Almighty – Ch. 492

Maleficent Existence

The tree didn’t expect much out of Yang Tian. That said, Yang Tian believed he had a chance if that was the plan; rather, he believed in Chubby’s formation breaker beads.

Yang Tian hurled a plethora of green beads to the rear of Ancient Sacred Grounds’ formation. Their smug grins turned to shock when a rain of green resulted from the beads’ explosion.

First Elder was livid he never discovered they were tailed the entire time. Cognizant of the consequences of the tree’s existence being spread, he knew he had to kill Yang Tian.

The vitality divine tree jumped through the inferno. The adepts quickly acted, splitting up to attack the tree and Yang Tian. Sadly for them, the tree outran them.

The void Yang Tian was in exploded. He appeared before them to see Gu Ming scowling hideously. Yang Tian remarked, “Gu Lingyun, you well? I never knew the old man with one arm was your cup of tea. That was a brilliant scene.”

Gu Lingyun recognised Yang Tian’s familiar voice. Has he been watching the entire time?

Gu Lingyun threw a palm strike, “Yang Tian! Die!”

“Haha, bye!” Yang Tian responded. A tree branch wrapped around him, and they sped off as fast as light.

With their plans dashed, Ancient Sacred Grounds was furious and in despair.

The vitality divine tree landed on a mountain, branches emitting smoke – courtesy of the celestial flames that burnt it. “Thanks, Kid.”

Yang Tian held his hands in a palm-fist salute. “You need not thank me, Elder. I, too, have a personal grudge against them.”

“Haha, either way, I owe you one. I had no idea those old men shared Dao Sutra with those outside Dao.”

“I am all ears, Elder.”

“Mm, Daoists left this place during the primordial era. Dao Deity Mountain was left; however, Dao cultivation methods were reserved for Dao disciples.”

“Elder, why did they migrate to the continent? Is this place not appropriate for cultivating?”

“No, it was perfect for cultivating during the primordial era… Dao’s Inheritance is located at Mountains and Seas Realm! Sun Continent is only one corner of the world of cultivation.”

“Mountains and Seas Realm?”

“I don’t know much myself. If destiny allows, visit Dao Divine Palace and ask,” answered the tree, reluctant to divulge something.

“Dao Divine Palace? Did you mean there are Dao adepts still here?”

“Mm, only a fragmented Divine Sense.”

The tree couldn’t leave due to nature’s restrictions. It would need tremendous power to escape those confines. Being able to escape would classify one a deity.

Envious, the tree said, “You’re lucky to cultivate Dao Sutra. Perhaps there’s more inside waiting for you.”

“Well…” Yang Tin shook his head and explained his biggest woe: he didn’t know where to go after fusing the cultivation methods.

“Mm, understood. In short, cultivation now focuses on cultivating one’s qihai instead of their physical body. An adept nature couldn’t contain once came here in the ancient era.”

Yang Tian figured it was his ancestor since he was told his ancestor sought Dao Sutra from Dao Deity Mountain in the past.

“Would you happen to know where to find a spiritual flower to comprehend Dao, Senior?”

“That’ll be solely dependent on your luck. They don’t grow in specific locations. Haha, don’t look so down. There’s a Divine Courtyard deep within Dao Deity Mountain. Try your luck there.”

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