Supreme Swordsman of the Nine Heavens – Ch. 338

Unreasonable Assault

“I had to pull you out for you broke out in cold sweat,” Ku Mu expounded.

“Ku Mu was overreacting. I couldn’t even stop him in time,” Xie Bulao ridiculed.

“Don’t try again. It’s too dangerous for you at the moment,” Feng Haochen asserted.

Refusing to give up and let everything be for naught, Mu Yu pointed to the white leaf. “I should be fine if I enter via the white leaf. The death qi induced despair on a level that I couldn’t win against.”

Ku Mu pushed Mu Yu’s hand away. “The two aren’t the same. If you can’t handle the vitality, you will enter a trance. The only way I can revive you from that is striking your death meridian. You want to become cabbage?”

A cultivator’s death meridian referred to one’s dantian. A light strike wouldn’t have been enough to snap Mu Yu out of his trance. If he struck too hard, to the contrary, Mu Yu would’ve lost all of his cultivation.

“We can’t just give up now, can we?”

Ku Mu stopped to think for a moment. “I’ll go with you. If anything happens, one of you can strike my death meridian, and I’ll drag Mu Yu back with me.”

“Objection,” Feng Haochen and Mu Yu verbalised in synchrony.

“Hmph, you two have a better idea? Feng Haochen, Heaven and Earth Formation protects your dantian, meaning nobody can besides yourself can destroy it. You can’t strike it if you enter. Xie Bulao, nobody has any hope for him. You have another candidate?”

“I still can’t let you take the risk for me.”

“For you? Stop putting a yourself on a pedestal. I’m doing it for her sake! I don’t want her to suffer!”

Feng Haochen heaved a big breath.

“What happens if your cultivation suffers a hit?” Mu Yu questioned, aware Ku Mu was referring to Miao Yuyan.

“Stop prattling. You want to save your shifu. I want to rescue Miao Yuyan. This is the only solution. There’s no guarantee I’ll suffer any adverse effects. Do your job right, and I won’t have to sacrifice my cultivation.” Ku Mu reassured Mu Yu with a firm shoulder pat.

“I’ll make sure I succeed,” Mu Yu firmly promised, smacking his cheeks to rev himself up.

“Let’s get moving already.”

Ku Mu sent his consciousness into Mu Yu’s body. A soothing sensation swept over the two. They travelled to a world where nature’s beauty was displayed in all its glory. Next to Mu Yu, bizarrely, wasn’t Ku Mu but Tian Ran, smiling from his arms.

“We will never part, will we?” asked Tian Ran, in a soft voice.

“Yeah, we will never part.”

Mu Yu gave Tian Ran a forehead peck. Then, he closed his eyes and pushed her away. Upon opening his eyes, he saw Village Chief Bu hosting story time. Next, he saw Mu Yu leading a carefree life back at Mount Dusfallen. Feng Haochen had recovered his cultivation and locked up Third Heaven Palace’s formation guardian. The elemental demons bowed to humanity. Cultivators were no longer selfish and cordial with each other.

Mu Yu wanted to stay in the utopia, but he reminded himself that his goal was to locate life and death’s point of balance. He found Ku Mu at a grass plain after bolting full pelt for some time. Ku Mu and Miao Yuyan were quietly leaning on each other on the lawn. Ku Mu had eyes for only her; she was his entire world. Because of Mu Yu’s own drama with Tian Ran, he could sympathise with Ku Mu. He decided to sit down and let Ku Mu enjoy the dream while it lasted.

Whack! Mu Yu hissed as he looked up. Bemused, he looked back to see Ku Mu and Miao Yuyan together, yet there was another Ku Mu behind him.

“You done?” Ku Mu sarcastically asked, gazing at the scene of himself and Miao Yuyan.

“I was just trying to let you relish the moment,” Mu Yu sulked.

“Are you stupid, or are you stupid? That’s an illusion you conjured. I’m right here!”

“In my language this time?”

“Everything you find brings you happiness here is your imagination. You think the best outcome is for me and Yumiao to be together, hence the image. What you think isn’t reality! You see what you want to see. You were going to moronically wait for me, and wake me a little later, weren’t you?”

“My head is spinning now. How do I verify you’re not another illusion of mine?”

Ku Mu smacked Mu Yu over the head again. “You love it when I hit you, don’t you?”

“I got it. I got it. You’re the real one. No more swatting my head.”

As Mu Yu’s mind wandered off to his fantasies again, Ku Mu in the distance turned into Feng Haochen. Feng Haochen, Miao Yuyan and Tian Ran were there as a blissful family of three, just as Mu Yu hoped to see. An illusion of himself watched them all smiles.

Ku Mu punished Mu Yu’s head again, annoyed upon seeing Feng Haochen with Miao Yuyan. “Did I tell you to fantasise?”

What the heck? I get smacked either way, then, Mu Yu inwardly griped. He decided to manifest himself with Tian Ran on his left side and Qiao Xue on his right side. The three watched the beautiful sunset.

Ku Mu kicked Mu Yu from behind. “You want to two time? You’re scum.”

“It’s all fake, so big deal? Can’t I fantasise now? I’m a more advanced cultivator and a faction leader of Pill Cauldron Sect, yet you always hit me. What happened to respect?!”

“Respect who? Are you committing treason?” Ku Mu fed Mu Yu another head slap. “I hit you to instil unhappy memories. That’s the easiest way for you to remember which is the real me.”

I can’t believe he can justify his domestic violence!


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