Supreme Swordsman of the Nine Heavens – Ch. 470

Formation Sect VS Talisman Sect (Part 2)

“You make it sound as though you can beat me.”

Chang Tiancheng conjured formation lines in his hand and forced the talismans above him into the fiend beasts, creating an effect similar to performance enhancing drugs. Nonetheless, a zoo of fiend beasts didn’t faze Zhuge Xiaosheng.

Zhuge Xiaosheng spawned glowing-white whips and swiped the fiend beasts. A swordtail tiger ducked a swing and whipped its sharp tail at Zhuge Xiaosheng. He immediately activated the formation in his hand, creating a formation in as a shield and weapon. Due to habitual urging, the fiend beast was unable to cease its attack, resulting in the formation slicing the swordtail tiger apart.

“Natural Force Radiance Void Sacred Seal!”

The white Eight Trigrams formation under Zhuge Xiaosheng’s feet rotated as formation lines gushed forth from “creative” and “clinging” positions and to his hands. With another series of hand seals, he formed an Eight Trigrams symbol anterior relative to himself. The Eight Trigrams vibrated, emanating confusion formation lines from him. He hurled the Eight Trigrams seal in his hand, generating innumerous Eight Trigrams phantoms ubiquitously.

The fiend beasts the Eight Trigrams seal came into contact with were erased from existence. A fiend beast ten metres tall was left with a hole in its chest, allowing white formation lines to invade its body and eject, setting it alight. Thanks to the technique, Zhuge Xiaosheng wiped out over a hundred fiend beast almost instantaneously.

“Mystic Talisman Annihilation!”

Chang Tiancheng raised a yellow talisman and expanded it into a ten-metre-tall talisman. A red vortex started on the talisman that had black talisman lines flitting across. The vortex sucked all of Zhuge Xiaosheng’s Eight Trigram seals in, resulting in an intense clash between the two entities. The white formation lines smothered the red talisman lines, slowing down the vortex over time until it was incapacitated.

Boom! Zhuge Xiaosheng pulled out formation lines from the vortex, driving Chang Tiancheng into the net. Next, Zhuge Xiaosheng triggered a formation line on the net, throwing Chang Tiancheng out. Chang Tiancheng activated talisman lines on his body, shielding him from the impact and attacks to regain his footing.

Bleeding from his mouth and humiliated due to his unkempt appearance, Chang Tiancheng shouted, “I underestimated you!”

“Your ambition and ego has blinded you to reality. You think we’re all pushovers?”

As long as Zhuge Xiaosheng could kill Chang Tiancheng, he surmised they could overcome the crisis.

Chang Tiancheng scoffed. “You think this is all I’m capable of?”

Zhuge Xiaosheng pinched his brows together and stopped to think. “What? How… No!”

“No what?”

Chang Tiancheng drew red talisman lines out from his eyes, disturbing the net.

Mu Yu and Cheng Zhuo escorted the injured duo out of the battlefield.

“Thanks, Cheng Zhuo. By the way, where’s Ye Hong?”

Mu Yu wanted to save Ye Hong as he was also a loyal disciple of Formation Sect despite his surrender; however, Cheng Zhuo shook his head.

“You don’t need to waste your time searching for the wuss. I did you a favour and threw out the spineless ones.”

Jiang Xiangdi threw Sun Yingda, Luo Feilong and Ye Hong’s corpses to Mu Yu’s feet and hiked up the corner of her lips into a nefarious smile. Jiang Xiangdi was out for blood to avenge Mo Ziming and Ling Zheng.

As Mu Yu’s desire to avenge Ye Hong bloomed in his mind, white and black energy flourished in his eyes. “You think you can kill me after I killed Ling Zheng?”

Sporting a distorted visage owing to Mu Yu mentioning her childhood friend, Jiang Xiangdi brayed, “I’ll kill you for killing my senior brother.”

Mu Yu glanced down to Ye Hong’s shocked countenance the moment before his death and slowly shifted his gaze back up. “You want me to send you to him?”

Jiang Xiangdi ejected red talismans and fired an attack down. Mu Yu was unfettered since she was weaker – until she curved the blast toward Cheng Zhuo, Mu Chenghong and Song Qingyu. Simultaneously, a Spirit Severing Realm Greater Heaven Caster talisman master detained Mu Yu.

“Crap!” Mu Yu cursed.

In spite of Cheng Zhuo being cognisant that he was no match for Jiang Xiangdi, he still activated a formation to defend his two allies and himself.

“Xiaoshuai!” Mu Yu called, starting Wind Ground Interlinked Hearts Formation underfoot.

“On it!” Xiaoshuai jumped into Wind Ground Interlinked Hearts Formation and assumed a single-arm akimbo posture, one hand pointing to the sky. “Xiaoshuai’s Heavenly Lightning!”

Using his hand as a hilt, Xiaoshuai extended a blue streak of lightning into the sky, turning it into sword qi and bringing it down on Jiang Xiangdi.

With death looming overhead, Jiang Xiangdi was forced to cancel her attack on Chang Zhuo and get out of the way, resulting in Xiaoshuai vanquishing her collection of talismans.

Xiaoshuai ran his gaze up and down Jiang Xiangdi. “Qiao Xue and Tian Ran have watermelons. You have stones.”

Leveraging a linking formation line between himself and Wind Ground Interlinked Hearts Formation, Mu Yu pulled himself out of his restraints.

Formation Sect was supposed to even out the numbers disadvantage using their protection formations. Unfortunately, Chang Tiancheng’s furious blast destroyed those formations. Ji Kaiming, therefore, took the opportunity to slip away and backup Jiang Xiangdi.

Spirit Severing Realm First Layer talisman caster Ji Kaiming finally revealed himself to Mu Yu. “It’s time you pay for the lives you took.”

Ji Kaiming was confident in his skills and trusted his experience, so he was certain that he was superior to Mu Yu. Indeed, Mu Yu would’ve gambled if his opponent was just a Spirit Severing Realm First Layer cultivator. In this case, his opponent was a Greater Heaven Stage talisman caster.


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