Son-con – Vol. 19 Ch. 08

Young Girl’s Thoughts and Last Time Forgiving

Liu Yue wasn’t very sympathetic. She wasn’t the type who could forgive anyone and everyone for anything. That said, she was a kind young girl, nonetheless. Hence, she wasn’t willing to senselessly kill someone. She had never seen a dead person. She felt guilty when she thought about the fact that the boy would die due to the incident. While he did unarguably cross the line, she didn’t believe he did it on purpose. Furthermore, her father didn’t mind her tail being violated, so she wasn’t that angry.

She was sure that the boy didn’t deliberately touch her tail. However, mentioning that to her father when he was angry was a fruitless endeavour. Strictly speaking, she didn’t want to save the boy. She didn’t want to defy her father’s command, but somebody dying because of her, not to mention that he wasn’t a bad person through and through, saddened her when she thought about it. She was aware she couldn’t save the boy as she didn’t have a key and most definitely had no plans of going to his rescue. Nevertheless, the night seemed long since she couldn’t sleep.

Liu Yue sat up and peered at the empty room. She hopped off the bed and drank a cup of water. She had changed her stockings. Her white stockings clung to her ample legs. The thin white veil on her slender waist looked enchanting. Her red tail gently swung side to side. She had a slender and tall physique, with the same beautiful features as her mother, adding another aspect of beauty of youth to her. She checked herself out in the mirror. She gently hooked her finger into her stocking. She felt that her body was on par with her mother’s, but she wondered why her father still didn’t pay attention to her body.

“Did Dad have that sense of self-awareness when he touched my tail today? How can I get Dad to pay attention to me? How can I get Dad to stay by my side?” pondered Liu Yue. She sighed and continued thinking, “Dad likes me, but he’s always treated me as a kid. He treats me no different to a five year old. He treats me the same as when I was a kid. I’ve grown up. I hope Dad can treat me as he treats Mom. I hope Dad treats me as his woman as opposed to his daughter. How can I make Dad change the way he sees me?”

Perhaps it was because she couldn’t sleep on the long night that Liu Yue’s mind was evidently lively. She recalled the story her mother told her countless times. Aforementioned story was her mother’s story with her Dad. Her mother told her about the time they met to the time they fell in love. Of course, there were two versions to the story. One version was her mom’s version. The other version was her dad’s version. The difference wasn’t significant, but her mom’s version spoke of her dad as the one who was always clinging to her.

“Do I have to do what Mom did?  At this age, my mom had already begun running around alone to revive her tribe. That must be why Dad fell in love with Mom. Being able to shoulder things is what makes one an adult, right? That being the case, do I, too, have to do something to make Dad consider me a qualified adult? I’m confident I can defeat Mom if I can convince Dad to acknowledge me as a woman. After all, I’m in my prime, while my Mom is an old, over-the-hill fox already. That’s why I’m confident,” rationalised Liu Yue.

After her analysis, Liu Yue imagined her dad wearing her ring on for her, cheering her up. She began to rhythmically wag her tail.

Liu Yue began to spin her brain cogs again: “Except the question is, what do I have to do to convince Dad I’m a full-fledged adult? At present, I can’t think of anything to do. The world is no longer at war. What’s there to do in this land and in this world? Would going to save the boy’s nation considered an accomplishment? It seems to be. That’s all I can do at present. The question is, is that a good idea? Leaving the nation… No… Dad has said I can’t. What am I getting all excited for?

“Angering Dad isn’t wise. Plus, I can’t make Dad worry about me. I have to be a good girl. I know my three sisters are watching me. I may lose favour if I make the wrong move. It’d be very hard for me to gain favour again. All of my sisters are strong competition, particularly Nona. Nona is the only one among us Father considers a woman. It must be because of her breasts…”

Upon remembering the boy, Liu Yue’s conscience that had startled to settle, began to perturb her again. The random concern frustrated her. She stood up. She couldn’t sleep anyway.

“Since I’m not feeling happy, I’ll go see him. I’ll see him one last time and hear his final words. That’ll make me feel less guilty,” decided Liu Yue.

Liu Yue got dressed. As an insurance policy, she adjusted her belt to ensure that her tail wouldn’t be pulled down so easily. She pulled the door open and checked the corridor. The flames were still alight in the corridor, but the guards had yet to patrol the section she was in; therefore, she didn’t need to worry about being discovered – not that it would matter if she did. It, admittedly, would be weird to know that she was visiting the boy who was going to die tomorrow, though. In addition, she didn’t want her sisters to know that she sneaked out to see the boy. She planned to just exchange a few words, and then send him off tomorrow, or maybe he could sleep until he’s dead.

The main reason Liu Yue wanted to see him was to shut down the tinge of guilt she felt. It was the last time she’d see him. If she didn’t see him, she’d never get another chance.

Nona stood at the corner of a wall. She blankly watched her sister hastily walk over in her direction. Liu Yue probably didn’t know Nona wasn’t asleep. Nona wasn’t feeling guilty as her sister was. She merely happened to drink too much at night and needed to visit the washroom. Of course, there was also the possibility that Nona was so excited about going out with their dad tomorrow that she couldn’t sleep. Nona never expected to see her sister in the corridor.

Nona wondered to herself where Liu Yue was off to. Liu Yue certainly wasn’t going for a stroll judging from her hasty pace. She seemed to have something to do, but the question was “what”, especially at this time of the night. The direction Liu Yue headed wasn’t her dad’s room. Where could Liu Yue be going at that hour instead of sleeping when they had to leave with their dad tomorrow?

“That direction looks dangerous for some reason… There’s the direction of the dungeon. Liu Yue was violated today, so what is she going there for? Could Liu Yue still be angry and wants to finish him off herself?! It’s a given that he deserves to die, but personally killing him is slightly disgusting no matter how you think about it, right?” wondered Nona.

“Vera! Vera!!”

Vera irritably opened her eyes and gave Nona a shove. She rolled over and pulled her blanket over. She said, “I’m seriously tired, Nona. Don’t tell me that you’re afraid of going to the toilet on your own at night. Go ask Sister Luna to take you if that’s the case. Don’t bother me. I want to sleep! If I don’t sleep properly, I won’t grow!”

“No, it’s about Liu Yue! Liu Yue went to the dungeon!”

“Huh?” Vera sat up with a bewildered look.

Nona elaborated, “You heard that right! Liu Yue is heading toward the dungeon! Alone! She’s going there on her own! She must want to kill the boy. It’s not good for us to kill no matter what the case is, right?! We need to go stop her!! We need to stop her!”

“No, I’m not worried about her killing him, but him killing her in the end.”

Vera’s breasts were important to her, but her sister was more important. Vera was genuinely worried her sister would be in trouble because problems always cropped up for Liu Yue whenever she was involved with a guy. That was why Vera had an odd sense of concern.

Vera grabbed her clothes by the side, and then told Nona, “Go wake Daisy. We’re going there together. It’s always better to have backup… Don’t wake Mom and Dad. I don’t think things will get out of hand.”

Nona always panicked when handling things, which was why she required somebody to provide her with directions. Nona responded to indicate she understood the instructions and then ran out to call Daisy. Vera adjusted her clothing and then ran out.

Liu Yue was completely oblivious to the fact that her sisters knew where she went. She was at the stairs to the dungeon but regretted the decision somewhat. After all, the dungeon was a dark and cold place. It had never been used or cleaned before, so moss and huge rocks made the place very cold.

Liu Yue was dressed in an ordinary dress. She, consequently, shivered as she looked at the stairs. Fear crept in when she looked at the darkness below. She second guessed whether or not to descend despite being there… She couldn’t shake off the feeling that she would be the one who got the short end of the stick if she went down there…

“We are in the Imperial Palace, so there shouldn’t be any danger…” reasoned Liu Yue.

Liu Yue shook her body. Her dress appeared from her belt again. She wrapped it around herself so that it she wouldn’t feel too cold. She took in a deep breath and then headed down.


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