Supreme Swordsman of the Nine Heavens – Ch. 830

I’d Rather Die on My Knees

“You have our admiration, Elder Gao.”

“I will follow in your noble footsteps, Elder Gao.”

Gao Yixing relished the praise heaped on him and said, “As you all know, only a Taishi purple sky pill can neutralise celestial flames, yet they managed to neutralise it without a Taishi purple sky pill. The only explanation is that young man is colluding with the elemental demons!”

“Elder Gao is right. He had us fooled!”

“Kill this selfish family!”

Even so, Xuan Zhengtang kept his composure and pulled He Jinglong back when the latter tried to stand up for the Xuans. “You must not get involved, or you will also be implicated.”

Tian Ziming ordered, “Capture their family and interrogate them. He Jinglong is definitely with that boy!”

“Let my mother go!” cried Xuan Sitong, watching Spirit Severing Realm cultivators restrain her mother and her.

“Sitong…” muttered Yan Hanyu, still too weak to protect her daughter.

Gao Yixing worked with another Spirit Severing Realm cultivator to subdue Xuan Zhengtang in the meantime.  “You asked for it, Third.”

“Gao Yixing! I should not have stopped him from killing you!”

“Puhahaha.” Gao Yixing quietly derided, “Your fault for being a goody two-shoes. You either die before you see reality, or you live long enough to realise being good gets you nowhere in this world.”

Gao Yixing went back to Tian Ziming. “Lord Tian, he is the type who refuses to speak in the presence of so many people. Could I have some time alone with him to pry the whereabouts of the boy out?”

“You have fifteen minutes. If you can’t find out where the boy and He Jinglong are, I’ll deal with them according to the law.”

“Thank you, My Lord.”

Gao Yixing had a Cheshire smile on his face as he dragged Xuan Zhengtang into a room. Wiping his smirk off his face, Gao Yixing fronted, “Third, I keep pleading Lord Tian for your sake. Don’t disappoint me.”

“Please, please spare us.”

“I only need to put in a word to let your family off the hook. You know Lord Tian isn’t after you but the boy. Tell me where he is, and I’ll convince Lord Tian to spare your family, deal?”

“I don’t know where he is. Even if I did know, I can’t tell you. He is a good man and a future leader.”

“You just confirmed he’s the one they want, didn’t you?”

“This is wrong,” timidly answered Xuan Zhengtang.

“Kikiki, I know you best. He rescued He Jinglong and marginalises all of the lives in the city. You know where He Jinglong is, don’t you?”

“I don’t; he already took Lord He elsewhere.”

“You must really like making things difficult.” Gao Yixing opened the door and called, “Bring her in.”

Gao Yixing didn’t let Xuan Sitong’s glares get to him and deflected her spit with his spiritual energy. “Xuan Zhengtang, last chance. Tell me where they are, or I’ll kill your daughter.”

“Have you no mercy for fellow sect members?”

“I am currently Lord Tian’s loyal subject, so I must be impartial. The number one priority is saving everyone’s lives. Get it through your thick skull already.”

Xuan Zhengtang cast his gaze over to his restrained daughter amd mumbled, “I would rather die on my knees than do what’s wrong. I have no clue where they are.”

Gao Yixing clutched Xuan Sitong’s neck. “You sure?”

“Stop! Stop! Please!”

“Father, you taught me to live as an upright person. You told me doing the right thing is more important than life. Had it not been for him, we would already be dead, true?”

“Sitong, I’m sorry… I’m so sorry…” expressed Xuan Zhengtang, closing his eyes woefully.

“Last chance. Where are they?!” brayed Gao Yixing, gripping harder.

Xuan Zhengtang trembled, breathed erratically and sobbed as he stressed to himself to not betray Mu Yu. “I don’t know where they are.”

“Father… I am proud to call you my father… Cough, cough… I wish… to be your daughter again in my next life,” conveyed Xuan Sitong, forcing a smile,

“Stop!” belted He Jinglong.

“Don’t!” Xuan Zhengtang and Xuan Sitong cried together.

“If your family is not afraid to die, why should I fear these cowards? What does fearing selfish cowards make me?”

“Don’t do it!” implored Xuan Zhengtang.

“I’m right here,” announced He Jinglong, undoing Mu Yu’s formation.


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