owners to eventually demand them back; Su Xiao would’ve been in trouble if he wasn’t hanging around with Wutong Jin Yuxuan.

“What sort of plan are they fostering?” mumbled Huofeng. “… First Sister, please decide what to do with them.”

“Return them,” Yu Feiyuan answered.


Yu Feiyuan headed to the door: “We don’t take what’s not ours. Return them.”

“… Where are you going?”

Yu Feiyuan pushed the door open: “Shizun entrusted me with a task. I’ll be back once I’m done.”

“… Why… does she need to take Fool with her?”


“… As such, I left before I received your approval. I am here to accept my punishment.” Luo Siming, on his knees, provided an in-depth report of the events on Dragonroot Island from the other side of a screen at Sword Spirit House.

“… Understood. Leave now.”

Father’s energy signal has changed somehow, but he’s improved yet again.

“You have something else to relay?”

Snapping out of his daze, Luo Siming expressed, “Yes, I am worried about Refining Divine Convention.”

“Worried about what?”

“… The refining method is inconceivable. Our clan has never seen a formula for stealing sword nerves, let alone pitting a hundred weapons against each other to harness their spirit.”

“It’s a secret method I researched. There’s no need to doubt. Just do as you’re told.”

“But I th-”

“Be forthright if you’re my son.”

“Understood. I am worried there is one weapon we cannot get our hands on.”

“That is…?”

“Wutong Jin Yuxuan’s heavy sword – Fool.” Luo Siming interpreted his father’s silence as an indication to continue, so he expanded, “It is one the Seven Dynasty-Founding Blades. Three generals in the past have wielded it in battle to overwhelm armies of thousands of elites. Nevertheless, owing to how hard it is to wield it, few people in history have managed to own it. When Wutong Jin Yuxan eventually obtained it, Matriarch Zi made a name for herself using it.

“If we were to smelt it for our own ends, we may make an enemy out of Wutong Jin Yuxuan. At New Year, Wutong Jin Yuxuan and Mount Daluo announced they will be in-laws. Mount Daluo’s Patriarch Ming has always been unpredictable and unrestrained. Accosting them now is not wise.

“Secondly, we do not know what materials were used to forge it. It might take us half a year to analyse its method and components. In my opinion, that is too long. The day after is the best day to forge a weapon for it is the Fire Gathering Day once every decade. As such, I believe the sword will become our biggest obstacle.”

Luo Ming was glad to hear his son point that out. Luo Siming was never his favourite or most outstanding son. Luo Siming was the son he worried for most because he was too pure to lead a clan.  While it was true Luo Ming had to entrust someone else with Luo Clan’s reins for the last ten years, he left it with Luo Siming for the reason that he wanted to give his son a chance to learn. At long last, the ten years and Luo Yan’s supposed betrayal finally forged maturity.

“Understood. I will think about it. Leave now. I’m still in my training period; don’t disturb me again.”

“Understood, Father.”

“Miss, you cannot be here!”

Before Luo Siming could ask what the shouting was about, he heard weapons clashing followed by a voice. “Yu Feiyuan?”

Translator Note:

I have filmed a video to demonstrate recurring techniques and manoeuvre in the series so that you have an easier time visualising the fights, as well as understanding some of the specific terminology. I’ve also placed the video on the ToC page in case you ever want a refresher. If I can get my hands on more weapons, I’ll make videos for the common weaponry, as well.


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