The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 02 Ch. 58

You’re More Important Than Anything

“Wh-What happened to you?!”

Veirya’s appearance shocked me. She returned to me after she went to protect Leah, yet she looked as if she came out of a fire. Her entire body had steam coming out of it. Her cloak was somewhere, but not on her. Her back was burnt. Blood was still seeping out from her burnt black skin. Because of the damage to the rear of her clothes, the front of her clothes was missing a chunk, as well. There were only parts that resolutely clung to her body – for lack of better word. Parts of her beautiful silver hair were burnt; it was essentially messy, burnt hair.

I grabbed Veirya’s arm with one arm and exclaimed, “What happened to you?!”

Veirya shook her head. She replied, “Leah. Is safe.”

I looked at the blood seeping out of Veirya’s wound and shouted, “Put Leah aside for now! What happened to you?! What happened to you?!”

It was heart wrenching to see Veirya maintain an expressionless look when she was clearly hurt. I tightly grabbed her arm. My tears were on the verge of escaping.

“I’m fine.” Veirya shook her head. She grabbed my arm and seriously said, “I’ll take you. Back. Leah. Is looking for you.”


I kept my eyes on Veirya. She tilted her head. She looked slightly perplexed: “I protected you. And Leah. I did what we said. You don’t. Look happy.”

“Of course not!! Of course I’m not happy to see you wounded so severely!! I’m very worried about you.”

Veirya looked at me and my hand that was holding hers feeling surprised. She paused for a moment before asking, “You. Not scared of me?”

“Why would I be? You protected us! You got hurt for our sakes!”

I wiped away the filth on Veirya’s face. My heart felt as if it was being wrenched around as she bled. Veirya bled the entire way here. She didn’t voice any complaints. In fact, she didn’t even display her pain on her face. She didn’t cry and run into my arms as a child would. To the contrary, she came up to me and gently supported me up to walk back to the house.

Veirya paid no attention to her wound. She continued to carry out her work similarly to an obliged robot. She was only concerned about my safety and Leah’s in spite of her own state. She ignored the shouting in the town and the flames that had yet to be put out. There was nothing in her eyes. She just continued to put one foot in front of the other, bleeding as she headed back to the house we lived in with my weight on her.

As we walked, Veirya commented, “You’re. Very strange.” The side of Veirya’s face was right next to mine. I could smell her burnt skin. The smell stung my heart. She didn’t look straight at me. Instead, she looked straight ahead and, in an absolutely calm tone, explained, “You’re. Different to others. In the past. After battles. They’d. Avoid me. Her Majesty. Would ask me. If I completed the mission. You’re the only one. Whose first reaction. Was to ask me what happened.”

I froze for a moment and turned to face her. Coincidentally, she turned to look at me at the same time. Our eyes met. To my surprise, I didn’t know what to say. She didn’t give me time to put my thoughts into words. She added, “I want to know. Why. You are different.”

“Because you’re more important to anything to me.”

I found myself behaving strangely. I was a very careful individual. I always did my best to be careful, and then more careful whenever I spoke to others. I knew how powerful words were. I knew how many faced tragic fates as a consequence of saying the wrong things. As a matter of fact, some even lost their life. That was why I never explicated my true thoughts. I erased everything that could be used against me in my mind before I spoke. That was my first time; actually, it was the first time in a long time that I spoke my mind.

As soon as I blurted those words, my brain immediately told me what I just said. My entire face felt as if it was being burnt with a bright flame. I quickly lowered my head. Even my ears started to turn red. Meanwhile, my hands began to feel numb. Perhaps it was because all of my blood was screaming at me to run due to shyness. Perhaps it was all in my head as it reproached me for being impulsive. I couldn’t say a word. The heat led to my brain malfunctioning. I didn’t dare to look Veirya in the face, let alone find out what Veirya would say next. I think I was looking forward to finding out, but also somewhat scared.

“I see.” And thus, Veirya put an end to it with that simple response. She didn’t even blush, let alone bat an eye. She paused for a moment then asked, “So, to you. Leah is not as important as me?”

“No, no… umm… mm… mm… you’re equally important, equally important.”

“So, you’ll protect Leah. And me?”

I finally looked back at Veirya, albeit feeling surprised. I checked out her blue eyes, burnt silver hair and blood still dripping off her back. She supported me as she awaited my answer. Veirya saved me and Leah. She slew the Demon King. She was the strongest warrior on the continent, yet she asked if I’d protect her.

I didn’t have anything in this world. I didn’t have power or networks. I almost lost my life in the forest during the simple transaction.

I wanted to protect Veirya, which meant I’d have to oppose the chapel, the elves, the Queen, the businessmen of the empire and even the military. Veirya was too overpowered, which was why those who threatened her safety were even more terrifying. I was aware of that. The best skill one has is self-awareness, in other words, knowing who you can’t defeat. I, alone, couldn’t oppose every ruling power on the continent. I was just an ordinary man; I wasn’t the Gary Stu of some novel who had everything go his way after transmigrating.

“I will.”

Damn, did I want to slap myself for that response. That said, that was a sincere response.

When I looked at Veirya’s burnt hair and back, I knew what to do. Although one should indeed consider their own abilities in some scenarios, sometimes, you just have to bite the bullet and do it, and make damn sure that you succeed. After coming here, I realised for the first time there were some things I had to protect.

I took in a deep breath. I gently touched Veirya’s hair. She looked at me with a confused look: “My hair. Is burnt.”

“I know. Does you back hurt?”

“I’m used to it.”

“… I’ll help you.”

“With what?”

I spun around. We had arrived home. I didn’t know what the group did in front of our house or threw, but there was an intense fire burning at the front of the door. The stench of black smoke stuffed my nose. I felt as though I was in the flames, because my enter body was burning due to Veirya.

Perhaps the attack was the chapel’s scheme. Perhaps it was the merchant’s scheme. Perhaps it was somebody who wanted to burn down our house. Regardless, I planned to use myself as a trigger to start the fire. I wanted to completely destroy the lives of those who hurt Veirya. I wanted to deliver a message: “Mark my words. I’ll make sure to utterly obliterate those who dare to hurt Veirya and Leah. “

I answered, “Making all those who hurt you pay.”


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