Almighty – Ch. 05


“A Fourth Layer Blood Refiner would be delusional enough to try and fight me? Know your place.” When Yang Tian had a clear visual on the man in black, Yang Tian snickered and then returned to the pretended to meditate in the vacant spot.

The man in black approached the water whilst warming up his limbs. When he saw Yang Tian sitting by the water, a cruel smile spread across his lips. “Kiddo, you offended Fat Chen, so you can’t blame me. If you want someone to blame, blame yourself for your ill fate. Keke, I never imagined you’d be worth ten bloodstones. That’s enough to last me half a year of cultivation.”

To play it safe, the man popped the lid off then blew the green mist rising from the vial toward the interior of the room. “Keke, this vial of Mind Confusion cost me one bloodstone. Sleep tight. I’ll make it painless for you.” The man strutted over without any qualms.

“If you want my life, come take it.” Once he whiffed the strange scent, Yang Tian lowered his head. He raised his vigilance and swiftly held his breath, switching to his internal breathing system. Thanks to Heavens Conqueror Manual, he was able to erase the strange faint scent within his body.

“Kid, remember to be a good man when you reincarnate. There are some people you can’t afford to offend, hahaha.”

While he was in his own dream world, Yang Tian amplified the red glow in his hands and smashed his palm straight into the man chest!

“How in the?” The moment the man in black saw the incoming strike, all of the qi and blood landed flush on him. He tumbled several metres on the ground after landing. He raised his head and glared at Yang Tian’s smirk with his own vicious gaze.

There was no way Yang Tian would give him a chance to retaliate. With his qi and blood surging forth similar to a wild horse that had free reign, he quickly lunged over and crashed into the man in black.

“How dare you fight dirty, you punk,” thundered the man in black. He forced himself to ignore his injury in order to intercept Yang Tian’s fist with his green fist toward Yang Tian’s.

A blinding light burst forth as a consequence of the collision of qi and blood. Yang Tian continued to throw consecutive punches, each thrown with the power to plough through his foe. As opposed to fighting, it seemed as though he was sharpening his skill. At the same time, Yang Tian’s qi and blood blasted the man in black.

“Argh… Argh! How did you reach Blood Refinement Third Layer?” shouted the man in black, over and over. He was ablaze with the continuous barrage of qi and blood attacking him. His internal injuries ruptured again, thereby causing him to spit mouthfuls of blood.

Yang Tian watched his opponent with frigid eyes as he unleashed a barrage of punches from the unnamed style. Thanks to the fight, he gradually familiarised himself with the style. The more he fought, the more Heavens Conqueror worked its magic, replenishing his qi and blood every time he struck.

I can’t just keep taking blows; else, I’ll die here today.

Yang Tian stalked him, refusing to give him any chances of escaping.

Suddenly, a five-foot long green iron broadsword swung toward Yang Tian. An entire foot of qi enveloped the green blade. “Die, Kid.” Gaze treacherous and resentful, the man in black forced his energy into the blade, leading to his qi and blood nearly withering.

Yang Tian widened his slightly shut eyes, gathered his qi and blood onto his fist, forming a small blazing sun! He ploughed straight forward with his fist. The sun on his fist forced the air away and shattered the blade’s aura swung at him. Without stopping, the blazing sun forged forward to send the blade flying with his fist.

Worry was written all over the man in black’s face. Not hesitating for a split second, he immediately retreated out of the way the encroaching punch.

“You thought you could run?” Seeing him evade, Yang Tian switched directions and leapt into the air, transforming his body in the process. He bent his leg and axed down with a knee straight to the man in black’s head.

Crack! The man in black’s head barely avoided being splintered.

Yang Tian hoisted his foe with one hand. He looked into the eyes of the man on the brink of death. “Who sent you?’

“You want to know?” The man in black’s head dropped due to the dizzy feeling post-trauma. His unsettled gaze moved back and forth on Yang Tian’s young face. Sobering up, he attempted to break free of Yang Tian’s grasp.

“Quit struggling. Keep it up, and I’ll split your skull right now.” Yang Tian tightened his hold on his opponent.

“Okay, okay, I’ll stop… I’ll stop.”

“Who sent you?”

“I can tell you, but you have to swear you won’t kill me. Oth-otherwise, I won’t reveal a thing.”

“Haha, I already know who it was. It was Fat Chen, wasn’t it?”

“H-h-how did you know it was him?”

“Hmph, did he send anyone after my foster father? If you don’t speak, I don’t mind killing you.”

“Swear you’ll spare m-“

Yang Tian rotated his arm similarly to the motion performed when forging iron and then aimed a vicious strike toward the ground. Right before the punch landed on the ground, the man in black suddenly shut his eyes and frantically cried, “Stop!! I’ll talk!”

Bang! Ignoring the defeated man, Yang Tian slammed into the ground. Unsurprisingly, the man’s bones could be heard snapping one after the other.

“Argh… you bastard!” painfully yelled the man. His arms resembled twisted dough. Several ribs also broke.

“So are you going to tell me or not? Next will be your head, otherwise!”

Due to the cold, the man in black shuddered. Fear began to strangle him. “He didn’t. He only sent me to capture you.”

“Capture me?” Yang Tian frowned. “What for?’

“All I know is that he wants to force your foster father to hand over Dragon Star Martial Arts Academy. I honestly don’t know anything else. Young Master, please spare me. I can help you get back at Fat Chen.”

“Help me?” Yang Tian cracked a grin. “Traitors deserve to die!”


Yang Tian tumbled in the air then swung down. He stomped the man’s head ten feet into the ground, blood and bone strewn metres around.


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