Almighty – Ch. 533

Yin Yang Divine Talisman

Divine eyes, otherwise known as the third eye, are gods’ eyes that could distinguish between fact and fiction and the symbol of a born genius. Those specialising in the ancient deduction techniques had access to even more information.

Chubby bragged, “I had to cultivate my divine eye. I realise cultivated third eyes shouldn’t be superior to natural ones. Mine is different but not much inferior to Crimson Demon Eyes.”

Yuan Xia inquired, “You sure?”

Chubby: “Wh-what do you two want?”

Yang Tian smugly patted Chubby on the shoulder. “Show us.”

Chubby reasoned there was a risk of exposing his injured eye. Since he didn’t think they were knowledgeable on the topic enough, he figured, why not? Hence, Chubby summoned his third eye on his forehead again.  The results were exactly as he said: it was inferior to Crimson Demon Eyes.

Yuan Xia nodded. “It’s far inferior to Yi Xing’s Demon Eyes; his could see all the herbs inside.”

Yang Tian knitted his brows. “Yeah, but he won’t be opening it anytime soon. I damaged it.”

“You damaged his eye?” Yuan Xia was all smiles because she heard the jealousy in Yang Tian’s voice.

Chubby thanked Yang Tian for evening the score for him, and then told him about his exchange with Yi Xing.

Yuan Xia: “What do you need to heal?”

Chubby: “Hehe, Yang Tian, I remember you took a star sacred pill from Yu Yao. Give me. Give me. That should be enough to heal my Star Eye.”

Yuan Xia glanced over to Yang Tian and twirled her hair. She raised her pitch. “How do you know her?”

Chubby cheerfully recounted the events from tricking the white tiger, leaving Yuan Xia with her eyes bulging and jaw gaping. Yuan Xia guessed Yu Yao egged them on, knowing her.

Yang Tian: “He’s Xiaoqing’s nemesis. They wounded Xiaoqing when he was young, so…”

Yuan Xia: “I see. Why did Yu Yao try to kill you, then? What’s your relationship?”

Yang Tian smiled at Yuan Xian’s reaction.

Yuan Xia: “No wonder. Find an opportunity to return Star Token, or it’ll bring you more grief.”

Yang Tian: “Not yet. They won’t let me off after I cultivated Star Scroll.”

“You could easily join Star River Sect with your potential. I can send a letter of recommendation. Nobody would dare to touch them in Central State. Have a think about it. You’ll have access to sufficient resources, too.” Yuan Xia never would’ve said that in the past.

“I will.” Yang Tian jovially returned to reality. “Let’s leave it for after we get out.”

Yuan Xia nodded and took out a jade vial. “There are two moon and star sacred pills. Hurry up and consume them. I need your help.”

Yang Tian took the pill. “With what?”

Yuan Xia: “Finding something.”

Yi Xing would spread news of what Yuan Xia was seeking out of spite. Yuan Clan’s elders didn’t want to talk about Yang Clan. Yuan Xia was curious about what happened to Yang Clan in the ancient era. She looked to the diagram in the void and nodded.

Chubby used his third eye.

Two hours later, Yang Tian stood up. His seven stars hovering overhead increased by a third.

Chubby’s eyes were bright, and his body boomed. The star streamed Chubby fired from his third eye blasted apart a mountain, indicating his upgrade was successful.

Yuan Xia summoned a nail-sized, black talisman. “This is Yin Yang Divine Talisman’s Yin Talisman. I need you to find where the Yang Talisman is.”

Unsurprisingly, Chubby remarked, “This is a symbol in Yin Yang Divine Techniques. It’s amazing and requires amazing materials.”

Yuan Xia: “Indeed. My clan hid the yang talisman in a void. I need to find it inside that formation-protected void.”

Chubby shook his head. “You’ve been had!”


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