Almighty – Ch. 889

Nephrite Cup

The cult leader stated the nephrite cup was a holy item deities used and embodied holy power. If Yang Tian could refine the divine blood within it, it would balance his body and make learning Life and Death Diagram simple.

The starting bid for the cup was fifty million, which was expensive. Wealthy individuals made offers for it. The youth, who was presumably part of a wealthy entity, also offered a bid. The youth’s body would explode if he consumed the divine blood – if he could even activate it that was. The price quickly soared to ninety million. The cult leader offered one billion – most of which was money he earned via corruption.

Youth: “Shifu, are you sure about this? One billion is an exorbitant sum.”

Old daoist: “I have a feeling I will exceed my limits and ascend to Warrior Realm if I have it!”

Youth: “Awesome!”

Cult leader: “I’ll add another ten million.”

The price reached one billion and eighty million. A money dilemma plagued the cult leader. Yang Tian shook his head and said to the old daoist, “You have no means of refining it. Stop wasting your time.”

Old Daoist: “Was that the legendary Divine Soul Voice Transmission?”

“Shifu, what’s the matter?”

The old daoist looked around and called, “Senior, Senior, where are you? I shall give up.”

Yang Tian: “Come over a bit later.”

Old Daoist: “Ziqing, come with me.”

“Shifu hasn’t lost his mind has he?”

Everyone watched the daoist enter. Somebody suddenly called two billion. The daoist opened the door and looked left and right. He saw two youths; they were too young to be the senior he was looking for.

“Sit.” Yang Tian pointed to a seat and smiled.

Yang Tian could discern the daoist had reached Blood Refinement Peak.

Shi Ziqing furrowed his eyebrows. “You are…?”

The old daoist glared at Ziqing. “Don’t be rude.”

The daoist and his disciple sat down. The daoist asked, “May I ask where your shifu is?”

Yang Tian shook his head. “I do not have a shifu. I am self-taught. You cannot activate the cup with your abilities.”

Shi Ziqing: “Hmph, who do you think you are to be telling my shifu what he can and can’t do?”

Qing Xiaoyue: “Hmph, if Brother Yang Tian says he can’t, he can’t.”

Shi Ziqing: “That’s some big talk. My shifu is from Dragon Tiger Mountain Sect. He is a renowned daoist unlike you.”

Shi Ziqing swept his gaze over to the cult leader sweating profusely. Ziqing leered. “You must be some broke hooligans. Why are you bidding when you have no money? Have some shame.”

The old daoist wanted to see what Yang Tian was capable off, but he still shot Ziqing a warning glare. “Ziqing, don’t be rude.”

Shi Ziqing: “Hmph!”

Yang Tian shook his head and summoned an identical jade cup even more shiny and perfect than the one offered at the auction.

Old daoist: “What?!”

The old daoist was baffled how Yang Tian managed to pull the cup out of thin air.

Yang Tian passed the cup to the cult leader and said, “Go and exchange this with the one offered on auction. Daoist, can you tell me about the world of cultivation?”

The old daoist nodded and then started to tell Yang Tian what he knew. There were only a thousand cultivators. Ancient cultivation methods were incomplete. Heaven and Earth Energy was scarce. No adepts ever emerged. The old daoist didn’t know much.

“I heard Divine Soil Voice Transmission before. Have you reached Warrior Realm?” asked the daoist.

Yang Tian took a while to nod.

“This old daoist is ashamed. You are an amazing individual to have reached Warrior Realm at such a young age.”

The cult leader came back and passed Yang Tian the nephrite cup.

Insincerely, the old daoist inquired, “Senior, I sense a potent energy from the cup. May I know what it is?”

“The blood comes from an adept. It contains a large volume of qi and blood.”

Shi Ziqing: “What?! There’s blood in there?!”


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