Almighty – Ch. 547

Ascension to Battle Emperor Realm!

Boom! Thunder violently clapped, illuminating the dark sky and causing turbulence that went far and wide.

Xiaoqing smiled. “Hehe, a mere drip of the ancient celestial peng king’s Bloodline has allowed me to learn Immortality and upgrade my body to his level.”

Understandably, the celestial pengs were after that divine blood.

Yang Tian muttered, “I wonder how a three-legged crow’s divine blood is supposed to be controlled for Deification.”

The void rumbled. Yang Tian slowly looked up at the sky. He furrowed his eyebrows upon shifting his gaze to the twenty genius creatures in the distance. He needed to ascend to Soul Refinement to win.

Boom! Thunder clapped. A lightning bolt descended.

Yang Tian sighed. “Unfortunately, there won’t be Wrath of Heaven…”

Boom! Lightning descended onto Yang Tian and his companion.

Chaos Light locked the lightning domain down, preventing it from descending. Yang Tian sat inside it. Below was a cauldron rumbling, glowing and emitting the smell of celestial peng, a golden leg and old herbs, three of which were ten thousand years old. Xiaoqing, elated, wiped his drool. Chubby grinned when he caught a whiff. Xiaobai, therefore, jumped into the vortex of lightning.

Xiaobai could enter the lightning, as he discharged vortexes from his body that could absorb everything; not to mention he had ascended to Fiend Emperor. Xiaobai poked his head in to peer into the cauldron. He drooled and chuckled. Then, he wiped his mouth.

Yu Yao: “Sister Yuan, who’s the white and chubby kid?”

Yuan Xia giggled. “A child.”

Yu Yao looked at Yuan Xia through her peripherals. “As if…”

Yang Tian discharged Chaos Light and golden lights. He absorbed vital essence to grow stronger. His aura increased. His dao sounds boomed. He opened his eyes and howled. He juddered. His one hundred and eight vital points formed a universe. He ushered Vitality essence into his body via his head. His golden lake expanded. More qi and blood were produced. His energy increased. His pores opened. His deities recited scriptures. He ascended to Battle Emperor Realm before finishing the lightning tribulation.

Yang Tian’s absorption rate increased. He consumed a rank six sky green pill. The pill converted to vital essence. Jadeite energy rampaged in him. He consumed a dragon transformation pill. Golden energy entered his body to strengthen his body and soul. Chaos Light emerged. The cultivation methods were, therefore, combined; however, the vital essence produced was a third richer. His energy continuously grew more potent.

Yang Tian was always significantly superior to those in the same rank as him.


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