Almighty – Ch. 541

Phenomenon from the Sky!

Yang Tian glowed golden once he consumed the half of the dao comprehension flower. Dao attributes circulated alongside more. Rainbows appeared in the sky. A phenomenon manifested. A halo appeared over his head. Dao sounds resonated far and wide. The void quaked.

Everyone else gasped.

Creatures trembled.

Eyes bulged.

Xiaoqing’s body boomed and radiated and soared.

Xiaobai smiled.

Xiaoji smacked his lips.

Chubby was amazed at the sight of the quirks manifested.

Yuan Xia was the only one who comprehended Yang Tian’s viscera cultivated five deities.

A celestial peng cried out.

Adepts trembled in fear.

A youth was stunned.

Animals fled.

Those nearby benefited.

Eyes were on the lights.

Remarks of amazement surged.

The celestial peng fired a lightning domain from its mouth to try and break the light barricade.

Creatures and adepts attacked the formation.

The lights from the elder’s lingering energy withstood the assault. Lights filled the entire void.

Yang Tian’s group sat down to cultivate.

Yuan Xia glowed the brightest as she completed her Nine Composition Mysterious Steps. Footprints appeared in every direction.

Xiaoqing’s immortality divine attributes augmented; he glowed brighter.

Xiaobai absorbed vital essence cheerfully.

Xiaoji sat in the air above Xiaoqing to learn the immortality divine attribute for his deification.

Yang Tian submerged the half of the divine flower’s vital essence in a spring. His body boomed.His five Dao Bodies evolved. True Qi transformed into true dragons. The true dragons soared through to reach the golden lake. He entered a special realm.

Chubby was excited. His dragon absorbed vital essence. Star Overlord Body would be complete once all one hundred and eight vitals were opened. Yes, Star Overlord Body was about using stars to temper vitals!

Thundergod Jade Method absorbed lightning energy to cultivate lightning body. Its final form was Thundergod Body. The user had control over natural lightning. It was on par with Star Overlord Body.

Three supreme skills floated inside Yang Tian’s sea of conscious. The bodies all possessed divine attributes. Star Overlord Body and Dao Scripture produced the same result via different means. Organs could cultivate Chaos Dao Statue. Star Overlord Body could open one hundred and eight star meridians. His comprehension speed reached over a thousand folds his precious level.

The light barricade weakened. The creatures weren’t even trying. If they got inside, it’d be a chaotic battle!

Dao sounds echoed in voids.


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