Supreme Swordsman of the Nine Heavens – Ch. 114

Dragon Grandpa and Snake Granny

Smiling with her face scrunched up hideously, Granny Bishe jeered, “You think Reverend Jiuhua is going to cleanse your nerves and marrow?”

Unlike Granny Bishe, Grandpa Chilong laughed in an energetic and warm tone. “Right back at you.”

“I remember Reverend Jiuhua intended to ask you to take him on as a disciple before he became a cultivator. He knelt for three days and three nights, but you put him down for having weak bones and drove him off. Everything comes full circle in life. The man you refused to take on is now a Primordial Infant Realm cultivator. I can’t believe you’re shameless enough to plead him for help at this point.”

Now that was a big scoop nobody ever heard about.

Grandpa Chilong found himself a seat and released his clutch on his walking stick, yet it remained balanced. “I won’t deny I misjudged him. That doesn’t have any bearing on the fact I’m not willing to be subservient to him. He has to show me some degree of respect, doesn’t he? You beat Daoist Qing Song off the mountain when he asked you to join him. Aren’t you regretting it now?”

The reason the two were both still alive in spite of their grudge was they were evenly matched. Neither of them was willing to risk their life unless their victory was guaranteed.

“Your pride is bigger than your brains are, yet you’re willing to get off your high horse, sore loser.”

“You’re one to talk. Nobody wants to die. Live long enough and there’s nothing you wouldn’t be willing to abandon. As long as Reverend Jiuhua can cleanse my nerves and marrow to extend my life for a few years, I’m fine with serving him.”

If Reverend Jiuhua could win over the elders, it would be an indirect blow to Green Pine Alliance. Either alliance would be more than happy to take in cultivators who could rival them previously.

Granny Bishe kept her maleficent smirk on her face. “I’m not offering my services to either faction. I came to watch you grovel and make a fool out of yourself. I can’t wait to see you bow your head for the first time.”

“Haha, I don’t mind experiencing my head after holding it high for so many years. Plus, I don’t have to be embarrassed about bowing my head to a Primordial Infant Realm cultivator. He knelt for three days and three nights, didn’t he? I can brag if I want.”

Grandpa Chilong only had a few months left to live. His cultivation style was focused on yang and strong qi. He was using his own life force to sustain his yang qi. Granny Bishe looked a breeze away from crumbling; howbeit, her yin qi sustained her life force, promising her another six years of life easily. An excess of yin qi produced death qi, and an excess of death qi meant one’s life was doomed. In this context, she was a walking sack of bones and flesh but relied on death qi to sustain her life force.

“I already evirated your pride. The fact your yang qi is still so prominent proves you’ve absorbed plenty of men’s yang qi, huh?”

Grandpa Chilong’s eyes flew wide open. Could you blame the old man for wanting to kill his ex-wife after she emasculated him?

“So that you know, I still have your thing. If you’re willing to kowtow to me, I’ll give it back. I might even find it in me to reattach it for you. You just said you’ve abandoned your pride, so there’s no need hold back.”

Granny Bishe knocked on her snake walking stick. It spat out the one thing that had men immediately cover their own lower body spears and give her looks that said, “Creep.”

The bright smile on Grandpa Chilong’s face vanished as a wrathful expression replaced it. His dragon-head walking stick vibrated. Castration was a horrible part of his life, and publicising it was adding insult to injury. In a low voice, he rhetorically asked, “Old Hag, you realise everyone here is going to have to forfeit their lives because of you?”

Not everyone in the teahouse planned to talk about it after they left. They were only in the city to watch the core guardians selection, but Grandpa Chilong wasn’t going to leave it up to chance.

“Why are you making it sound as if they’re my problem? Save a few men for me to kill. As for the women, do as you please with them,” Granny Bishe expressed as she swept her gaze around, pleased the majority of them were males.

Everyone jumped to their feet and readied themselves for incoming attacks. In reality, it would be as easy as waving their hands for the elders to slaughter them.

“Elder Chilong, your grudge has nothing to do with us. We did not hear anything. Pl-, ugh!”

Grandpa Chilong had impaled the speaker’s throat before he could finish his sentence. Witnessing that, the others fled helter skelter. Sadly, he was too fast for them. Mu Yu couldn’t stand the indiscriminate slaughter, but Tian Ran dragged him out before he could involve himself.

As blood painted the teahouse, smoke from piping hot dishes whisked through the air.

“I told you to spare a few for me,” griped Granny Bishe, who didn’t have a drop of blood on her, throwing out what her snake ate.

“I spared three for you, didn’t I?”

There was a middle-aged man in cloth clothing, a drunkard sprawled out on a table for a map and a middle-aged woman gazing out the window remaining. The three of them didn’t move whatsoever while the massacre ensued.

“Hihihi, Wild God Liu Rutian, Drunkard Old Qi and Flower Immortal, I don’t think I can beat any of you. How do you do?” Granny Bishe greeted the three Golden Core Realm Ninth Layer cultivators.

“Two got away!” thundered Grandpa Chilong.

Tian Ran and Mu Yu reappeared at a small alleyway. Tian Ran explained, “Sorry, Brother Mu Yu, but I can’t intervene. If I acted, the two Primordial Infant Realm cultivators in the city will sense my presence.”

Mu Yu shook his head. “There’s no need to apologise. We needed to lay low, anyway.”

“Let’s find a place to spend the night and then find out what Reverend Jiuhua’s recruitment plan’s real goal is.”

Concerns about the decision to go public with the recruitment loomed large. The adepts who adopted lives of recluses or were assumed to have passed on from old age didn’t want to involve themselves with the world of cultivation. They were elites qualified to establish their own sects. Unlike the current alliance leaders, however, they lacked administrative abilities and weren’t interested in competing with the alliance leaders. Reverend Jiuhua drew them out again with his tempting offer. There had to be something more than what he revealed to the public. The question was what.


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