Supreme Swordsman of the Nine Heavens – Ch. 119

Soul Searching Ghost Formation

Reverend Jiuhua had the forty-nine cultivators assume a cross-legged sitting posture at the border of Disordered Burial Valley to cultivate. Places where yin qi was prominent weren’t ideal for cultivating as the cold energy was uncomfortable. The forty-nine cultivators were no exception. Nevertheless, they were willing to brave the discomfort for the benefits of Reverend Jiuhua’s cleanse.

“What can we do?” Mu Yu whispered.

“Who do you think they’ll believe? Reverend Jiuhua or us?” Tian Ran rhetorically asked.

Mu Yu sighed because he understood Tian Ran was right. If Gui Xuanyue ended up capturing them, too, they’d only compound the problem.

“Don’t let anyone in here,” Reverend Jiuhua commanded.

“Yes, Your Eminence,” Elder Chilong responded.

Elder Chilong was in much better shape and spirits after consuming the pill and herb Reverend Jiuhua gave him. He expressed his immense gratitude through his loyal devotion to Reverend Jiuhua.

Levitating in the sky, Reverend Jiuhua sniggered when opportunity presented itself. With a wave of his hand, he summoned needles above all forty-nine cultivators’ heads. A black skull was attached to the end of each needle the size of a human’s index finger. Following the skulls’ eyes’ green flash, a grey light travelled along the pattern on them.

Tian Ran expressed, “He must be aiming to use Soul Sealing Nail, a technique used to extract one’s spirit soul.”

Mu Yu didn’t need to ask how the technique worked as Reverend Jiuhua proceeded to provide a live demonstration. Reverend Jiuhua performed a complex series of hand seals, then fired a black beam from his hand. From there, he split them to ensure he fired a beam into each soul sealing nail. Subsequently, the skulls’ eyes turned red, and a flame set the soul sealing nails alight. Finally, the needles zipped down toward the cultivators’ baihui acupoint – located dead centre at the top of their skulls.

Reverend Jiuhua was too fast even if the cultivators’ did want to react. Once the needles entered their skulls, they shuddered, and their eyes flew open as a painful sensation spread throughout their body. They scowled and opened their mouths to howl, but not a sound came out. Before long, they were all in dazes. Life gradually leaked from them. A layer of white mist shrouded their eyes. The dark red ghost flames started to devour their skull and moved on to their rest of their body. Along with their dreams, the breeze took their ashes into the wind.

The strangest thing was that their bodies were seen seated where they were after the screen of ashes dispersed. To be precise, the seated figures their spirit souls. Their eyes were shut, but the needles in their skulls restricted any movement.

Mu Yu felt incredibly vexed he was powerless to save the victims.

Gui Xuanyue levitated up from the bottom of Disordered Burial Valley and, in an indifferent tone, said, “Father, leave the rest to me.”

Reverend Jiuhua nodded and then glided over to Elder Chilong, who looked as if he had blood sucked out of his face. Elder Chilong had lived long enough to comprehend what he witnessed. Gui Xuanyue’s overwhelming aura had Elder Chilong stuttering, “Y-Your Eminence…”

“He’s my son. You would’ve joined them had you not been useful,” Reverend Jiuhua stated with a smirk and ridiculing undertone.

Elder Chilong dropped to his knees to kowtow. “Th-thank you for showing mercy, Your Eminence.”

“The cleansing is a front, but the life extension pills are genuine. I still have dozens of them. As long as you don’t let me down, they’re yours. Should your loyalty waver, you can be the fiftieth victim.”

“I dare not. I swear to devote every fibre of my being to you.”

Elder Chilong was thrilled to hear he would have all the pills. He knew Reverend Jiuhua didn’t need them since the latter just ascended and was only sixty. He was under the assumption dozens of them would literally provide him with another life. Reverend Jiuhua hid the fact that the more Elder Chilong consumed, the less the extension. In other words, dozens of them wouldn’t even provide him with another ten years.

Gui Xuanyue had finished extracting the needles. He performed a series of hand seals, shooting red light from his hands in the shape of a huge formation. He directed the forty-nine spirit souls to specific spots on the formation, completing Soul Searching Ghost Formation.

Yin qi burst from the valley. The black spirit souls wore agonised expressions. Red lights of some sort shone from their souls. Gui Xuanyue stood in the formation, taking on the role of the formation core. The forty-nine spirit souls unleashed eerie cries in unison and squirmed.

Wraiths from the valley poured into the formation. Gui Xuanyue caught a spirit soul and crushed it with his bare hands, scattering black fragments. He continued to repeat the process until he crushed all forty-nine spirit souls. Each time he splattered one, the formation would tremble and glow red. Meanwhile, vengeful souls would cry as they were sucked into the void. A while longer, he began to shake until ghost qi burst from him, revealing his young appearance.

From his appearance alone, it was safe to assume Gui Xuanyue was around Bai Lang’s age. He was clad in a black robe with a creepy skull drawn on. The grey light he emitted blended in with the yin qi in the atmosphere. His face turned red as a ripe tomato.

Bang! The formation’s light died out. The yin qi returned to the valley once all of the spirit souls had been vanquished. Gui Xuanyue opened his eyes and broke a smile. “Finally found you, Sword Shadow Dust Gale.”

Gui Xuanyue took a step and vanished from the formation.

Mu Yu: “He found Shifu? Oi, Tian Ran, let’s hurry!”

Mu Yu vigorously looked over his shoulder. “Xiaoshuai, where’s Tian Ran?”

“No idea. She just suddenly disappeared and ditched me.”

An ominous wrapped itself around Mu Yu’s neck. Questions raced through his head. One question pointed to a potentially fatal mistake: could Soul Searching Ghost Formation require Feng Haochen’s energy just as Dragon Searching Formation? Besides Dustfallen Sect’s disciples, the only individual who possessed something associated with Feng Haochen was Tian Ran!

Tian Ran asked Mu Yu for one of Feng Haochen’s items to keep as a souvenir. If the formation requirements were identical, she was suspected of being in cahoots with Gui Xuanyue. Mu Yu was able to tail Primordial Infant Realm cultivators thanks to his wood control ability. How, though, did Tian Ran tail somebody superior to her? Answer: she was acquainted with Gui Xuanyue and was merely putting on an act to fool Mu Yu.

A fire started inside Mu Yu…


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