Almighty – Ch. 132

Soul Cultivation Technique!

“Women sure know how to act…” Yang Tian searched inside his interspatial ring, then transferred himself to Ancestral Dragon Ring. “Uncle Xiao, does your secret cave still exist?”

Yang Xiao chuckled. “Don’t’ worry. I set up many … Read more

Almighty – Ch. 131


“Make a fool out of them? … How?”

“Haha, leave it to me. They’ll be less a layer of skin if not dead.”

Yang Xiao shook his hand out to summon several rays of black light onto the formation … Read more

Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 10 Ch. 13

What About Sword King? (Part 2)

“Keep sending them gifts. If I’m going to be sending gifts, I won’t stop after just a few days. You can decide what to send. Just make sure to be generous and sensible.”

Administrator … Read more

Almighty – Ch. 130

Let the Carnage Commence

When he saw the golden jade coffin, Yang Xiao looked rather vindictive since Yang Clan’s members died to those in the coffins. “I thought they were still alive. They must’ve used some sort of technique to … Read more

Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 10 Ch. 12

What About Sword King? (Part 1)

More and more gifts were delivered to Liu Shan Men in the following days, all of which were high-quality jewellery, silk, perfume, rouge and health supplements… Colleagues of Shen Yiren and Song Ou thought … Read more

Almighty – Ch. 129

Divine Dragon’s Soul Subjugation Jade

“Uncle Xiao, are you saying… they will return?”

“I’m not sure about that after so many years. Let’s go find out.”

“But how are you going to go outside in this state? I have lots … Read more

Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 10 Ch. 11

There’s More to it than What Meets the Eye

How they were going to reach Jiangnan and then prepare in addition to what they were going to do with Luo Clan was unanswered aloud.

Hong Jiu made it to Nanjing … Read more

Almighty – Ch. 128

Yang Xiao

Ancestral Dragon Ring was the nemesis of divine souls for it had the ability to easily absorb divine souls.

Yang Tian: “A divine soul dimension. Call me lucky, haha.”

The divine soul entered Yang Tian’s sea of consciousness. … Read more

Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 10 Ch. 10

Raising the Flag

With the corners of his lips tugged up, Ming Feizhen said something that prompted Emperor Yuansheng to move his ears closer to the door.

Although I know he’s capable of sensing His Majesty’s presence, he’s also careless. Read more

Almighty – Ch. 127


“Yang Tian!” Gu Lingyun belted upon tracing the elder’s gaze to Yang Tian.

Yang Tian stared at the woman in white whilst furtively sweeping his gaze over the cave. “You have business with me?”


“What is? This?” Yang … Read more