Supreme Swordsman of the Nine Heavens – Ch. 134

Lightning Strikes Xiaoshuai

Fortunately, were no elemental demons are any signs of them. Amongst the muddy soil were rocks and weeds. Mu Yu picked Tian Ran up and began to walk but stopped upon noticing Xiaoshuai was missing. He hurried back to find Xiaoshuai lying still on the ground. He gave Xiaoshuai a nudge with his foot. “Hey, you good? We shouldn’t loiter here.”

Xiaoshuai rolled until he hit a rock.

“Why’s he not moving?”

Mu Yu gently set Tian Ran down and picked Xiaoshuai up. Sensing spiritual qi leaking, he took a closer look and found a crack. His first theory was the Five Elements Formation’s pressure was too much. Since not even Primordial Infant Realm cultivators could damage Xiaoshuai, he expected Xiaoshuai to be robust enough to weather the teleportation. He tried gently tapping to no avail.

Mu Yu tied Xiaoshuai to him using strands of weed he brought along and carried Tian Ran on his arms. He flew up on his sword to get out of the mist and acquire a widescreen view. Around them were mountains, mountains and then more mountains.

Mu Yu pulled over on a tall mountain after several hours of flying. There was a puny city silhouette on the eastern horizon. Tian Ran was still out cold; spiritual energy treatment wasn’t any help. He was hopeless when it came to Xiaoshuai’s condition. The only person who knew Third Heaven Continent and he was acquainted with was Lie Shang, but he didn’t know where Two and a Half Kilometre Garden to the south was.

“Xiaoshuai. Xiaoshuai, don’t scare me, man. Wake up. Help me check on Tian Ran,” called Mu Yu, poking Xiaoshuai.

Crack! Mu Yu poked Xiaoshuai again once he heard the egg shell crack. “You good?”

Crack! The egg cracked elsewhere. Crack! Crack! More and more cracks surfaced. Mu Yu resisted the urge to proactively crack the egg using his knowledge of butterflies.

“Good grief, this thing is tough,” cursed Xiaoshuai.

“You had me worried.”

Xiaoshuai shone a blinding light ray from a hole in his head. Spiritual qi gushed out from the egg. Holes and cracks popped up one after another, speeding up the spiritual qi leakage.

“Xiaoshuai is about to transform!” enthused Xiaoshuai.

As the egg finally cracked open, a white and furry animal busted out and flew about in the air. The spiritual qi that spurt out threw Mu Yu off balance. He hastily grabbed Tian Ran and a rock to prevent the blast propelling him off.

Xiaoshuai unleashed his own burst of spiritual energy, with him at the epicentre. Though his spiritual energy didn’t create pressure, it forced aside the clouds. Dark clouds replaced the white clouds. Blue sparks teased an attack until dozens of lightning bolts descended on Xiaoshuai.

“Imma teach you for trying to strike me,” Xiaoshuai remarked.

Xiaoshuai powered up, spraying spiritual qi back at the lightning bolts. Seeing Xiaoshuai’s energy send tremors through the earth, Mu Yu hurried away from the area before he was zapped. At the same time, he worried the turbulence would catch the attention of elemental demons or humans keen on experimenting on Xiaoshuai.

The blue lightning bolts and Xiaoshuai’s white energy blasts collided, blowing off half of the mountain Mu Yu was on and sending streaks of ripples through the air. Once the dust settled, the stone area Mu Yu was at moments ago was levelled.

Thud! Mu Yu sprinted over to the shrubs where something dark fell in. He sifted through the shrubs to find a black cat, uh, dog, bemoaning, “What did you strike me for? Is it a crime to look good?”

“You look hideous. What are you talking about? I can imagine being struck for looking handsome, but being struck for looking revolting? That’s a first.”

Xiaoshuai’s appearance consisted of a tail twice his size and sapphire eyes. As for the rest of him, hideous was the only adjective that did his appearance justice.

“You need to have your eyes checked. I have lady-killer looks,” responded Xiaoshuai.

When Xiaoshuai jumped at Mu Yu’s chest, Mu Yu pinched his nose at first then threw Xiaoshuai away by his tail.

“Ah, damn it. Xiaoshuai, there are people coming. Conceal your energy and zip it.”


“Your spiritual qi is too prominent. Unless you want them to suck it all out of you, do as I say.”

Mu Yu frantically tucked Xiaoshuai, who was still grumbling, into his shirt. Xiaoshuai did as he was told as Mu Yu looked serious.

“What happened here?” asked a Primordial Infant Realm youth with thick eyebrows.

Mu Yu answered, “A huge fiend beast just emerged here. When it emerged, it caused the rumbling in the sky and even absorbed the lightning strikes. We were just passing through. My junior sister is critically injured.”

“It’s a dangerous one, then. Where is it now?”

Mu Yu pointed in the direction he came from. “It went that way. I think the lightning caught it. Else, it wouldn’t have spared us.”

“Consider yourself lucky. Senior Brother, we were taught aeonic rare beasts are the ones that can cause lightning strikes. If we can subdue it, our Earth Sovereign Sect will have a monster to use.” A girl with him giggled, and the two raced off in the direction Mu Yu pointed.

Mu Yu: Earth Sovereign Sect? Is that one of the eight great sects? Well, if they find out the elemental demons from Moyun Mountains have escaped to here, maybe I don’t need to tell Third Heaven Palace about it. Anyway, let’s head to the city.


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