The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 10 Ch. 53

A Warrior’s Story

“Please stop. Please stop, Lord Lin. Yes, yes, over here.”

Perhaps the road was squishier and crowded because we were almost at the frontline’s camp. I had to make way for the military’s carriages even though I was a noble. Nobles and wealth weren’t going to be able to shield anyone from blades and bullets on the frontlines, after all. I didn’t have any complaints as I had no sound reason to.

The military advised us not to take up too much space on the road, but they had two officers next to my carriage guided us into the military camp. The camp had just been set up – renovated to be correct. As the South’s forces set up the cap after they captured it in one swoop, the soldiers needed to repair it. Although I didn’t know how they drove the Southerners back, the enemy didn’t attack again.

There were lots of soldiers in the camp, yet, besides the ones repairing the camp, all the others strutted around without anything to do. They had also stopped bringing soldiers in; they transported supplies and equipment in but transported the wounded away.

Sisi’s military couldn’t get into the South because they had to cross an actual ocean, not the type they could build a bridge to cross over as humans did when they immigrated to the South. Waterfowls circled around on the surface of the water already littered with corpses and ship fragments, thereby creating what resembled a vortex.

I stood by the seaside. Unlike the shore with Sisi’s grandiose military, the seaside was left empty. They didn’t even need to build a special dock. They simply dug up a rather flat area that was shallow enough for Queen Sisi’s warships to dock. I genuinely didn’t recognise their ships as part of Sisi’s navy for the ships were damaged and even had holes in the side. I only identified them thanks to Sisi’s flags, which were intact.

I was actually unaware that Sisi had established a navy. The navy was established only very recently, same with the shipyard. She needed time to construct more ships. As for the ships I saw, I had no clue where they got them from. With that said, if they wanted to occupy the area, they had to defeat the enemy at sea. God forbid I knew how they’d defeat the South’s navy with those… things. I dare say they’d go down in history as one of those miraculous battles where they won when they odds were stacked against them.

I visited the commander’s to request a ship, or a boat, to commute to the South. It didn’t have to be a warship. His nigh barren tent was embarrassing compared to the tents that the generals on the continent had. Despite being victors, they sure didn’t look the part. They actually had me worried about the risk of being mugged out on the ocean because I’d be dead meat if I was mugged out on the waters. Several lifeless people sat around the fire, probing it with a stick. They weren’t in uniform, either. If you told me they were stragglers or labourers, I’d believe you.

“Gentlemen, Queen Sisi is sending me to the South as an envoy, I need you to help me travel across on a boat. Ideally, I hope you can escort me…”

My confidence leaked from me as I spoke. I wasn’t convinced that the surprised men could protect themselves, let alone me. They regarded each other since they heard Sisi mentioned then turned their attention to me. “Has Her Majesty learnt about our situation?! Does that mean the general’s problem can be solved? Did Her Majesty hear about our story?!”

Dumbstruck I was. Sisi didn’t know what he navy did. Obviously I didn’t, either.  No information pertaining to them ever left their camp. The only war reports received were from the military in the mainland.

You need a trustworthy general to report the statistics and add a spoil of war to prove your deeds.  Having said that, it wasn’t easy to pick up a spoil of war for the navy. Additionally, nobody would believe a few tattered ships won a war, would they?

“Where’s your general?”

“He died not long after the battle began. Four of our seven ships sunk. We only have three ships left, and we are the only survivors. If you want us to escort you, we only have one ship because the others are too damaged and require time to fix.”  They stood up.

Frankly, I was surprised to hear they won with seven ships. I honestly didn’t think they had what it took to guard us, either. The soldiers who appeared as though they lost their souls in the fight needed our protection if you asked me.

“What exactly did you do?” I queried.

I was almost certain I was looking at defeated soldiers. Nonetheless, without them, there wouldn’t have been so many corpses and ship fragments on the water. Plus, if the Southerners headed straight back south, the mainland’s army wouldn’t have received news that the navy annihilated the enemy. Accordingly, seven ships did defeat the enemy fleet. As they were born on a small island, they had more experience on the water than a team put together in the spur of the moment.

I sat down and promised, “If you’re fine with it, please tell me your story. I’ll help you.”

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