Almighty – Ch. 03

Heavens Conqueror Manual

After a long silence, Yang Tian dove into his soul again. When he saw Ancestral Dragon Ring suppressing the countless repeats of the word “conqueror” at the centre, he forgot to breathe.  The “conqueror” word scattered all over was the exact same Fighting Spirit as the Fighting Spirit the titan emitted. That said, the monstrous Fighting Spirit would’ve instantly blasted Yang Tian’s body apart without Ancestral Dragon Ring suppressing it.

“What exactly are the origins of Ancestral Dragon Ring? It appears that there’s more to my clan that what meets the eyes. Could that Bastard Longyang have killed my clan for it?”

Yang Tian took in a big breath to ease his tension. When he planned to leave, Ancestral Dragon Ring suddenly produced an attractive force, sucking his mind into it. Yang Tian landed in a foreign dimension with a thud, his lower back aching from the landing.

“This place is…” Yang Tian stretched his eyes as he surveyed the place he suddenly came to. The dimension was approximately sixty-five metres in dimension. The interior, however, was empty; there wasn’t as much as a weed in site. That wasn’t important, though. What was actually important was that the density of vital essence was multiple folds richer than it was from the dimension he came from!

Heaven and earth vital essence was of utmost importance for cultivators. Should one absorb a large volume of the rich and absorbable essence, their cultivation rate would increase exponentially. It was a ticket to the higher levels of cultivation.

“Could this be the interior of the dimension offered by Ancestral Dragon Ring?” Yang Tian shut his eyes tight then opened them vigorously. With a thought, his body miraculously disappeared from the dimension.

Upon returning to his room, Yang Tian touched his body all over in disbelief. When he confirmed everything was as it was supposed to be, an indescribable sense of joy revealed itself as a smile on his face. “This is an interspatial treasure.”

Yang Tian heard his clansmen made use of rare minerals to refine various items, which would then become treasures with unthinkable abilities. As a matter of fact, they could augment one’s battle prowess several folds.

Items were categorised as follows: Blood Item, Spirit Item, Dao Item and Divine Item.

Yang Tian experimented a few more times. Ancestral Dragon Ring wasn’t restricted to just acting as a storage for various items; he could also use it as a place to cultivate. In saying that, his real physical body remained in his room while manifesting himself in the ring’s dimension. The benefit to that was that he could avoid letting anyone know the secret of the ring.


Yang Tian placed two feet on the ground inside Ancestral Dragon Ring, outstretched his arms just slightly and leaned forward. Using his nose and mouth, he breathed in similarly to a whale drawing water in, absorbing the rich vital essence in the vicinity into his body.

Yang Tian shut his mouth, =his bright eyes and allowed the newly absorbed vital essence to swiftly go through a refinement process, gradually transforming it into a sparkling, clear liquid that flowed into his qihai. His red blood in his qihai roiled. The several crimson drops of liquid the human eye couldn’t see began to expand.

“What an amazingly fast cultivation speed. What level is Heaven Conqueror Manual?”

All of Yang Tian’s muscles contracted. His weak qi and blood began to boil and flow vigorously as his body glowed red. With one punch, he sent ripples through the air. Accompanying Yang Tian’s sequence of punches stylised after the titan were several crimson lights circulating around his body. Although his punches were but an insignificant brush of a feather in comparison, with time, his skill was bound to improve.

Breathing heavily, Yang Tian planted his feet on the ground again and absorbed the surrounding vital essence. Upon hearing a high-pitched sound suddenly came from outside, Yang Tian gradually opened his tightly shut eyes and repressed the red inside.

“Lin Yuan, I’m warning you: Dragon Star Martial Arts Academy’s rent hasn’t been paid for half a year. Are you going to pay up or not? Don’t tell me you’re still refusing to pay.”

Yang Tian reacted sullen when he heard the strangely high-pitched voice. He leapt out the window and hit the ground running.

“Brother Chen, I have been tight on money recently. You are aware that there are lots of martial arts Academies in Green Stone Town. I cannot pay you so much at once,” meekly explained Lin Yuan, forcing a smile.

Seeing Lin Yuan speak in a soft voice and allow himself to be pushed around from inside the house, Yang Tian created two cannonballs for hands as tears formed in his eyes.

Father, it has been hard on you all these years. I promise to repay you…

“Hehe, short on money, indeed.” Fat Chen, an individual attired in purple, shook his head with disdain. “You owe me a total of one-hundred Bloodstones. You don’t even have a single disciple. What will you pay me with?”

Bloodstones, the currency used on Sun Continent, contained the power of pure qi and blood that one could absorb.

“One hundred stones?” Voice deep, Lin Yuan questioned, “Brother Chen, have you made a mistake? I owe you a total of seventy bloodstones. What do you mean I owe you one hundred?”

“I remembered incorrectly, you say?” Fat Chen raised an eyebrow and snickered. “You haven’t paid your rent in half a year. The thirty extra bloodstones is interest! Of course, in another three months’ time, it’ll be a different story.”

The sight of Lin Yuan’s grim expression earned Fat Chen’s chuckle. Fat Chen surveyed the building and then casually remarked, “If you wanted to sell this place of yours, you should be able to sell it for several hundred Bloodstones, shouldn’t you?”

“I cannot do that. It is what my ancestors passed down to me. I will not sell it even if your offer is higher. Give me three more months. The Martial Arts Academies’ Grand Tournament is three months away. I promise to repay my debt.”

“You think I’m an idiot? You think you can place? Don’t overestimate yourself. Out of consideration of our long friendship, I’ll offer you three hundred bloodstones for your place. What do you think?”

“My father will not sell Dragon Star Martial Arts Academy. Stay awake,” asserted Yang Tian, in a calm voice. He wore an indifferent expression and approached Fat Chen with big strides. He wasn’t convinced Fat Chen would buy something expensive.

Lin Yuan’s  delighted smile erased the despondent air looming overhead before.

Fat Chen’s smile faded when he saw Yang Tian’s aggressive demeanour. “Lin Yuan, this is the root of disaster in your family. Do you not know what manners are? Kids shouldn’t stick their nose in an adults’ conversation!”

It came as no surprise that Yang Tian gained himself infamy in Green Stone Town when Lin Yuan spent an exorbitant amount of money to treat him.

Hearing Fat Chen’s response, Lin Yuan snapped, “Fat Chen, you better think twice before you speak ill of my son again, or I’ll fix your mouth! You think I’m a pushover? Do your homework and ask around Green Stone Town; see what they have to say about me.”

Lin Yuan always carried himself as a man who put up with the attitude of others but lashed out at all of a sudden to stick up for his son. He wasn’t worried about offending the snob for his son.

“Father…” Touched, Yang Tian felt tears brewing.

There are still three more months. There’s an abundant of vital essence in Ancestral Dragon Ring. Three months is too long, though. I’m going to have to go after the beasts in the mountain. Using the potions there is the only way to speed up my cultivation and reach higher realms in a short time span.

Lin Yuan was a formidable fighter in his own right in his prime. Moreover, he was still skilled; it would merely take a few moves to shred Fat Chen. In saying that, he did need to uphold his dignity.

“Haha, fine, I’ll give you three more months. If you can’t repay it by then, Dragon Star Martial Arts Academy will be mine. Don’t try and slip your out when the time comes. Try it, and I’ll go to Wild Cloud City to see the city’s lord.” Fat Chen ignored Lin Yuan’s displeased reaction, flicked his sleeve and shot a treacherous glare at Yang Tian before leaving.

“Strange, why did he want the Academy?” pondered Yang Tian.  Owing to the Academy’s remote location, one wouldn’t make much even if they opened a shop there. Nevertheless, after pondering it for a moment, Yang Tian turned to face his foster father. “Don’t be angry, Father. He’ll need a bag to hide his face within three months’ time.”

What fed Yang Tian’s arrogance? Heavens Conqueror Manual.

“Haha, I’m getting on with age. Nasty things always escape out the other ear,” replied Lin Yuan, shaking his head and scrubbing Yang Tian’s small head. He pinched Yang Tian’s arm. “By the way, Young Tian, why did you pass out yesterday? Are you all right now?”

“I’m fine, Father. I was just too hasty with my training,” explained Yang Tian, scratching his head. “I want to stay in the mountains for some time to focus on my training.”

“You want to stay for a few days?” queried Lin Yuan, with an eyebrow raised. “Fierce beasts wander the mountain. Moreover, it is close to their dens. I think you should go during the day; it won’t delay your training.”

“I will be all right, Father. I will take shelter in a stone cavern at night. I’ll be fine. Rest assured.”

Lin Yuan was aware that Yang Tian often went to the mountain to train after he recovered from his ailment. “Haha, all right, then. Remember to stay safe.”

Concern crept up on Lin Yuan’s face as he watched Yang Tian leave. If he actually lost the rights to the property, he would not be able to face his ancestors.


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