Supreme Swordsman of the Nine Heavens – Ch. 140

Wood Attribute Spiritual Energy

To err on the safe side, Mu Yu didn’t bring Xiaoshuai with him. Additionally, he hadn’t grasped Xiaoshuai’s background; attracting lightning strike was no ordinary feat, after all.

“Please have a seat.”

Mu Yu ignored Xiaohua’s snort and sat down. “You can just call me Mu Yu, Elder.”

“The issues you pointed out yesterday were correct. I suppose you taught it, and it learnt from you?”

Xiaohua suddenly chimed in. “When the owner is uncultured, his spirit beast won’t be any better.”

Mu Yu: Little Flower needs his mouth fixed.

“I apologise for sticking my nose where it did not belong, Elder. It was merely a guess on my part, but it heard me and blurted it. Please forgive us,” Mu Yu expressed.

“Not at all. I’m not surprised you identified my issues knowing your body type.”

Body… type? My wood control ability? I never revealed it, did I?

Mu Yu kept his emotions in check and queried, “Please forgive my ignorance. Could I trouble you to elaborate on what you mean?”

“You possess prominent wood qi, indicating you have a wood attribute body type. Were you not aware?”

“Wood attribute body type?”

“Haha, were you never told what sort of cultivator qualified to become alchemists?”

Mu Yu shook his head, prompting Xiaohua to mock, “Backwater bumpkins would not have that knowledge. Shifu, just explicate it for him.”

“Xiaohua, mind your manners,” condemned Alchemist Hua. “Cultivators’ spirit energies are divided into five elements, namely metal, wood, fire, water and earth. For cultivators, the elements of their spiritual energy have no practical function. Alchemists, on the other hand, must possess prominent wood and fire attributes. In most cases, one’s spiritual energy will be a combination of the five elements. Sadly, their fire and wood attributes aren’t sufficiently prominent. That’s one of the reasons alchemists are far and few between…

“As alchemists, we have to control various flames when dealing with assortments of herbs. That’s the reason we’re particularly sensitive to wood and fire attribute body types. Not often do we come across anyone with a pure wood attribute as you have. For the record, seldom does anyone have purely one element. This old one has only ever met a cultivator with pure metal attribute. Although you cannot become an alchemist if you have a sole attribute, alchemists seek your type.”

The information put one concern to rest. Having said that, the way Alchemist Yao ogled Mu Yu started to creep the latter out. He dryly chuckled, praying the elder didn’t harbour ulterior motives.

“What do alchemists seek us out for?” questioned Mu Yu.

“We frequently use our spiritual energy to manipulate herb’s contents, hence contaminating ourselves with residues. It becomes wood residue if we can’t expel it after it enters our spiritual qi stream. As a result, our cultivation progress suffers to the point we that plateau. Consequently, we can’t create pills of higher levels. Wood residue possesses physical form – which it adopts based on the spiritual energy of the body it’s in. Nonetheless, the only people who can help us expel the wood residue are people with your body type.”

“How can I help you?”

“Your wood attribute results in your spiritual energy resonating with the wood residue. That is how you guide the wood residue out of our bodies. According to the books my predecessors left behind, one with wood attribute can draw out the wood residue, relieving alchemists of the pain. I am lucky to have met you because you can create resonation with the wood residue in my body.”

A human being residue resonating with wood residue, what does that make him? Human residue. Oh, hey, the proper word for that in Chinese is scum. This must be a bad joke.

Resisting the impulse to laugh at his own joke, Mu Yu conveyed, “I do not know how to do it, but if I can be of help, I will do my best.”

“You can’t do it at your current level. If you transfer your spiritual energy to me, my spiritual energy will likely expel it, thereby harming me. I wished to talk to you to establish a friendship with you and my two disappointing disciples. Xiaohua and Cai Lie both possess fantastic potential for alchemy; however, they cannot escape the fate I am facing. For that reason, I wish to implore you to give them a hand when their cultivation comes to a halt.”

“Shifu, let Junior Brother Cai Lie have the privilege. I do not feel safe entrusting my wellbeing in his hands,” Xiaohua blurted.

Unless Xiaohua did something about his imperious attitude, Mu Yu had no intention of helping the former. Even if he could help them, he had his own stipulations before revealing his abilities. Being treated as a monster wasn’t fun. Mu Yu didn’t detect much wood residue in Cai Lie since the latter hadn’t produced many pills. Xiaohua only had a tad more than Cai Lie.

“May I trouble you to explain why I cannot become an alchemist?” queried Mu Yu.

Xiaohua verbally lasted, “It’s not as if cats and dogs can will themselves into alchemists.”

For crying out loud, all this just because I didn’t let you have a damn seat?

“Xiaohua, manners?” Alchemist Yao gave Xiaohua a frown. He turned back to Mu Yu and went on. “You lack fire attribute, meaning you can’t control fire. That makes it impossible for you to advance as an alchemist. Don’t perceive it as a negative, though. Alchemists may enjoy prestige, but if you can reach Body Severing or Spirit Severing Realm, alchemists will ingratiate themselves with you.”

Xiaohua: Pfft, you should remind him to stay woke. I won’t be lowering my head to him. If we had cultivators helping us, people would be kissing up to us.

“What if I can find a way to help you extract the wood residue?” Mu Yu didn’t have anyone backing him at Third Heaven Palace. He, therefore, wanted to do Alchemist Yao a favour. In turn, Alchemist Yao would back him.

“You have a way already?”

“My shifu’s courtesy isn’t your ticket to peddle tripe. Think before you flap your gums,” Xiaohua ridiculed.

Mu Yu tugged up a corner of his lips.


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