Almighty – Ch. 493

Celestial Seed

“Mm, I’ve suffered severe damage. I need someone tranquil to focus on recovering.” The vitality divine tree dripped fifty drops of its precious liquid down with a swing of its branches. “Take the fifty drops… Those old buggers might show you mercy since you practice Dao Sutra.”

Yang Tian didn’t quite understand what was implied. Cutting off his excitement, the tree added, “I grew a celestial seed but haven’t planted it due to the land. In essence, it is myself in an infant stage. If it’s planted here, it’ll face the same fate as me. With Dao Sutra, you might be table to leave with it.”

The tree dropped the seed. Green wisps of light descended. The seed continuously absorbed vital essence. The tree elaborated, “I hope you can take it out of here. It costs an enormous volume of vital essence and time to grow.”

The tree didn’t expect much, but it had no idea Yang Tian had Ancestral Dragon Ring. Either way, Yang Tian excitedly, yet respectfully, saluted the tree. “Thank you, Elder.”

“Haha, although they didn’t capture me in the end, I do owe a favour. Use the drops to nurture the seed.” The tree summoned a jade vial for Yang Tian before soaring up to the sky.

“Elder. Elder!” Yang Tian cried as the tree took off.

Excited with his pleasant surprise, Yang Tian opened the jade vial. There was an impressive one thousand divine drops of divine liquid. He shared the vitality with his Chao Light’s deities. His upgrade was slower compared to previous times. Yang Tian bowed in the direction the tree left to express his gratitude.

Yang Tian entered Ancestral Dragon Ring. Xiaoqing soared to the celestial seed. “What’s this?”

“A vitality divine tree’s celestial seed! It…”

After hearing the story, Xiaoqing was on cloud nine.

Yang Tian decided to plant the seed in the pentachrome herb field, where vital essence was most concentrated. Merely planting the seed in the hole he dug up stirred the vital essence. A divine tree appeared in the sea of lightning, glowing and rustling. The life of herbs inside Ancestral Dragon Ring was absorbed in an instant, upsetting Yang Tian.

Xiaoqing: “It needs vital essence, but I don’t think there’s enough.”

The tree in the void appeared clearer and clearer as it fought to escape the lightning.

Xiaoqing: “The herb field is destroyed!”

The pentachrome herb field’s essence was drained out until it was merely normal soil, and the flame dragon fruits’ tree died.

Xiaoqing: “The core milk is gone!”

Yang Tian was livid.

Xiaoqing: “It needs vital essence to get through the tribulation!”

Yang Tian dripped vitality divine water into the soil with his teeth gritted.

Small divine herb: “Vitality divine water!”

Yang Tian rubbed the small divine herb’s head. “Let’s deal with this deplorable tree first. I don’t know how much will be left.”

Yang Tian’s lips turned dry. Xiaoqing chirped as the latter dripped the vitality divine water in for the mighty tree. Yang Tian wiped his sweat. There was only a hundred drops left. Fortunately, the tree had overcome most of the lightning tribulation.

Yang Tian offered it pills.

Xiaoqing: “You can’t feed it the pills!”

Yang Tian offered twenty precious herbs just a notch below the divine liquid.

Xiaoqing: “That much?!”

Xiaoqing when the precious herbs’ life was sucked dry: “There goes another batch…”


Still a little short of success, Yang Tian buried another ten herbs until the vitality crept out.

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