Almighty – Ch. 04

Body Refinement at the Waterfall

When the golden orb had just risen, Yang Tian was covering roughly three metres consistently with each stride, each breath being slow and long. If one were to look closely, they would notice that the footprints he left with each step were very faint. Perhaps virtually unnoticeable would be a more accurate description. At the very least, they weren’t visible to the naked eye.

Though mountain road he traversed was rug, he was familiar enough with the terrain to move constantly. About forty-five minutes later, the sound of flowing water belting down as if it was fleeing the cliff cued him in to stop and wipe his perspiration. Each time the water splashed down, water would shoot up and bloom as a flower would.

The waterfall was a secret of Yang Tian’s mainly because he once caught a type of fish called icefish. The fish was usually born and bred deep down in the cold waters that contrasted the water prior to hitting the depths. Without the extreme cold, it would be rare to come across them at the waterfall.

Icefish had a fantastic texture and was considered a sumptuous delicacy. Owing to its nutritious profile and supplemental use for those undertaking Blood Refinement, it fetched a steep price. Most importantly, it was a fantastic supplement for those who inherently lacked in the qi and blood department.

Although was a wide variety of potions that could supplement qi and blood, the common folk couldn’t afford them. Only disciples and descendants of prominent clans had the right to enjoy them.  Ever since his discovery, Yang Tian never dared to brag about it for he might’ve lost his life if someone wanted to “borrow” some in an unfriendly manner.

Yang Tian inhaled deeply and turned his fingers into steely clamps. He stepped forward, slightly bent over at the hips and leapt onto the large rock below the waterfall where the intense flow of water crashed into.

Unable to withstand the pressure of water dousing him, Yang Tian found his bloody body plastered to the rock. His organs felt as though they were being assault; his bones sounded as though they were struggling to not be dislodged.

“Hargh!” Yang Tian roared behind his teeth. He suddenly straightened up his torso and sat cross legged, albeit after an arduous struggle, to resist the water crashing down. It had become something he had to do daily. Admittedly, the method was stupid. Howbeit, it allowed him to cultivate at a significantly faster rate than just sitting. Plus, he had Ancestral Dragon Ring, allowing him to expedite vital essence accumulation.

Hang in there, Yang Tian. You must hang in there if you want to repay Father and get to the bottom of your clan’s massacre! Only the strong can protect what’s dear to them!

Yang Tian’s breaths became erratic. His powerful qi and blood began to wither. He had nearly burned through the ten-plus drops of blood in his qihai. Fifteen minutes later, his body gave in, resulting in him falling into the water.

Yang Tian breathed laboriously once he reached the shore. Gradually but eventually, he caught his breath again.


Yang Tian had to use his arm to support his body before his legs could support his weight. His hand and footprints were left in the ground of Ancestral Dragon Ring. The surrounding essence began to stir and dive into his body. He received a jolt at first, but his breathing gradually calmed down. Like a black hole, his body absorbed the heaven and earth vital essence in the vicinity, healing his split skin. Thanks to the surge of essence flushing Yang Tian’s muscles, his stiff body slowly relaxed until he began to feel limp and numb.

Blood Refinement wasn’t solely about refining qi and blood but also one’s physical body. The prerequisite of being able to absorb and store more qi and blood was a strong body. If one wanted to reach higher realms, then a body that was as tough as rock was required. Some disciples from prominent clans achieved the same effect through potions and drugs – a method that empowered them to cultivate faster than some freestyle cultivators.

It only took a brief moment for Yang Tian’s damaged skin to heal and come back tougher than before. He, nonetheless, didn’t stop absorbing essence. With him greedily absorbing heaven and earth vital essence, his skin tightened. His entire body emitted a faint flow. Once his qi and blood stores were replenished, they began to rumble.

His smile looked silly, but hidden beneath it was an astonishing drive. Subsequent to a taking a big breath, he opened his eyes, invigorated.

“What a freaky cultivation method. I’m perfectly normal after mere fifteen minutes when it used to take almost an hour. Could this be a Heaven Rank cultivation method?” Yang Tian couldn’t resist the urge to ponder. He shot it down very soon, nonetheless. Heaven Rank cultivation methods were something Yang Tian had only heard of. Only those at the top of the pyramid on the continent had the right to possess one.

“Bring it!” proudly yelled the young man, with an aggressive look and huge punch.

Boom! Boom! Boom! The loud booms were seemingly a response to the young boy. Every fibre of his being was determined to achieve his goal.

With the passage of time, the golden ball of fire began to rise, and Yang Tian began to open his eyes. When he prepared to head to the body of water, he sensed something going on all of a sudden. Yang Tian took a deep breath to calm himself. He pressed his hand onto the ground and silently went behind a large rock. He swept his gaze over to where the noise came from.

“Eh? Who’s he?”

The dark figure behaving suspiciously in the distance was the owner to a thin appearance.

“He’s not a friendly.”


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