Supreme Swordsman of the Nine Heavens – Ch. 831

Lord He Wishes to Save Them!

Despite the number of fire demons in the sky, the number of torches in the city shone brighter as they cheered, believing they were saved. Alas, Mu Yu and Lie Shang were not privy to the debacle taking place outside. Though they heard the cheers starting from dawn, Mu Yu was fixated on the job at hand, while Lie Shang was indifferent.

“Your formation skills exceed what I expected.”

“I’m Formation and Talisman Sect’s patriarch.”

“I’ll stress it again: many of them aren’t worth your effort,” advised Lie Shang, watching Mu Yu alter the formation from his chair.

“I know. I won’t save those I deem unworthy.” Mu Yu installed his formation into the five elements teleportation formation. “Lord He wants to save them, however.”

Mu Yu combined the ten thousand year old greenwood and ancient clinging fire’s formation lines, setting it up to transport roughly a hundred people at once. “You plan to leave first?”

“I’ll leave with you.”

“You need to help me teleport citizens, then.”


Mu Yu figured out that humans could not be transported via the teleportation formation because their bodies were heterogeneous. To qualify to use it, the subject had to possess primarily one of the five elements or possess – such as Mu Yu or Lie Shang – or a perfect balance of the five elements – an immortal body. Otherwise, they would be ripped apart. Nonetheless, Mu Yu was positive his repaired Wood Spirit could teleport more people than when he teleported with Tian Ran.

“How are you going to teleport over a hundred thousand cultivators?”

“I’ll do my best. If I don’t, that’s over a hundred thousand cultivators’ soul energy for Third Heaven Palace.”

“You need a potent formation foundation to teleport so many people. Can you Primordialr Yin Yang pull it off?”

“Mm… I can’t pull out if anything goes awry once I activate it. I need to loan the city’s barrier, turning Shifu’s statue into my formation foundation.”

“They won’t be grateful.”

“Couldn’t care less for it. If they make it out alive, they should be grateful to Lord He. I’m done here. I can use my formation to protect cultivators’ bodies from taking damage. I need to go to the city doors to cast a formation now. You coming?”

Mu Yu got up and carved all the formations onto a greater heaven stage formation foundation. Once he activated it at the city door and install the formation to a vacant space outside, the cultivators could get out.

As Lie Shang followed behind Mu Yu silently, the two of them heard, “How pitiful.”

“Pitiful?! Those crooks of Mystic Beast Store sheltered a criminal; they deserved every bit of it!”

“They definitely deserved to die. We’re lucky Elder Gao Yixing is so noble. Let’s go to the city doors now.”

“I have a bad feeling about this,” Mu Yu thought, noticing all of the cultivators in the city rushing to the east door as he raced back to Mystic Beast Store.

“Elder He? Mr. Xuan?”

Trees and rubble from the fallen buildings were strewn.

Xiaoshuai muttered, “What happened?”

Thud! Lie Shang dropped three Spirit Severing Realm cultivators hiding amongst the rubble on the ground, binding them with his powers. “You can ask them.”

“What happened here?!” Mu Yu erupted, imposing his bloodlust on them.

“Pl-please spare us. We are under orders to report back to Lord Tian once you returned. We do not know anything.”

“Where are they?”

The one with the moustache kept stealing glances of the sky, praying help would come. “They… They… I think…”

Crack! Mu Yu snapped the cultivators next then turned to the man with a scar on his face. “You answer. And don’t think.”

“Inf-Inferno Sect’s first elder led Lord Tian here under the claim that Xuan Zhengtang is sheltering a criminal. Xuan Zhengtang refused to tell the truth and acknowledge that you… you are the mystery man yesterday. They also captured Lord He and… and, for the sake of everyone in the city, Lord Tian…”

Mu Yu placed a hand on the cultivator’s neck.

“Th-they are at the city doors. I-I am only following ord-”

At the same time Mu Yu burst out of Mystic Beast Hall, the two remaining cultivators started feeling blood gushing out of their throats.


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