Supreme Swordsman of the Nine Heavens – Ch. 829

Five Elements Formation

Lie Shang refused to answer, instead showing aggression in the form of flames in his eyes. As a result, the sound of Xiaoshuai crunching on a table was particularly loud.

“… You came to me for the cultivators of the city?” asked Mu Yu, ending the silence.

“Their lives are none of my business,” Lie Shang responded in a raspy voice.

“It’s your responsibility.”

“I told you: I’m fed up.”

“What’s next?”

“Level up. Exterminate Third Heaven Palace. Rescue Shifu.”

“And you’re cool with everyone here dying at the hands of the elemental demons?”

“Don’t feel either way.”

“We’re switching roles now?”

“They’re not worth my time and effort,” answered Lie Shang, knowing that Mu Yu was referring to their positions when they met at Clearwater City. “I know what it means to embody bloodlust energy. You don’t need to force yourself.”

Mu Yu relaxed his fists.

“What’s your next goal?”

“The barrier can’t save the city against Five Elements Annihilation Formation, so I need to get you out of the city.”

“You have an alternative way out?”

Lie Shang spawned a fire at the centre of the room in addition to ten thousand year old greenwood, mystic sea ice, ancient spirit clinging fire, transcendent siderite and sunken ice rock earth, all the pieces to cast the elemental demons’ teleportation formation. “I give myself alternatives.”

“It can only teleport elemental demons, though.”

“I intend to take only you with me.”

“I can’t let all of the cultivators here die.”

“It’s my responsibility. I don’t want to take responsibility, though. You don’t need to shoulder my responsibility. Moreover… You can’t save them.”

“I wouldn’t be so sure about that. Teach me the formation. I can modify it.”

“I can teach you, but do you believe it’s worth saving them?”

After a hard think, Mu Yu replied, “At the very least, neither of us wants Third Heaven Palace to gain the soul energy produced if they die.”

“Even if they’re hunting you.”

“Lord He wants to save them.”



“Father, do you know how the celestial flames were removed from Mother’s arm?” Xuan Sitong asked, hugging her mother.

“I’m not sure. Maybe the heavens have blessed her?” answered Xuan Zhengtang, cognisant of what needed to be kept secret.

Hearing an unusual number of voices outside, Xuan Zhengtang popped outside to see Tian Ziming and Gao Yixing back with more men. Xuan Zhengtang felt uneasy about the uninvited guests’ visit. “May I ask what the matter is?”

Tian Ziming questioned, “Gao Yixing told me you’re sheltering a young man, who is the mysterious person we’re looking for. Where is he?”

“Sir, he is but a guest, not the mystery man.”

“Lies! Xuan Zhengtang, I’ve done you favour after favour, yet this is how you repay me? Hand him over! Lord Tian has questions for him!” demanded Gao Yixing, blood boiling because he reeked of his own urine.

“Mind what you accuse people of, First Elder. How can such a young man be the mystery individual?”

“Lord Tian will find out in person. Now, hand him over!”

“He has already left.”

“Hmph, search their place,” commanded Tian Ziming.

“Lord Tian, he is not here,” reported back one of the cultivators.

“Where is he?” Tian Ziming snapped.

“I have no idea. He has always come and gone at his own leisure,” answered Xuan Zhengtang, palms clammy.

“You’re going to lie when everyone’s lives rides on this?” Tian Ziming took Mrs. Xuan hostage. “If you don’t tell me, I’ll offer her and the rest of your family to the elemental demons.”

“Lord Tian, look. The burn marks are gone!” pointed out Gao Yixing.

Tian Ziming checked Mrs. Xuan’s arm. “Your arm was burning two hours ago. What happened to it?”

“I-I don’t know. It just disappeared all of a sudden,” answered Mrs. Xuan.

Gao Yixing accused, “Lord Tian, the kid possessed the same aura as the titans. If I am correct, he must have erased it from her arm. In my opinion, we cannot let her go.”

“She’s your junior, First Elder!”

“I side with justice. I would sacrifice even my wife if it meant I could save the entire city.”


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