Almighty – Ch. 11

Blood Refinement Fifth Layer

“H-how in the world?”

The area within Ancestral Dragon Ring had expanded a few metres, and the soil seemed as if it had always existed there. Owing to the disaster Yang Tian suffered as a child, Ancestral Dragon Ring’s change raised an alarm for him.

“Could it be a result of my cultivation progress?” murmured Yang Tian, rubbing his forehead in disbelief. He had never heard of a dimension expanding in size, not to mention Ancestral Dragon Ring’s weird capabilities. “Just what sort of past does my clan have?”

A titan, Heavens Conqueror Manual, Ancestral Dragon and yesterday’s phenomenon… The path ahead was shrouded in mystery. Yang Tian began to fathom how dangerous the enemy must’ve been to have practically exterminated Yang Clan, which was quite the famous clan in the east.

“Regardless of what the road ahead has in store, I must exact my vengeance. I’m killing you even if you’re a supreme being on this continent!”

As Yang Tian went to leave, after planting the vermillion fruit, he stopped in his tracks when he noticed the vermillion fruit tree slowly absorbing the surrounding heaven and earth vital essence that was several times more potent than in the outside world. He could also clearly sense the vermillion fruit’s life force gradually increasing.

“Unbelievable…” Yang Tian sat on the ground and observed the phenomenon. Being able to create potions at that pace would make him one of the richest people on the continent. Furthermore, he could very well become a highly-advanced alchemist.

Those who break through to the Warrior Realm and possessed a fire attribute would produce True Fire inside their body. Aforementioned True Fire would grant its possessor alchemy abilities as it grew.

Alchemy was the highest-earning profession on the continent, and factions treated them as VIP guests. They went through more potions daily than what the ordinary folk could afford. If he could become an alchemist, which Yang Tian had the fire attribute for… he couldn’t imagine what fate he would have. He would be granted with a lot of influence, being able to command a large number of formidable martial artists as his henchmen.

“I think I should wait until I break through to Warrior Realm,” Yang Tian told himself before running out of the cave.


Enthusiasm for searching for treasures in the beasts’ mountain had dwindled notably. Still, some didn’t quit. Consequently, there were more than twice as many people on the mountain as there was a month ago.

After a month of life-threatening battles, Yang Tian’s body underwent a drastic transformation.  Standing behind a large tree, he drew in energy. His qi and blood were comparable to still water. He reached the peak of Blood Refinement Fifth Layer. In addition to polishing his combat technique, his fight IQ saw an improvement of several folds.

Yang Tian peered into the distance with the eyes of an eagle intently watching its prey. Sensing the aura from his squint, the beast enjoying its feast beast froze. Terror surfaced into its eyes as if it detecting an incoming lightning strike.

As the beast took off full pelt without scruple, Yang Tian unleashed the qi he drew in moments ago. Taking three consecutive steps as fast as lightning, he covered over thirty metres within the three seconds. As he moved, he simultaneously released his crimson aura into his fist that reinforced his fist. Slamming his fist flush onto the fleeing beast’s abdomen, Yang Tian broke its bones. Thanks to the tremendous speed of his punch, he managed to pierce straight through the beasts’ abdomen, where he then proceeded to inject his qi and blood into its body.

The beast collapsed onto the ground and convulsed. It didn’t take long before it drew its last breath. With one punch, Yang Tian fell a First Rank Sixth Layer beast.

“Dad did say that strengthening one’s fortitude was necessary if one wanted to improve by leaps and bounds in martial arts. I’ve been treading on a line between life and death for the last month, killing my way around in the mountain. Why does my mental fortitude improve at such a slow pace?”

The lush mountain scenery carried the scent of blood, but the densely packed trees’ aura didn’t sway Yang Tian’s unbreakable soul. Breaking his silence with a big breath, Yang Tian threw a punch all of a sudden. The crimson fist whistled through the air as it swung toward the boulder before him. The torque generated forced the earth underfoot to quake. He occasionally changed his stance.

Yang Tian rocked the boulder weighing in at half a tonne. As he drove his fist in, chips shot out similarly to sparks from firecrackers. He had only cultivated up to the Fifth Layer of Heavens Conqueror Manual, yet was able to move a rock weighing half a tonne. That went to show just how much potential was in Heavens Conqueror Manual.

Yang Tian could still detect his physical body strengthening. Sure, cultivation methods strengthened human bodies, but it was a slow process. Heavens Conqueror Manual turned any previous perceptions Yang Tian had on its head. Given that he could move a rock weighing half a tonne with his body alone, his strength was on par with those at the Fourth Layer.

“This style’s power is off the charts, but it’s too mysterious. I can’t comprehend the second technique.” Yang Tian pulled his arm back and placed it behind his back. He had been practicing the style every day. He managed to fly through the first technique, but he couldn’t wrap his head around the second technique. As he contemplated the technique, he suddenly heard a mocking voice.

“Look who we have here. If it isn’t Yang Tian? Our sick young master has become bolder and bolder, huh, even coming to Beast Mountain.”

Yang Tian looked up at Wang Xing, the young master of Star Martial Arts Academy. The footsteps weren’t loud. Even so, he felt an invisible bloody pressure on him. “Blood Refinement Fifth Layer!” realised Yang Tian.

Back in the day, Star Martial Arts Academy was Green Stone Town’s top martial arts school. At the last Martial Arts Schools Grand Tournament, they came out on top. As a result, Wild Cloud City’s lord held them in high regard and granted them a school.

Star Martial Arts Academy and Dragon Star Martial Arts Academy had always been at odds. Star Dragon Martial Arts School had Star Martial Arts Academy to “thank” for their rapid downfall. That was why Wang Xing mocked Yang Tian during the time he was bed ridden. When Fat Chen came knocking the other day, Yang Tian’s first suspect was none other than Wang Xing.

“You’re a strange kid to have come so far in your cultivation within only one year,” remarked Wang Xing, as he approached Yang Tian. Wang Xing was older than Yang Tian by a few years. For whatever reason, his handsome face had become rather not handsome. “What, you forgot me after a few years of my absence?”

“Forgot?” Yang Tian scanned Wang Xing from head to toe, subsequently shifting his attention to the five bodyguards with Wang Xing then snickered. “How could I forget? You still bring a group of bodyguards with you wherever you go.”

“Eight years ago, Lin Yuan cultivated to Blood Refinement Seventh Layer. I visited Green Stone Town yesterday. What do you know? His cultivation still hasn’t gone anywhere. Plus, he’s got a bit of a niggle. Yang Tian, my boy, if I were you, I’d bang my head on a wall and be done with it.”

“Father is hurt?” Yang Tian might not have hit his head, but his heart sure took a blow.

In the eight year time span, Lin Yuan spent countless resources but didn’t improve. If anything, he slightly regressed.

Yang Tian clenched his fist and began to evoke his ice-cold killing intent. “So it was you?”


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