Almighty – Ch. 532

Yuan Xia’s Strength

Yi Xing split the Earth with every stomp. Yang Tian bound back and continued groaning due to his wounds opening again. Yi Xing’s sky-shrouding hand parted the clouds. When Yang Tian desperately fought back, his Bloodline began to stir. His vision brightened. Yang Tian gradually got to his feet after another knock down, calmly analysing Yi Xing. Yi Xing continued advancing and attacking, bringing the hand down again.

Yang Tian looked up and stood in place. Yuan Xia appeared out of the blue and fired energy toward the sky, disintegrating the hand!  Her attack showed she was stronger than before.

Once the dust settled, Yi Xing saw her. He calmed himself and wore his refined smile. Voice gentle, he asked, “Why are you here, Holy Maiden?”

Yuan Xia focused on her light landing instead of answering. She emitted energy targeting Yi Xing. He stomped a crater in the ground, yet he still ended stumbling back a few steps. He was irate she attacked him at full power for Yang Tian. Since she could read his mind, she gave him a condescending grin. She took three steps, and that was enough to shake the void, send Yi Xing flying and spraying blood from his mouth. The steps were known as Nine Bends Shadowless. Yi Xing once saw her clan’s adept nearly flatten an entire area with seven steps!

Yi Xing wiped the blood at his mouth. “Is the wuss worth your time?!”

Yuan Xia revealed a sardonic smile. “If he’s a wuss, what does that make you?”

Yuan Xia surprised Yang Tian with what she said.

In terms of influence, Yang Tian had the man in white. Being a fragment didn’t stop him from having the power to put others out of commission at his will.

Yi Xing: “Don’t forget you asked me for a favour! It’s in your best interests not to meddle in my fight with him!”

“God, I hate your kind!” Chubby Yi Xing over the head as he emerged.

Yi Xing turned around and palmed Chubby’s bone. Yi Xing felt a painful sensation radiate up his arm. Chubby swung at Yi Xing again. Yi Xing palmed the bone away, then continued launching his next attack into the void. Chubby rendezvoused Yang Tian and laughed. Yi Xing lost his chance to kill Yang Tian due to the arrival of Yang Tian’s allies.

Chubby: “Leech, where did you learn Yin Yang Divine Skill from?”

The question gave Yi Xing the clue he needed to determine Chubby was the one who used Star Divine Eye.

Yuan Xia: “Eh?”

Chubby: “Hey, I’m talking to you! Where’d you steal it from?”

Yi Xing surprised everyone when he turned tail with a wicked and ecstatic look on his face.

Chubby scratched his head. “Why’d he run?”

Yuan Xia wore a frown. “How do you know he knows Yin Yang Divine Skill? Their clan uses Yin Yang Dao, not Yin Yang Divine Skill.”

Chubby: “That explains why it was fragmented. Still, that means someone stole the technique and spread it.”

Yuan Xia: Divinity Sect, the secret sect that has been around for ages’ skills are stolen?

Yuan Xia: “You know the entire manual?”

Chubby touched his chin and absentmindedly responded, “Obviously. I don’t learn it; however, I have studied it. His version seems incomplete.”

Yang Tian patted Chubby on the shoulder. “What are your skills, then? You can use it, can’t you?”

Chubby laughed/ “Mm, I learn Star Special Technique. It’s on a different level.”

Yang Tian clenched his fists and turned back to Yuan Xia after avoiding her. He gulped but didn’t know what to say.

Yuan Xia: “You… all right?”

Yang Tian thumped his chest and smiled. “I’m good. Thanks.”

Yuan Xia twirled her hair as she looked away.


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