Supreme Swordsman of the Nine Heavens – Ch. 147

Guest Late at Night

“What’s Ximen Buxing’s story?” Mu Yu asked. “Embodying shamelessness and narcissism, he’s a real piece of work.”

“He’s not good news. He’s part of the unorthodox faction. Be wary of them, Mu Yu. They do things on whims, including murder. They advocate doing as you like, which isn’t a bad principle in and of itself, but they’ll really push it and cross the line. The world of cultivation doesn’t want anything to do with them; however, their might makes it impossible to ignore them,” explained Cai Lie.

“They sound troublesome. Why haven’t the other sects united to wipe them out? Hasn’t it all always been the case that orthodox sects wipe out unorthodox factions? Does nobody want to uproot them?”

“As I mentioned, they shouldn’t be underestimated because they could rival the eight great sects. Their motivating leader, Xie Bulao, is the strongest among them. The unorthodox faction has their own means of combating elemental demons, but it’s a nasty one. They don’t sit on the sidelines while we fight the elemental demons. Strictly speaking, we prefer the unorthodox faction over elemental demons since the former are humans.”

Tian Ran, who was still down after what transpired yesterday, Mu Yu moved into a new inn their previous lodging was a goner. Xiaoshuai slept with Tian Ran, while Mu Yu tossed and turned on his own bed, pondering what Third Heaven Palace’s move would be now that the elemental demons made an appearance in Mist City.

Option one was to help Feng Haochen remove Celestial Prison. That was unlikely knowing Third Heaven Palace. Considering the havoc elemental demons wreaked on humanity’s mundane life and Third Heaven Palace’s track record, it would come as no surprise if they decided to banish the elemental demons back to Moyun Mountains, thereby keeping the formation.

“Two and a Half Kilometres South Garden. Damn, that’s far… It’d take me an entire month of non-stop flying to get there. Lie Shang, were you trying to travel to death or exhaust me to death?” Mu Yu muttered. “God damn that guy.”

Alchemist Yao informed Mu Yu he’d return to Pill Cauldron Sect with Tian Ran and Cai Lie before sending Tian Ran back to Secular World Sect. As such, she couldn’t accompany Mu Yu to Two and a Half Kilometres South Garden. That meant he didn’t have a navigator.

“You didn’t know I know?”

Mu Yu pulled his eyebrows together and turned his head. Startled, he exclaimed, “Oh, what the hell?! What are you doing here, Jiamen Buxing?”

With a hand supporting his head and another fanning himself, Ximen Buxing lied there on Mu Yu’s bed with a cocky mug. “I obviously came here for something important. Also, a friendly reminder it’s Ximen Buxing, not Jiamen Buxing. You can call me Ximen Chuixue or Ximen Shuai for convenience.”

“You have your head on loose? Ever heard of knocking? Also, what the hell are you doing in another man’s bed?”

“Fret not. I am straight.”

“I can see flies around your head. Now get off!”

“So fiery. I just wanted to cheer you up with a joke, but it seems you don’t like it.”

Mu Yu noticed his open window, indicating Ximen Buxing came through via the window. Ximen Buxing entered without Mu Yu noticing as that was his speed as a Primordial Infant Realm cultivator.

“Only someone mentally demented would like that joke. Get out!”

“You’re pretty impressive if you ask me. You groped Rou Anna’s breast, and even Secular World Sect’s Tian Ran follows you around and treats you so nice. I’ve never touched Sacred Maiden Tian Ran. How did you score her? Why doesn’t she hate you?”

“You climbed into my bed to talk about girls? Why don’t you ask them yourself, dimwit?”

Ximen Chuideng shook his head. “I don’t want a piece of Old Yao, so you’re the only one I can consult.”

“Consult the door. Now, piss off!”

“Look, I could easily kidnap you. Can’t you respect my superiority?”

“I have no respect for your superior creepiness. Get. Lost!” Mu Yu pointed to the window.

“I heard you mention you were searching for Lie Shang, right?” asked Ximen Buxing, smirking again. “I know someone with that name.”


“Tell me Tian Ran’s horoscope and hobbies, and I’ll tell you how to find Lie Shang,” answered Xi men Chuideng, pulling out a comb to groom himself.

Mu Yu went and sat on a chair. “What the heck is a horoscope? Actually, just get out.”

“You mean to tell me you don’t know what horoscopes are? Horoscopes are the sacred guide I designed based on my journey in the world of flowers. I created categories based on girls’ personalities. For example, I classify those who like cleanliness as a Virgo; Rou Anna is one. Goddess Meng Xin is a Libra because she’s pretty, kind, just and won’t reject or accept me, so I can’t read her. The graceful daughter of Myriad Company is a Sagittarius because she’s energetic. As for acred Maiden Tian Ran… I don’t have enough information,” Xingmen Buxing recited from a small pink he carried, nodding as he read.

“Listen up: Tian Ran is my younger sister. You better erase any desire of wooing her.”

“She’s your sister? That makes things easier,” responded Ximen Chuideng, shutting his eyes and entering his fantasies. “Perfect. I just knew you weren’t the man you showed on the surface. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have done something as perverted as me. That proves we’re fated to be family. We shouldn’t fight fate, right, future brother-in-law?”

“I’m about to be your future maker. I’m not you. Do you start drooling over every pretty girl you see? How many in-laws would you ever have?”

“I may be philanderer, just a tad, but I’m just soul mates with lots of them. I have never been sincere with any girl before. As the prince of romance, I have my own standards. I dreamt of a maiden adorned in a green robe more than once. She was so pure. Her eyes were clear. Then, Tian Ran appeared. After she left, I couldn’t get her off my mind. Thus, I gave into my urge to come here for her…”

“Tian Ran sometimes wears blue.”

“I’ve also seen an innocent maiden in blue in my dreams.”

“I recall she also wears white.”

“I sometimes dram of a maiden in white sauntering to me.”

“Okay, you shameless bugger, was the girl in your dream the darn rainbow?”

“What’s important isn’t her clothing but her aura, you know?”

“Tell me about the Lie Shang you know. I want to verify if we’re referring to the same person.”

“Can you give me your sister’s contact details so that I know where to instruct my pigeon to deliver letters to?”

“Tell me about Lie Shang.”

“What does Tian Ran usually like to eat? Is she kind?”

“Tell me about Lie Shang.”

“Does she have any pursuers? I need to eliminate some love rivals.”

“Tell me about Lie Shang.”

… “Do you really not know who Lie Shang is? Why are you looking for him if you don’t know him?”

“Of course I know him. He is…”

“Lie Shang is no ordinary man,” Ximen Buxing remarked with a grin.

Mu Yu was certain Lie Shang wouldn’t divulge his shifu’s identity or secrets to anyone at Third Heaven Continent. He, therefore, wasn’t sure if Lie Shang went by another identity at Third Heaven Continent.


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