Almighty – Ch. 531


Yang Tian powered Divine Dragon Soul Sealing Ornament with everything he had to destroy Yi Xing’s Crimson Demon Eyes. At the same time, his red dragon and Chaos attacked the eyes. Yang Tian’s ornament went up in flames and released a streak of red. The streak of red shattered Yi Xing’s red beam to continue toward Demon Eyes.

Despite Yi Xing summoning a small nephrite cauldron to guard the eyes and against the assault on his divine soul, Yang Tian’s red streak still impaled the cauldron, distorting Demon Eyes. Yang Tian’s jade ornament emitted a glow that lapped Yi Xing. Demon Eyes began to bleed, only to heal afterwards. That said, it’d cost a tonne of herbs to recover. Yi Xing still suffered grievous wounds but not enough to stop him from howling.

Divine Dragon Soul Sealing Ornaments red beam rapidly dimmed until it disappeared and reappeared on Yang Tian’s divine soul. His divine soul lost its glow. He lamented what he missed out on if he could only reach Soul Refinement Realm.

Demon Eyes shut; the red beams vanished. Yi Xing’s search ability was officially disabled. He levitated up. “You’re dead!”

Yang Tian touched his nose. “Hmph, I just stomped your whatever eyes!”

Yi Xing: “How dare you talk to me in that tone, lout!”

“If a peasant whooped you, what does that make you? You trying to be a walking punch line?”

“Argh! You’re dead!”

Yi Xing blasted red beams again. Yang Tian consumed a precious herb, then stomped the earth apart. Yi Xing’s hand went into frenzy on the environment. Yang Tian intercepted with Black Devil. Chaos Statue occasionally zipped behind Yi Xing and fired Sword Auras at him. Yi Xing was able to pummel Yang Tian over and over; the latter coughed up blood, but he just consumed two herbs to fix the issue. Accordingly, Yang Tian’s energy was infinite.

Yi Xing summoned a purple long sword and fired Sword Auras. Yang Tian vibrated both of his swords to blast apart the Sword Aura enclosing him. Yi Xing hurled insult after threat after snicker, after expressing interest in Yang Tian’s unfathomable swordplay in roundabout ways, all the while vibrating, glowing and attacking. Yang Tian bled from his nose and body as he took blow after blow.

Yang Tian called on his golden lake. He outstretched his arms and forced his way out of a void. Yi Xing slammed a hand down from above, preventing Yang Tian from retreating. Crimson lights fired off. Yang Tian went flying with his chest guard in pieces. Yang Tian slammed into rocks and started to fade. Yang Tuan gradually got to his feet and consumed a drop of divine water. Yang Tian was almighty once again with everything firing at full throttle.

Yang Tian’s divine water stunned another person into saying, “Wh-what’s that?”

Yang Tian mocked Yi Xing out the corner of his eye. “Hmph, how would you know, wuss?”

Yi Xing raged for the umpteenth time due to Yang Tian’s disrespect. He wanted to talk Yang Tian to his knees with his extolled status and background.


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