Supreme Swordsman of the Nine Heavens – Ch. 337


Mu Yu couldn’t get Wanwan’s warning off his mind. Ku Mu cooped up inside the abode due to his dislike of Wanwan. After several days of rest, Ku Mu finally brought up dark herb again.

“You must be cautious when dissecting the death qi and life qi. There will be serious consequences if the death qi leaks,” reminded Feng Haochen.

“Don’t be so fussy. I’ll contain the death qi for you. Worst comes to worse, I’ll find a way to dump it at First Heaven,” said Xie Bulao.

“Don’t forget the lesson from there,” prompted Feng Haochen.

“First Heaven? What happened there?” Mu Yu inquired.

“In summary, dark herb destroyed it,” nonchalantly remarked Xie Bulao.

“Say what?!”

“Listen kiddo, the world isn’t as simple as you assume. Everything in the world has been connected since its birth. There’s that which can promote development, and there’s that which can wreak havoc. Dark herb is one such example…

“Dark herb exists in every heaven. Nobody knew how dangerous its death qi was in the past, and nobody cared. Someone separated the two qis but only absorbed the life qi. As a consequence of the death qi’s highly-contagious nature, First Heaven became a wasteland of death… It’s highly probable some moron among the elemental demons caused it. There was nothing they could do once the epidemic spread. I’ve always had a theory that it was wood demon that absorbed the life qi. Given their love for vitality, the life qi would’ve been an addicting substance for them. Too bad he was stupid.”

Xie Bulao had no sympathy for the elemental demons back in First Heaven since the elemental demons were the overlords of the heaven back in the day.

Mu Yu’s Life and Death in the Blink of an Eye ability was sealed away along with Ju Mang. The more powerful an ability was, the more restrictions imposed on it. He couldn’t revive elemental demons with his left eye and couldn’t commit genocides on the human race using his right eye. It was too taxing; he couldn’t handle the drawbacks, either, as a human. Furthermore, if aimed at somebody stronger than him, it would only do as much as give the target a bloody nose, while he’d suffer the toll.

“Heaven and Earth Formation can absorb the excess life qi, so we don’t have a problem there. The path to First Heaven is sealed, so it’s unrealistic to dump it there. Mu Yu, we need your wood spirit. I can’t say for certain what will happen once the wood spirit absorbs the death qi, in saying that,” stated Feng Haochen.

“Stop making a big deal out of it. Hurry up and restore your cultivation instead, Love God. My hands are itching to ram the face of Third Heaven Palace’s formation guardian. I hate him from head to toe, back to front and inside to out.”

“Can you not mind choose your words more mindfully?”

“What, you scared he’s listening in? Didn’t you cast a plethora of formations already? Your formation knowledge and skills puts his to shame, man.”

“You done? Can we start on dark herb now?” Ku Mu snapped.

Feng Haochen and Xie Bulao ended their quarrel to tune in.

Ku Mu taught Mu Yu how to separate the death qi from nine qi soul purifying flower. It was easy for Mu Yu to complete the task as he wasn’t required to maintain a balance as he would have to when handling dark herb.

“Take your time. Try to find dark herb’s point of balance. Once you break it, you can separate the two leaves.”

Mu Yu delved into dark herb and discovered it was another universe within. In spite of entering where the two leaves connected, he still ended up in its death qi due to poor execution. The surroundings were shrouded in dark mist, which was the death qi. The mist constantly altered its shape and movements. The black mist triggered negative emotions that led to thoughts of death.

The black mist turned red and invaded Mu Yu’s mind, displaying a world of red. The red hemisphere on the horizon illuminated the spikes sticking out of the ground and into corpses. Humans were still clinging to their swords after death. Ice picks protruded from the frozen river and into more cultivators. Corpses fed the flames spreading along the ground. Blood assailed his nose. The flying swords betrayed their owners to the latters’ shock. The brutal war between cultivators and elemental demons flashed before Mu Yu’s eyes.

All living organisms dropped one after another. There was no hope, no light and no life.

Spending too long in the black leaf’s world would drive one to the edge of despair. Mu Yu knew where vitality was and ran toward it. The vitality was his guiding light. Sadly, he couldn’t seem to reach it no matter how far he ran. Time in the black leaf’s world was excruciatingly slow.

Splash! Mu Yu shivered. Ku Mu hit Mu Yu’s life meridians to drag his conscious back.

“I dove into dark herb’s world of death. It was torture in there,” Mu Yu muttered after a long silence.

“You were in there for less than thirty seconds,” Ku Mu notified.


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