Supreme Swordsman of the Nine Heavens – Ch. 339

Life and Death Coexist

“Did you see yourself and Shimu Miao Yuyan engaging in indecent activities?”

Ku Mu booted Mu Yu.

“My bad, Shimu would have to be Elder Frost!”

Ku Mu booted Mu Yu.

Gasp! You have a third woman? Wait! Is it Uncle-Con Wanwan? Wow, you go, Gramps!”

Ku Mu booted Mu Yu twice and fumed, “It doesn’t affect me. Recall upsetting memories, and you’ll erase the illusions. Sad memories erase hope. Hence, the death qi’s location will be easy to affirm.”

Mu Yu was curious what Ku Mu saw, but Ku Mu refused to answer any questions.

“Gramps, what are your upsetting stories? Share with me so that I have some for reference.”

Ku Mu glared daggers at Mu Yu. “You don’t want to know.”

The pair continued toward their destination. The mesmerising scenes of nature kept them company the entire journey. However, the energy and life gradually dimmed as did hope. In front was a weird gully approximately thirty-three metres long and six metres wide. The bottom was pitch black and oozed despair in the form of belligerent grey qi. A white light blocked the grey qi from invading the world of life.

“I suppose the other side of this gully is the death qi world?”

“I would assume so,” Ku Mu replied.

“What should I do? Is the balance point there?” Mu Yu, standing on the edge, gazed down.

Ku Mu ambled along the edge and stopped occasionally to search for oddities. He looked up at Mu Yu and stated, “Dark herb is a plant. Your consciousness is inside it. For that reason, you should know where the location is.”

Mu Yu gently streaked the edge with his hand. The blueprint of dark herb popped into mind as if it was always there. “I know what to do now!”

Mu Yu crawled down the gully. He was after the moment the grey qi and white light collided. He only had a second to catch it, making it tough. Having failed several times, he stretched his hand out. He felt the world of life quake as though it was trying to rattle something. The grey qi gradually converted to a field of black. Hope replaced the scenery as Mu Yu’s illusions approached the gully.

The world turned black and white as the two qis competed for dominance, zipping past Mu Yu over and over again. He grabbed white qi with his left and black with his right hand. Vigorously tugging them, he was teleported back to reality.

The split life qi and death qi disseminated in the room. Mu Yu drove the white leaf into Feng Haochen. After a howl, Feng Haochen’s cultivation was restored.

“Let’s go take down Third Heaven Palace!” Feng Haochen destroyed Celestial Prison’s control with a wave of his hand, freeing the citizens of Moyun Mountains. Mu Yu and his martial siblings energetically joined Feng Haochen’s crusade.

“Mu Yu!” Ku Mu thumped Mu Yu’s rear with his foot, putting the latter on his bottom.

Mu Yu returned to dark herb’s world. The death qi in the gully was still roiling; however, the white light it combated was gone.

“I was sucked into my illusions again.” Mu Yu panted and crawled to his feet.

“I kept telling you to be careful. It’s easy to fall prey to your desires here.” Ku Mu stood far away from the gully.

“This gully is…”

“An illusion you manifested. You must’ve seen a similar gully elsewhere. In your mind, you perceive there to be a dark and spooky gully sort of thing segregating the two qis.”

“Dark and spooky gully? I think I know what you’re talking about.”

Burialless Valley, where unidentified or uncollected corpses were dumped, was located in Moyun Mountains. It was also a place to silence people. Gui Xuanyue killed forty-nine Golden Core Realm cultivators there. Said valley resembled the gully Mu Yu imagined. Thus, the gully couldn’t have been the balance point.

“This is troublesome, then. I can’t defend against these illusions,” Mu Yu uttered. “If only Xiaoshuai was here.”

Mu Yu had a suspicion phantasmal spirit and dark herb were connected. Xiaoshuai managed to bring him back to reality the last time he was caught in an illusion.

“How does having Xiaoshuai help?”

After explaining how Xiaoshuai saved him from an illusion, albeit vaguely and skimping on information pertaining to phantasmal spirit, Ku Mu said, “Describe the dream again in detail.”

After hearing the details that Mu Yu reluctantly explicated, Ku Mu claimed, “I know how to locate the death qi now.”

Ku Mu walked back and stopped next to Tian Ran. He stared at the lawn where Mu Yu and Tian Ran embraced. Black qi suddenly assumed the form of two daggers. Ku Mu picked up the daggers and threw them to Mu Yu. He pointed to Tian Ran. “Kill her.”

Mu Yu took the daggers. “Why?”

“Her death would plunge you into despair, no?” Ku Mu checked the direct vicinity and continued, “I thought of something when you gave me the details of your dream. I know Xiaoshuai isn’t just some beast; he must’ve had some ability to be immune to the phantasmal spirit’s ability. Life and death coexist and contradict each other. You can’t have one without the other. In other words, the hope you see carries your despair.”

“You’re saying that we don’t need to search for the border where the death qi is but that it’s in this world of hope already?”

“Precisely.” Ku Mu pointed at the daggers. “There can’t be weapons used to harm people in a world full of hope. The daggers are a manifestation of my despair. You can’t manifest your despair, so I lent you a hand. To undo your dream, you need to kill Tian Ran.”


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