Supreme Swordsman of the Nine Heavens – Ch. 146

Poor Fellow

“Hold it right there!”

As soon as Mu Yu landed in front of the wood demon, the latter commanded vines and grass to restrain Mu Yu. Mu Yu snap kicked the plants away and seized control of them. Mu Yu didn’t retaliate with the plants in case he revealed his ability.

For a second, the wood demon was befuddled it lost control over the plants. It pivoted and dove into a tree. Mu Yu vaulted over the wall and into the courtyard, but the wood demon had escaped out the other side already. As most people had gathered on the streets for fear of the elemental demons torching their homes, Mu Yu didn’t come across anyone. He continued the chase to the courtyard next door. Alas, the demon was gone.

The ground suddenly quaked. Rocks flung up and bucketed down into Mu Yu’s courtyard. He unsheathed Shadow Splitter Sword and imbued it with qi before smacking the rocks away. As he was busy deflecting them, he felt the earth shape shift. Earth spikes fired up from the ground, giving away the fact earth demons were snooping around.

Although Mu Yu couldn’t locate the earth demon, they were the only earth element manipulators. For safety’s sake, he assumed fire demons were also around. He was in a pickle, and not knowing where they were hiding didn’t help.

The next sharp rock diverted the path of Mu Yu’s sword ever so slightly, but it was enough for a wood demon to spring and restrain him.

“Human. No, you’re not human,” the wood demon whispered in Mu Yu’s ear, startling the latter.

The wood demon sliced Mu Yu’s arm with a rock; his blood splashed onto the wood demon. Mu Yu suddenly received a message he hadn’t ever received before in his mind. He could see the entire makeup of the wood demon’s body in his mind – he somehow gained the ability to control the wood demon.

The wood demon panicked once it noticed Mu Yu’s was interfering with its movements. Mu Yu oozed an aura that gave off an ominous feeling.

Hierarchy in the elemental demon race hinged on bloodlines and power. The more superior one’s pedigree, the more power they possessed. The spirit lords were capable of controlling their own kind at will. When Mu Yu’s blood landed on the wood demon, it was at his mercy because Mu Yu’s bloodline was that of the wood spirit lord.

Questions proliferated in Mu Yu’s mind. However, rocks were being catapulted at him. Therefore, he commanded the wood demon to summon lengths of branches to whip the rocks away.

Ding! A mesmerising melody streaked through the air, shattering the rocks. A purple signal flashed on the blue blanket.

“Die!” brayed the fire demon, racing up to the sky.

With every pluck of her guzheng’s strings, Jade Sect’s Rou Anna fired blue blades at the fire demon. As she played her song, she soared up to intercept the fire demon.

“Retreat! Humans are approaching!” warned an earth demon, revealing himself from inside a building.

The fire demon hurled a fire attack at Rou Anna to create distance, then rushed into the building the earth demon took cover in.

“Let go of me!” demanded the wood demon, voice muffled.

“What are you doing here?” questioned Mu Yu.

“To tell you the war is commencing again, obviously.”

“Is that Tree Elder’s idea? He said he doesn’t want war.”

“You know Tree Elder? At the end of the day, we’re elemental demons. There are some things we have no say in,” answered the wood demon, with a snigger. “Humanity has enjoyed Third Heaven Continent for long enough. It’s our turn now.”

“What’s going on?”

The city lord and Alchemist Yao arrived after seeing the purple signal. As soon as Alchemist Yao saw Mu Yu confronting the wood demon, the former attacked without a moment of hesitation.

“D-” Mu Yu called to no avail. Mu Yu leapt back and allowed Alchemist Yao’s spiritual energy smash the wood demon to flakes.

“They went into that house!” Rou Anna pointed out.

Rou Anna spearheaded the charge but was blown back out thanks to a spiritual energy tsunami after a flash of light. Mu Yu instinctively caught Rou Anna, who was sent his way. Despite being at the same realm, it took a bit out of him to stop her fall.

“Let go of me!” Rou Anna fumed.


Mu Yu looked down and discovered his hand wasn’t supposed to be where a gentleman would place it. Once his mind processed his hand shouldn’t have been on her globes, he released his hold straight away, but she still tried piercing him with her gaze.

Mu Yu, pretending he didn’t see Rou Anna’s stare, followed Alchemist Yao and the city lord into the building, instead. The blinding light was still there. By the time it faded, Mu Yu saw ten thousand year old greenwood, mystic sea ice, ancient spirit clinging fire, transcendent siderite and sunken ice rock earth. The formation left on the ground was identical to the one that teleported Mu Yu and Tian Ran out of Moyun Mountains.

The city lord queried, “What is that on the ground?”

Mu Yu waited before replying, “I assume it is how they infiltrated the city.”

Alchemist Yao’s eyes widened. “How do you know that, Mu Yu?”

“Because the two elemental demons that we saw enter have disappeared,” Rou Anna informed.

“How did they break the city’s formation, and how did they set up a teleportation formation here? Were you completely in the dark when you’re in charge of the city?” Alchemist Yao admonished.

The city lord was vexed he just had to be the elemental demons’ first target.

Alchemist Yao looked to Mu Yu and waved. “You two should leave. Don’t you know it’s dangerous for you to come into contact with elemental demons at your level?”

Mu Yu and Rou Anna left without a retort. After turned onto a street together, Rou Anna suddenly sped up to cut Mu Yu’s path off and held out her guzheng: “I’ll take your hand for violating me.”

“Say what?” Mu Yu asked.

She wants my hand for helping her. It wasn’t even on purpose. I’ll be damned.

Mu Yu rolled his eyes and planned to fly off; howbeit, Rou Anna plucked her guzheng.

“Are you flipping serious?!” Mu Yu exclaimed.


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